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X2CInfrastructure To Car, Anything To Car
X2VX To Vehicle, Anything To Vehicle
XACXinantecatl Automovil Club
XADCross Axle Differential Lock, Three Door Affaires Diesel
XADDXenites Against Drunk Driving
XAHXenon Active Headlights
XAPXilinx Automotive Platform
XASHigh Performance Asymmetrical Tire
XAVExciting Authentic Vehicle, Cross Activity Vehicle
XAVLExciting Authentic Vehicle Long
XBBX - Bow Battle
XBEECross Bee
XBKExterior Body Kit, Crossback
XBLExclusive Bus Lane, Express Bus Lane
XBOCX - Bow Owners Club
XBSXing Battery System
XBWX By Wire
XCABExtra Cab, Extended Cab
XCARExperimental Car, Mysterious Car
XCCTExtreme Corvette Club Of Texas
XCIXtrail Club Indonesia
XCLBExtra Cab Long Bed, Extended Cab Long Bed
XCMGXuzhou Construction Machinery Group
XCPUniversal Measurement And Calibration Protocol
XCSTransfer Case
XCSBExtra Cab Short Bed, Extended Cab Short Bed
XCTNext City Trend Setter
XD1Experimental Diesel One
XDHExperimental Die Hard Electric Car
XDIX Direct Injection
XDLCrossover Displaced Left Turn, Extended Electronic Differential Lock
XDLCXavier De La Chapelle
XDPExtreme Diesel Package, Extreme Diesel Performance, Extreme Diesel Power
XDRX - Drive
XDRLExtreme Drag Racing League
XDSCross Axle Differential System, Electronic Differential Slip, Electronic Differential System
XENIORSXenia Owners
XETAExtra Efficient Torque Advantage
XEVAny Electric Vehicle, International Electric Vehicle, X Electrical Vehicle
XFCExtreme Future Concept, Experimental Fuel Cell
XFCDExtended Floating Car Data
XFEExtra Fuel Efficiency
XFIExtreme Fuel Injection
XFLAGSCross Flags
XFLOWCross Flow
XFTExtreme Fuel Treatment
XGDXiamen Golden Dragon
XGIX Gasoline Injection
XGMEx General Motors
XHDExtreme Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty
XHEVX Hybrid Electric Vehicle
XHLXenon Headlights
XHPExtra High Performance
XHPDExtra High Performance Diesel
XHQExtra High Quality
XHRExtra High Roof
XHVIExtra High Viscosity Index
XIMFast Ignition Module
XIVExciting User Interface Vehicle
XJ6Luxury Jaguar Six Cylinder
XJCLuxury Jaguar Coupe
XJOCXj Owners Club
XJRLuxury Jaguar Racing, Extreme Jaguar Racing, Experimental Jaguar Racing
XJSLuxury Jaguar Special, Experimental Jaguar Special
XKCCXk Car Club
XKEJaguar Xk E - Type
XKECJaguar Xk Enthusiasts Club
XKSSXk Super Sport
XL7Extra Large Seven Seater
XLBExtended Cab Long Bed
XLCExtended Load Capacity, Extended Life Coolant
XLDExtra Luxury Diesel, Extra Long Drain
XLEExtra Limited Edition, Extra Luxury Edition, Executive Luxury Edition, Extra Low Emission
XLFExtended Life
XLGExtra Long
XLIExtra Luxe Injection, Extra Luxury Interior
XLINEExtra Line
XLRX - Series Luxury Roadster, Extra Luxury Racing
XLSExtra Luxe Super, Executive Luxury Sport, Exchangeable Led Signal
XLTExtra Luxury Touring, Extra Luxury Truck, Extra Level Touring
XLVExciting Lifestyle Vehicle
XLWBExtra Long Wheel Base
XMANXenia Mania Club
XMFExtra Motorschutz Formel
XMLXiamen Limited
XMOExtra Motor Oil
XMODCrossover Modularity
XMSXm Satellite Radio
XMTExtreme Multi Purpose Vehicle For Trailblazer
XNRExner Roadster
XNWExtra Narrow White Wall
XOCXterra Owners Club
XODExtended Oil Drain
XOMExxon Mobil
XP1Experimental Prototype One
XPACKExtra Package
XPGTExperimental Prototype Grand Touring
XPIExtra High Pressure Injection
XPRExtreme Performance And Racing
XR3Experimental Three Doors, Experimental Riley Three Wheeler
XRDCross Road, Extra Rapid Diesel
XRDTXr Diesel Turbo
XREVExtended Range Electric Vehicle
XROCXr Owners Club
XRPExtended Runflat Performance
XRSExtreme Rally Sport
XRTExtreme Racing Team
XRVExtreme Recreational Vehicle, All Position Radial For Recreational Vehicle
XSACross Sectional Area
XSBExtra Short Box
XSDTExtra Special Diesel Turbo
XSEExtra Special Edition, Radial Safety And Economy
XSPXsara Picasso
XSTExplorer Sport Trac
XSUVExtreme Suv, Crossover Suv
XSVExtra Special Vehicle
XSWBExtra Short Wheel Base
XT5Crossover Touring Five Seater
XTBX Throttle Body
XTCXavante Cabrio
XTDExtra Touring Diesel
XTECross Track Error, Extra Touring Executive
XTLAnything To Liquids
XTPExtreme Truck Performance
XTQExternal Torque, Extreme Torque
XTRExtreme Edition, Extra Package, Cross Tourer
XTSExperimental Touring Sedan, Extended Touring Sedan, Excellent Touring Sedan
XTTExpandable Travel Trailer, Extreme Turbo Tuning
XTVAny Terrain Vehicle
XUDExtended Usage Diesel
XUVExtreme Utility Vehicle, Crossover Utility Vehicle
XVCExclusive Vitara Club
XVDExtra Version Diesel
XVDSExtended Vehicle Diagnostic System
XVLVExpansion Valve
XVOCXenia Avanza Owners Club
XVRExperimental Vauxhall Research
XWBExtra Long Wheel Base
XWDCross Wheel Drive
XWGCross Wagon
XWWRadial White Wall
XXLExtra Extra Large, Extra Extra Long
XXLWBExtra Extra Long Wheel Base
XYZThree Dimensional Axis