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O&MOperation And Maintenance
O&POperating And Planning
O&VOpel And Vauxhall
O2CVOstfold 2cv Klubb
O2LOver Two Liter
O2OOne To One
O2SOxygen Sensor, Open Two Seater
O2SHOxygen Sensor Heater
O2VOutdoor To Vehicle
O2WOil To Water
O4SOpen Four Seater
OA7COnline Austin Seven Club
OAAOpen Automotive Alliance, Oman Automobile Association, Online Auto Auction
OAATOffice Of Advanced Automotive Technologies
OACOverseas Automotive Council, Opel Astra Club, Oakville Assembly Complex
OACAOntario Automotive Communities Alliance
OACCOmnidirectional Adaptive Cruise Control, Opel Astra Coupe Center
OACISOil And Auto Cooperation For International Standards
OACMOstdeutsche Autocross Masters
OADOverall Diameter, Overrunning Alternator Decoupler
OADAOhio Automobile Dealers Association, Oregon Auto Dealers Association
OADDOrillia Against Drunk Driving, Ontario Against Drunk Drivers, Offutt Against Drunk Driving
OAEOmron Automotive Electronics
OAEVTOhio Association Of Emergency Vehicle Technicians
OAFOsterreichische Automobil Fabriks, Osterreichische Alpenfahrt, Oberlander Autofreunde
OAHOverall Height
OAHOCOklahoma Austin Healey Owner's Club
OAIOutside Air Induction, Octane Adjust Input
OAIPOhio Automobile Insurance Plan
OAKOakville Assembly Plant
OALOverall Length
OAMOfficine Alfieri Maserati, Osaka Auto Messe
OAMCOhio American Motor Classics
OAMTCOsterreichischer Automobil Motorrad Und Touring Club
OANAOpel Association Of North America
OAPOakville Assembly Plant, Ontario Automobile Policy, Overrunning Alternator Pulley, Ohio Assembly Plant
OAPTOklahoma Association For Pupil Transportation
OARAOntario Automotive Recyclers Association
OASOil Activity Surface, Ola's Auto Services
OASBOriental Assemblers Sdn Bhd
OASISOnline Automotive Service Information System, Online Appointment Service And Information System
OATOutside Ambient Temperature, Organic Additive Technology, Observed Arrival Time, Outside Air Temperature
OATAOntario Aggregate Trucking Association
OATIAOhio Auto Theft Investigators Association
OATRAOhio Auto And Truck Recyclers Association
OAVOverland Adventure Vehicle, Outdoor Activity Vehicle
OAVOTYOutdoor Activity Vehicle Of The Year
OAWOverall Width
OAWAOhio Automotive Wholesalers Association
OBAOptimized Hydraulic Brakes, On Board Analysis
OBACOwner Operators Business Association Of Canada
OBBOpen Box Beam, One Box Body
OBCOn Board Computer, Ottmar Beckmann Cars, On Board Charger, Oregon Bus Club, Oude Benz Club
OBCCOkanagan British Car Club
OBCMOn Board Charging Module
OBDOn Board Diagnose
OBDCOverall Bus Driving Cycle
OBDIOn Board Diagnostics First Generation
OBDUOn Board Diagnosis Unit
OBEOn Board Equipment
OBEMOn Board Emissions Measurement
OBIOntario Bus Industries, Orion Bus Industries
OBJOuter Ball Joint, Object
OBLOutline Black Lettering
OBMOn Board Measurement, On Board Monitoring, Obsidian Black Metallic
OBNOn Board Navigation
OBNSOn Board Navigation System
OBOOr Best Offer
OBOROne Belt One Road
OBPObsidian Blue Pearl
OBPCOklahoma Buick Performance Club
OBRSOOsrodek Badawczo Rozwojowy Samochodow Osobowych
OBSOn Board System, Old Body Style, Road Obstruction
OBTOutback Truckers
OBTRPOld Bridge Township Raceway Park
OBUOn Board Unit
OBVPOn Board Vehicle Power
OBVROn Board Vapor Recovery
OBWOutback Wagon, On Board Weighing
OCAOpen Systems City Association, Oil Condition Algorithm, Oldsmobile Club Of America, Oldsmobile Club Of Arizona
OCACOil Capital Auto Club
OCACVOldtimer Classic Auto Club Velden
OCADAOrange County Automobile Dealers Association
OCAROntario Certified Auto Recycler
OCASOrange County Auto Show
OCATOakland County Auto Theft
OCATIOrange County Auto Theft Investigators
OCATTOrange County Auto Theft Taskforce
OCAZOldsmobile Club Of Arizona
OCBOklahoma Classic Broncos, Oldtimer Cup Bayern, Oldtimer Club Bern
OCCOutput Circuit Check, Old Classic Car, Ozaukee Corvette Club, Off Camber Crawlers, Ohio Corvette Club, Original Corvette Club, Okanagan Corvette Club, Occupant, Opel Car Collection, Operations Control Centre, Oxidation Catalytic Converter, Ottawa Citroen Club, Oldsmobile Club Of Canada, Oldsmobile Cutlass Coupes, Ohio Cobra Club, Old Celica Club, Okoboji Classic Cars, Outsiders Car Club, Oldtimer Classic Cars, Oldie Car Cover, Ontario Camaro Club
OCCAOrange County Cruisin' Association
OCCCOklahoma City Corvette Club, Outlaw Cruisers Car Club, Oldtimer And Creative Car Club, Oldtimer And Classic Car Club
OCCDOldie Camping Club Deutschland
OCCFOpel Classic Club De France
OCCIOakland Car Club International
OCCROver Canopy Cargo Rack
OCCSOxidizing Catalytic Converter System
OCCTOpel Club Cape Town
OCDOccupant Detection System, Online Car Dealership, Oil Change Disorder, Oldsmobile Curved Dash
OCDBOil Cooled Disc Brakes
OCDIOpen Chamber Direct Injection
OCDLOldtimer Club De Langstraat
OCEOpposed Cylinder Engine, Opel Club Elmshorn, Off Cycle Emissions, Oldtimer Club Entlebuch
OCFOpel Club Finland, Oldtimer Club Freiburg
OCGOklahoma Camaro Group
OCGPOldenburger City Grand Prix
OCGSOldtimer Club Gstaad Saanenland
OCIOil Change Interval, Officine Costruzioni Meccaniche, Oldtimer Club Innerschweiz
OCIASOrange County International Auto Show
OCILOverdrive Cancel Indicator Lamp
OCIROrange County International Raceway
OCIRCOutside Circumference
OCITOpen Communication Interface For Traffic
OCKOdometer Correction Kit, Oil Pump Chain Kit, Oil Cooler Kit
OCLOil Cooler, On Car Lathe, Oldtimer Club Leutershausen
OCMOccupant Classification Module, Omnibus Club Munchen
OCMCOrange County Mustang Club
OCMTFCOrange County Model T Ford Club
OCNOldtimer Club Nijkerk
OCOOverhead Console, Oldtimer Club Ostschweiz
OCOAOldsmobile Club Of America
OCODOld City Oil Drippers
OCPOpen Car Park, Overhead Control Panel, Over - Ground Car Park, Outer Car Park, Opel Classic Parts, Orbital Combustion Process, Overcrank Protection, Octavia Club Polska, Oil Filter Cap, Optimized Contact Path
OCPTSOrange County Public Transportation System
OCROil Circulation Ratio, Ordonnance De La Circulation Routiere, Over Canopy Rack, Oil Control Ring, Oil City Rodders, Office Of Crashworthiness Research
OCRSOil Capital Racing Series, Operator Compliance Risk Score
OCRSAOregon Collision Repair Specialists Association
OCSOccupant Classification System, Overdrive Cancel Switch, Online Certification System, Oil Control System, Oil Change Schedule, Occupancy Seat Sensor, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Occupant Classification Sensor, Oxidizing Catalytic Converter System, Opel Club Sweden, Overall Operating Control System, Oldtimer Club Saurer, Oldtimer Club Salz, Orphan Car Show
OCSMOccupant Classification System Module
OCSOOpel Classic Du Sud Ouest
OCTOdometer Correction Tool, Octane, Orphan Car Tour, Opel Club Of Texas
OCTAOrange County Transportation Authority
OCTAPOrange County Taxi Administration Program
OCTCOkanagan Classic Thunderbird Club, Olympic Classic Thunderbird Club
OCTOOrange County Transporter Organization
OCUOperator Control Unit, Online Connectivity Unit
OCUVOpel Certified Used Vehicles
OCVOpening Control Valve, Overland Camping Vehicle, Operations Center Vehicle, Oil Control Valve, Open Crankcase Ventilation, Orange County Vettes
OCWOld Cars Weekly, Oldtimer Club Wiggertal
OCWAOhio Car Wash Association
OCWSOffice Of Crashworthiness Standards
OCZOpel Club Zeeland
OD4WDOn Demand Four Wheel Drive
ODAOn Demand Automotive
ODAWDOn Demand All Wheel Drive
ODBOffset Deformable Barrier, Ordinateur De Bord, Oil Cooled Disc Brake, Opel Drivers Belgium
ODCOver Dimensional Cargo, Outer Dead Centre, Owner Drivers Club, Outer Door - Sill Guards In Carbon
ODCAOpel Drivers Club Of America
ODCCOld Dominion Corvette Club
ODCPOnboard Diagnostics Control Process
ODCROklahoma Dwarf Car Racing
ODDOtomobil Distributorleri Dernegi
ODECOver Drive Engagement Control, Oregon Driver Education Center
ODEPOlder Driver Evaluation Program
ODHSOhio Department Of Highway Safety
ODIOil Drain Interval, Office Of Defects Investigation
ODIPOlder Driver Improvement Program
ODISOffboard Diagnose System
ODLOver Dimensional Load
ODLMSOntario Dirt Late Model Series
ODLROnline Driver License Renewal
ODMOutput Drive Module, Output Device Monitor, Oil Debris Monitor, Odometer, Ocean Drive Motors
ODMDOn Demand Multi - Use Display
ODMVSOregon Driver And Motor Vehicle Services
ODOCOfficial Delorean Owners Canada, Ontario Delorean Owners Club
ODOSOverdimensional And Oversized
ODOTOregon Department Of Transportation, Ohio Department Of Transportation, Oklahoma Department Of Transportation
ODPOil Drain Plug, Ozone Depletion Potential, Older Drivers Project, Older Driver Program
ODPCOld Dominion Packard Club
ODPGOil Drain Plug Gasket
ODROther District Roads, Office Of Roads, Overdrive, Optimized Dynamic Routing
ODRAOutlaw Diesel Racing Association
ODRCOkahandja Drag Racing Club
ODSOverdrive Drum Speed, Operator Driving Simulator, Office Of Driver Services, Older Driver Safety, Object Detection System, Outer Door - Sill Guards In Stainless Steel, Occupant Detection System, Odometer Disclosure Statement, Operating Deflection Shape
ODSAIOlder Driver Self Assessment Inventory
ODSAQOlder Driver Self Assessment Questionnaire
ODSAWOlder Driver Safety Awareness Week
ODSPOlder Driver Safety Program
ODSSOutlaw Diesel Super Series, Oregon Double Shot Series
ODTOptimal Drive Technology, One Day Tour, One Day Trip, On Demand Transport, On Demand Transit, Observed Departure Time
ODTAOntario Dump Truck Association
ODTSEAOregon Driver And Traffic Safety Education Association
ODVOver Dimensional Vehicle, Ordinateur De Voyage, Omnidirectional Drive Vehicle
ODVPOver Dimensional Vehicle Permit
OECOrbital Engine Corporation
OECCOld English Car Club, Oesterreichischer Citroen Club
OECSOpel Exhaust Control System
OEEOverall Equipment Efficiency, Overall Equipment Effectiveness
OEHTOpel Euro Handler Team
OELOrganic Electro Luminiscent
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OEMVVOsterreichischer Motor Veteranen Verband
OEROriginal Equipment Reproduction
OESOil Engine Spark, Original Equipment Spares, Original Equipment Service, Original Equipment Supplier, Ora Estimata A Sosirii
OESAOriginal Equipment Suppliers Association
OEVOther Exempt Vehicles, Optimized Electric Vehicle, Online Electric Vehicle, Opto Electric Vehicle, Outsourced Emissions Vehicle
OEVAOregon Electric Vehicle Association
OEWOperational Empty Weight
OFAOxygenated Fuels Association, Outlaw Fuel Altered, Open Frontal Area, Ouest France Auto
OFAAOutlaw Fuel Altered Association
OFASOld Ford Auto Services
OFBOldtimer Freunde Bergen
OFCOpen Future Concept, Oil Filler Cap, Outlaw Fuel Altered Coupe, Option Feature Code, Ottawa Fiero Club, Ontario Fiat Club, Official Fuel Consumption
OFCCOld Farts Car Club
OFCIOffroad Compression Ignition, Oil Filter Change Interval
OFCVOOffice Of Freight And Commercial Vehicle Operations
OFEOther Freeway And Expressway
OFEAOpen Front End Architecture
OFESAUTOOficina Espanola De Aseguradores De Automoviles
OFFOutlaw Flat Four
OFFDRCOutlaw Flat Four Drag Racing Club
OFGLOldtimer Freunde Bergisch Gladbach
OFHOil Filter Housing
OFHDOpen Face Hand Drive
OFKOut Of Frame Kit, Oil Filter Kit
OFLOption Feature List, Oil Filter, Oldtimer Freunde Langenfeld
OFMOldtimer Freunde Muhldorf
OFMNOur Future Mobility Now
OFOOpel Fanclub Oase
OFOCOntario Focus Owners Club
OFSOpen Four Seater
OFTOil Film Thickness, Optiflow Tail
OFTAOmaha Food Truck Association, Oregon Food Truck Association
OFTCOld Ford Truck Club
OFVWCOld Fort Volkswagen Club
OFWOil Filter Wrench
OGAOil Gear Automotive
OGCOperation At Railroad Grade Crossings
OGCSOld Generation Chassis And Suspension
OGCWOldtimer Gelandewagen Club Worthersee
OGGOil Gauge
OGLOutlined Gold Letters
OGMOpel General Motors
OGOCOntario G8 Owners Club
OGPOldtimer Grand Prix, Ocala Grand Prix
OGROverall Gear Ratio
OGSCCOriginal Garden State Corvette Club
OGSRMUObservatoire Guineen De La Securite Routiere Et De La Mobilite Urbaine
OGVOrdinary Goods Vehicle, Other Goods Vehicle
OGWOperating Gross Weight
OHAPOhio Assembly Plant
OHBOwner's Handbook, Optimized Hydraulic Brakes
OHCOver Head Camshaft, Oil Hydraulic Circulating, Over Head Console
OHDFOn Highway Diesel Fuel
OHEOff Highway Equipment
OHIADAOhio Independent Automobile Dealers Association
OHIMOffice Of Highway Information Management
OHKOverhaul Kit
OHMOGOhio Morgan Owners Group
OHMVOff Highway Motor Vehicle
OHMVAOff Highway Motor Vehicle Act
OHMVROff Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation
OHPOpen Hairpin, Oregon Highway Plan, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Ohio Highway Patrol
OHPIOffice Of Highway Policy Information
OHPLOpen Hairpin Left
OHPROpen Hairpin Right
OHPRGOrganized Hp Rally Group
OHPRSOhio Highway Patrol Retirement System
OHRPOutlaw Hot Rod Pulling
OHRPAOutlaw Hot Rod Pulling Association
OHRVOff Highway Recreational Vehicle
OHSOffice Of Highway Safety
OHSOOklahoma Highway Safety Office
OHSPOffice Of Highway Safety Planning
OHTOff Highway Truck, Off Highway Tire, Overheat
OHTMOwls Head Transportation Museum
OHVOver Head Valve, Off Highway Vehicle
OHVAOff Highway Vehicle Association
OHVIOver Head Valve Industrial
OHVPOff Highway Vehicle Park, Off Highway Vehicle Program
OHVTOffice Of Heavy Vehicle Technologies
OIADAOregon Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Ohio Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Oklahoma Independent Automobile Dealers Association
OIBOtomotiv Endustrisi Ihracatcilari Birligi
OICOkayama International Circuit, Online Imperial Club
OICAOrganisation Internationale Des Construteurs D' Automobiles
OICDOldtimer Info Club Deutschland
OILPRIOil Pressure Indicator
OIPOpen Infotainment Platform
OISOnboard Information System, Odometer Inspection Services
OISAOrganizzazione Internazionale Servizi Auto
OISEOverhead Inlet Side Exhaust
OITOxidation Induction Time
OIVOccupant Impact Velocity
OJCOld Japanese Car, Ottawa Jeep Club, Orlando Jeep Club, Ocala Jeep Club, Ottawa Jaguar Club
OJCTOutlaw Jeep Club Texas
OJFAOutlaw Junior Fuel Association
OJOAOntario Jaguar Owners Association
OJOCOriginal Jeep Owners Club
OJTOzarks Jeepthing
OKABAOklahoma Auto Body Association
OKAIPOklahoma Automobile Insurance Plan
OKBJOpen Knuckle Ball Joint
OKCOpel Kadett Club, Oklahoma Car Club, Orlando Kart Center
OKCCOklahoma Kit Car Club
OKCFTAOklahoma City Food Truck Association
OKDOTOklahoma Department Of Transportation
OKJTOklahoma Jeep Thing
OKKOxfordshire Kadet Karting
OKMAOkanagan Mustang Association
OKRASAOettinger Kraftfahrtechnische Spezial Anstalt
OKVOldtimer Klub Varazdin
OKWOAOklahoma Wrecker Owners Association
OKZCCOklahoma Z Car Club
OLAOne Lap Of America
OLAPOil Labeling Assessment Program
OLASOscillating Laminated Absorbing Structures
OLASKOOldtimer Assekuranz Kontor
OLCOil Level Control, Occupant Loading Criterion, Ontario Lancer Club
OLDAOltcit Dacia
OLDTEMAOldtimer Und Teilemarkt
OLECOnline Electric Car
OLEVOffice Of Low Emission Vehicles, On Line Electric Vehicle
OLGOil Level Gauge
OLIOil Life Indicator, Oil Life Index, Oil Level Indicator
OLMOil Life Monitor, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, Off Line Modeling
OLMCOutlaw Motor Club
OLMSOil Life Monitoring System
OLOAOne Lap Of America
OLOSObstructed Line Of Sight
OLROn Line Routing
OLRAACAOneida Lake Region Chapter Of The Antique Automobile Club Of America
OLRPOn Line Registration Program
OLSOil Level Sensor, Outlaw Limited Street
OLTObserved License Test
OLTBIOpen Loop Throttle Body Fuel Injector
OLTCITOltenia Citroen
OLTSOffice Of Local Transit Support
OLVOutdoor Lifestyle Vehicle
OLVIMSOn Line Vehicle Integrated Management System
OMACOldtimer Motorrad Auto Club
OMAHOGOmaha Hummer Owners Group
OMBOfficine Meccaniche Burato, Officine Meccaniche Brescia
OMCOriental Motors Company, Oakland Motor Car Company, Oklahoma Mustang Club, Opel Motorsport Club, Ottawa Mustang Club, Ontario Mustang Club, Ottawa Mini Club, Oklahoma Motorsports Club, Old Motors Club, Ohio Musclecar Challenge, Open Mobility Cloud, Okahandja Motor Club
OMCAOntario Motor Coach Association
OMCCOwosso Motor Car Company, Oakland Motor Car Company, Okanagan Mopars Car Club, Ohio Muscle Car Challenge, Office Of Motor Carrier Compliance
OMDAIOrganizacion Mexicana Del Deporte Automovilistico Internacional
OMDBOblique Moving Deformable Barrier
OMEGAOptimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced
OMFOuest Motor Festival
OMGCOttawa Mg Club, Old Mg Club
OMGOCOxfordshire Mg Owners Club
OMHCEOrganic Material Hydrocarbon Equivalent
OMIOperator Machine Interface
OMMOperation And Maintenance Manual, Officina Mille Miglia
OMMMAOst Mobil Meeting Magdeburg
OMMSOzark Mountain Midget Series
OMOOhio Mini Owners, Outboard Motor Oil
OMOCOpel Manta Owners Club
OMPOptional Metallic Paint
OMROne Make Race, Obvious Main Road
OMRSOntario Modifieds Racing Series, Online Monthly Race Series
OMSOntario Ministry Of Transportation, Oman Motor Show, Open Modified Series, Outlaw Motor Speedway, Opel Motorsport, Ontario Motor Speedway, Oregon Mini Society
OMSAOrganisation Et Management Des Services Automobile
OMSCOceania Mini Sprint Cup, Oshawa Motor Sport Club
OMTOnline Motor Tax
OMUTCDOhio Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices
OMVOffice Of Motor Vehicles, Other Motor Vehicles, Open Market Value, Overmass Vehicle
OMVCOlds Motor Vehicle Company
OMVIOperating Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated
OMVICOntario Motor Vehicle Industry Council
OMVTSOrganised Motor Vehicle Theft Squad
OMVVOsterreichischer Motor Veteranen Verband
OMZOtomotif Zone
ONBOfficial Notice Board
ONCDAOttawa New Car Dealers Association
ONDROntario Nostalgia Drag Racers
ONISRObservatoire National Interministeriel De La Securite Routiere
ONOOr Near Offer
ONPOvernight Parking, Owner Notification Program
ONROctane Number Rating, Octane Number Requirement
ONSCOlde North State Cruisers
ONSEROrganisme Nationale De Securite Routiere
ONSPOn Street Parking
OOBOut Of Balance
OOCOpel Owners Club, Odyssey Owners Club
OOCBOld Opel Club Belgium
OODOut Of Division
OOEMVCOberosterreichischer Motor Veteranen Club
OOFOffice Of Odometer Fraud
OOGOut Of Gear
OOHVAOregon Off Highway Vehicle Association
OOIDAOwner Operator Independent Drivers Association
OOMVCOberosterreichischer Motor Veteranen Club
OOPOut Of Position, Out Of Path
OOPSOversize Overweight Permit System
OOROn - Off Road, Out Of Range
OOSOut Of Service, Out Of Stock, On Off Road Severe Application, Out Of Standard, Opel On Star
OOSCOut Of Service Criteria
OOSDOut Of Service Driver
OOSLMSOscaar Outlaw Super Late Model Series
OOSOOut Of Service Orders
OOSVOut Of Service Vehicle, Out Of State Vehicle
OOTSOffice Of Traffic And Safety
OOVOversize And Overweight Vehicle
OOWOut Of Warranty, Office On Wheels
OP2SOpposed Piston Two Stroke
OPAOther Principal Arterial
OPCOpel Performance Center, Occupant Protection For Children, Official Pace Car, Off Peak Car, Oil Performance Check, Open Carriage
OPCOMOpel Interface Communication
OPDOne Porsche Drive, Overfill Prevention Device
OPDSOccupant Position Detection System, Occupant Position Detection Sensor
OPEOutdoor Power Equipment, Operator
OPESOfficine Precisione E Stampaggio
OPESTOil Protection Of Emissions Systems Test
OPFOklahoma Performance Fords
OPGOil Pressure Gauge, Occupant Protection Guards, Oil Pump Gasket
OPGCOulton Park Gold Cup
OPGIOriginal Parts Group Inc.
OPISOil Price Information Service
OPKOption Package, Optic Package, Opel Kadett
OPMOil Pump
OPMCOld Pueblo Miata Club, Old Pueblo Mustang Club
OPMFOulton Park Mini Festival
OPMLOpen Medium Left
OPMROpen Medium Right
OPNOil Pump Nut
OPNWJOregon Pacific North West Jeeps
OPOCOpposed Piston Opposed Cylinder
OPPObject Push Profile, Overnight Parking Permit, Oil Pump
OPPSOptical Testing And Programming System
OPROverall Pressure Ratio, Over Pressure Relief
OPRGOxygenated Fuels Program Reformulated Gasoline
OPSOptical Parking System, Options, Oil Pressure Switch, Oil Pressure Sensor, Open Parking System, Operations, Optical Programming System, One Price Selling, Oil Pump Shaft
OPTOptional, Optimum Contact Patch, Option Pack
OPTAOld Pueblo Touring Association, Oregon Pupil Transportation Association, Ontario Public Transit Association
OPTLOne Person Test Lane
OPUSOscillating Pick - Up Ignition System
OPVOver Pressure Valve
OPWOil Pressure Warning
OPWLOil Pressure Warning Light
OQCOptimal Quadratic Control
OQCGPOntario Quebec Club Grand Prix
OQMRCOaklane Quarter Midget Racing Club
ORAOff Road Academy, Off Road Addict, Off Road Armoury, Offroad Riders Association, Off Road Action, Off Road Adventures, Off Road Awards, On Road Assistance, Off Roaders Anonymous, Off Road Assist, O' Reilly Automotive
ORAAOff Road Adventures Australia
ORACOff Road Adventure Club
ORAGOff Road Adventure Group
ORAIPOregon Automobile Insurance Plan
ORANZOffroad Racing Association Of New Zealand
ORAPOff Road Advisory Panel, O' Reilly Auto Parts
ORAROff Road Adventure Romania
ORBOff Road Buggy, Off Road Base, Off Road Beast
ORBAOff Road Business Association
ORBLOutlined Raised Black Letters
ORBSOff Road Buggy Supply
ORCOxidation Reduction Converter, Off Road Championship, Occupant Restraint Controller, Opel Rally Cup, Oval Racing Champion, Off Road Camper, Off Road Caravan, Off Road Challenge, Over Running Clutch, Over Running Coupler, On Road Costs, Off Road Club, Oris Rally Clasico, Osterreichischer Rover Club, Off Road Custom, Oxidation Reduction Catalyst, Ontario Ranger Club, Oldtimer Replica Club
ORCAOlympic Rally Competition Association
ORCCOnkaparinga Ramblers Car Club
ORCCCAOhio Region Classic Car Club Of America
ORCIOff Road Compression Ignition
ORDOff Road Detection, Off Road Diesel, Override, Oldtimerclub Retro Drivers, Observer Rating Of Drowsiness
ORDAOn Road Driving Assessment
ORDITOfficial Register Of Driving Instructor Training
ORDOFFOrdu Offroad Kulubu
ORDOTOregon Department Of Transportation
OREOff Road Equipment, Off Road Experience, Off Road Engineering
ORECAOrganisation Et Exploitation Courses Automobiles
ORFSO - Ring Face Seal
ORFWOhio River Four Wheelers
ORGO - Ring, Over The Road Gang
ORHOut Of Range High
ORIOctane Requirement Increase
ORIAGOff Road Implementation Advisory Group
ORJOff Road Jeepers
ORJTOpel Rallye Junior Team
ORKOff Road Kit, O - Ring Kit
ORLOff Road Logic, Out Of Range Low, Off Road Lights
ORLYO' Reilly Automotive
ORMOutside Rearview Mirror, Off Road Mode
ORMHOFOff Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame
ORNOff Road Navigation, Ornamentation, Overseas Road Note
OROOff Road Only, Off Road Ohio, Officina Riparazioni Oslavia
OROCOhio Roadsters Owners Club
ORPOff Road Pipe, Off Road Package, On Road Price
ORPAOther Route With Public Access, Off Road Promoters Association
ORPCAOregon Region Porsche Club Of America
ORROff Road Report, Offroad Racing Romania, Outer Ring Road, Off Road Register, Off Road Radials, One - Way Roadways And Rotaries, Open Road Racing
ORRAOff Road Racing Association, Off Road Racing Australia, Off Road Radio Association
ORRPO' Reilly Raceway Park
ORRRCOhio River Road Runners Club
ORRVOff Road Recreational Vehicle
ORSOff Road System, Off Road Series, Off Road Solutions, Off Road Suspension, Off Road Shocks, Occupant Restraint System
ORSAOccupational Road Safety Alliance, Officine Realizzazione Sarde Automobili, Off Road Severe Application
ORSAROntario Road Safety Annual Report
ORSCAOutlaw Racing Street Car Association
ORSPOccupational Road Safety Partnership, Operator And Road Service Permit
ORSVOff Road Sport Vehicle, Official Report Of Stored Vehicle
ORTOff Road Trailer, Off Road Truck, Off Road Tire
ORTCOff Road Trailers Club
ORUOff Road Unlimited, Off Road Unit, Older Road User
ORUVOff Road Utility Vehicle
ORVOff Road Vehicle, Opel Renault Volvo, Offroad Recreational Vehicle
ORVAOff Road Vehicle Area, Off Road Vehicles Act
ORVCOff Road Vehicles Club
ORVDAOntario Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association
ORVEOff Road Vehicle Enforcement
ORVMOutside Rear View Mirrors
ORVROn - Board Refueling Vapor Recovery
ORVTPAOhio River Valley Tractor Pullers Association
ORWOutline Raised White, Off Road Warehouse, Off Road Wheels
ORWLOutline Raised White Lettering
ORYOff Road Y - Pipe
OSACOrifice Spark Advance Control
OSADOrifice Spark Advance
OSAIDOntario Students Against Impaired Driving
OSASOver Seat Ackerman Steering
OSATOffice For The Study Of Automotive Transportation
OSBOhio Sprint Bandits, Outlaw Sprint Bandits, Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Online Service Booking, Old School Dune Buggies
OSBAOntario School Bus Association
OSBMAOhio School Bus Mechanics Association
OSCOptimum Shift Control, Output State Check, Outlander Sport Club, Osella Squadra Corse, Output State Control, Opel Sport Club, Oxygen Storage Capacity, Oregon Subaru Club, Ontario Sentra Club, Official Safety Car
OSCAOfficine Specializate Construzione Automobili, Open Saloon Car Association, Outlaw Street Car Association, Ontario Street Car Association
OSCAAROntario Stock Car Association Of Asphalt Racers
OSCCOtago Sports Car Club
OSCNOpel Sport Club Nederland
OSCROutlaw Street Car Reunion
OSCSOhio Sprint Car Series
OSDOtomotiv Sanayicileri Derneginin, Overall Stopping Distance, Overtaking Sight Distance, Overseas Delivery Program
OSDMCOkahandja Spin And Drift Motor Club
OSEOpel Southeast Europe
OSFOld Skool Ford, Off Side Front
OSFDCOld Skool Ford Drag Challenge
OSGIOpen Service Gateway Interface
OSGROrdnance Survey Grid Reference
OSGVOpen Source Green Vehicle
OSHOnline Service History, Overseas Highway
OSHPOhio State Highway Patrol
OSIOfficina Stampaggi Industriali
OSJOcean State Jeepsters
OSKOil Service Kit, Otomobil Sporlari Kulubu
OSKOOpel Service Komplettpreis Offensive
OSLOversize Load, Operation Street Legal, Operating On A Suspended License, Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Output Seal, Out Of State License
OSLMOutlaw Super Late Model
OSMOpen Study Model, Output State Monitor, Online Service Manual, Open Street Map, Opal Sage Metallic
OSMCOcean State Mini Club
OSMVOffice Of Superintendent Of Motor Vehicles
OSNCOne Summer Night Cruisers
OSOOld South Offroad, Ontario Street Outlaws
OSOMOversize And Overmass
OSOWOversize And Overweight
OSPOpel Service Partner, Off Street Parking, Ordinaire Sans Plomb, Orazio Satta Puliga, On Street Parking
OSPIOn Street Parking Information
OSPLOff Street Parking Lot
OSPPOn Street Parking Program, Off Street Parking Places
OSROpen Sky Roof, Oceanside Street Rods, Ol' Skool Rodz, Operateur Service Rapid
OSRMOpen Street Map
OSRPOccupant Safety Research Partnership
OSRTCOmaha Srt Club
OSRVOutside Rearview Mirror
OSRVMOutside Rearview Mirror
OSSOutput Shaft Speed, Over Seat Steering, One - Touch Starting System, Online Service System, Occupant Space Sensor, One Stop Service, Output Speed Sensor
OSSROperateur Specialiste Service Rapid
OSTOffice Of The Secretary Of Transportation
OSTCOld School Toyota Club
OSTCCOld School Toyota Car Club
OSTPAOhio State Tractor Pullers Association
OSUVOffroad Suv, Oversized Suv
OSVOpel Special Vehicles, Oldsmobile Speciality Vehicle, Ordinary Safety Vehicle, Out Of Service Vehicle, Opel Safety Vehicle, Oversized Vehicle, Over Snow Vehicle, Open Source Vehicle, Over Sand Vehicle
OSWOrlando Speed World, Over Speed Warning, Oil Pressure Switch
OSWDOrlando Speed World Dragway
OT&LFOpen Taxi And Limousine Foundation
OTAOil Transmission Automatic, Offroad Turn Assist, Ohio Trucking Association, Offroad Trucks Australia, Ontario Time Attack, Organizatia Turismului Si Automobilului, Oregon Truck Association, Oshawa Truck Assembly, Ontario Trucking Association, Oklahoma Trucking Association
OTAAOhio Tire And Automotive Association
OTAQOffice Of Transportation And Air Quality
OTASOfficina Transformazione Automobili Sportive, Omologate Turismo Automobile Speciale
OTAVOfficine Turkheimer Automobili E Velocipedi
OTCOldtimer Center, Other Than Collision, On The Car, Overhead Trip Computer, Over The Counter, Oklahoma Truck Club, Ontario Triumph Club, Oldtimer Club, Ohio Transportation Consortium
OTCNOpel Tuning Club Nederland
OTCSOver Temperature Control System
OTDOrder To Delivery, Open Track Day, One Touch Down
OTDCOverlap Tdc
OTEMPOver Temperature
OTFOem Automatic Transmission Fluid, Outlaw Top Fuel, Oldtimer Und Technik Freunde, Oldtimer Trecker Freunde, Oldtimer Festival
OTGOutside Temperature Gauge, On The Go
OTGPOld Timer Grand Prix, Oak Tree Grand Prix, Option Tuning Grand Prix
OTHOver The Highway, Other
OTHGOver The Hill Gang
OTHWOther Highways
OTISOverhead Travel Information System, Online Transportation Information System, Online Travel Information System
OTKOil Test Kit, Oldtimer Klub
OTLObd Threshold Limits, Over Total Lateness, Overtaking Lane, Over Time Limit
OTMOldtimer, Office Of Traffic Management, Output Test Monitor
OTMCOtjiwarongo Motor Club
OTOOld Timers Oirschot
OTOCOregon Toyota Owners Club
OTOKAROtobus Karosen
OTOMARSANOtobus Ve Motorlu Araclar Sanayi
OTOSANOtomobil Sanayi
OTPOntario Truck Plant, Offener Tourenwagen Polizei, Open Top, Oldtimer Praxis
OTQOperating Torque, Over Torque
OTROn The Road, Off The Road, Oval Track Racer, Omologato Turismo Radiale, Over The Road, Operating Temperature Range
OTRAOld Time Racers Association, On The Road Again
OTRBOver The Road Bus
OTRDOver The Road Truck Driver, Over The Road Delivery
OTRECOregon Transportation Research And Education Consortium
OTRGOver The Road Gang
OTRPOn The Road Price
OTRSOhio Thunder Race Saver
OTRTOud Turnhout Rally Team
OTSOpen Two Seater, Open Traffic Systems, On The Spot, Office Of Traffic Safety, Omologato Turismo Speciale, Ontario Topless Sprint Cars, Oil Temperature Sensor, Omologato Turismo Sport, Open Tourer Sportscar, Oil Temperature Switch, Opel Team Srbija, Office Of Technical Services
OTSAPOregon Transportation Safety Action Plan
OTSRCOld Times Street Rod Club
OTSSOmologato Turismo Sprint Speciale
OTTOldsmobile Toronado Trofeo, Oldtimer Traktor, Over The Top
OTTAOntario Truck Training Academy, Oregon Tow Truck Association
OTTMAOldtimer Teile Trodel Markts
OTTNOnstar Turn By Turn Navigation
OTTPAOutlaw Truck And Tractor Pullers Association
OTUOla Taxiforsure Uber
OTVOldtimer Vriendenkring
OTVSOil Thermal Vacuum Switch
OTWOil To Water, On The Wagon, On The Way
OTXOldtimer Index
OUDSOffset Of Upstream And Downstream Signal
OUIOperating Under The Influence
OUILOperating Under The Influence Of Liquor
OULOutside Useful Life
OUMFOxford Universities Motorsport Foundation
OUOOil Of Unknown Origin
OUSCCOptima Ultimate Street Car Challenge
OUSCIOptima Ultimate Street Car Invitational
OUSTOffice Of Underground Storage Tanks
OVAOpel Vintage Atlantique
OVAAAOhio Valley Automotive Aftermarket Association
OVAHCOhio Valley Austin Healey Club
OVAROCOhio Valley Alfa Romeo Owners Club
OVATVCOttawa Valley All Terrain Vehicle Club
OVCOldsmobile Vista Cruiser, Ohio Viper Club, Off Vehicle Charging, Oldtimer Vrienden Club, Observed Vehicle Cost
OVCFCAOhio Valley Chapter Falcon Club Of America
OVCIOpel Vauxhall Club Ireland
OVCVOuter Vent Control Valve
OVDOnstar Vehicle Diagnostics, Overdrive, Opel Handler Versicherungsdienst, Observed Vehicle Delay
OVDCAOhio Valley Dwarf Car Association
OVDTROhio Valley Dirt Track Racing
OVEObservatoire Du Vehicule D' Entreprise
OVERSEEOpen Vehicular Secure Platform
OVERTOccluded Vehicle Recognition And Tracking
OVFCOffice Of Vehicle Safety Compliance
OVFDOperating A Vehicle With Forged Documents
OVGIPOpen Vehicle Grid Integration Platform
OVGTOOhio Valley Gto Club
OVHOverall Vehicle Height
OVIOil Viscosity Increase, Oxidized Viscosity Index, Operating Vehicle Under The Influence, Operating Vehicle While Impaired, On Vehicle Inspection
OVISOnline Vehicle Information System
OVKOstfold Veteranvogn Klubb
OVKAOhio Valley Karting Association
OVKPOpel Vectra Klub Polska
OVLOver Vehicle Lift, Overloading Violation, Overall Vehicle Length
OVLROttawa Valley Land Rovers
OVLRSOutlaw Vintage Lites Racing Series
OVLSOpen Protocols For Interfacing Vehicle Location Subsystems
OVMCOkanagan Valley Miata Club
OVMSOpen Vehicle Monitoring System
OVPOriginal Verpackung, Oversize Vehicle Parking, Oversized Vehicle Permitting, Other Vehicle Parts, Overload Protection Relay
OVPPOversized Vehicle Parking Permit
OVROnline Vehicle Registration
OVRPOakland Valley Race Park
OVSOfficial Vehicle Specifications, Oldtimer Veteranen Shop, Ohio Valley Speedway
OVSCOffice Of Vehicle Safety Compliance
OVSCAOhio Valley Sprint Car Association
OVTOregon Volvo Tuners, Out Of Vehicle Time, Operational Validation Test, Online Vehicle Tracking
OVTCOttawa Valley Triumph Club
OVVOversize Vehicle Voucher, Opel Vauxhall Vereinigung, Outer Vent Valve
OVWOverall Vehicle Width, Oldtimer Vrienden Weert, Oldtimer Vrienden Wijchen
OVWCOmaha Volkswagen Club, Oslo Volkswagen Club
OVWECOtago Volkswagen Enthusiasts Club
OVWIOperating Vehicle While Intoxicated
OVWSOverheight Vehicle Warning System
OWAOpen Wheel America
OWCOpen Wheeler Challenge, Open Wheel Car, One Way Clutch
OWDOne Wheel Drive, Operating While Disqualified, One Week Driving
OWDTHOverall Width
OWIOperating While Intoxicated, On Wheels Inc.
OWKObroty Walu Korbowego
OWLOil Warning Light, Outlined White Lettering, Oil And Water Light, Overweight Load, Overheat Warning Lamp, Off White Letter
OWMOn Wheels Media, Open Wheel Modified
OWNOpen Wheel Nationals
OWOAOklahoma Wrecker Owners Association
OWODOverweight And Overdimensional
OWOROpen Wheel Oval Racing
OWROpen Wheel Racing, One Way Road, Ontario Winter Rally
OWRCOpen Wheel Race Car
OWRSOpen Wheel Racing Series
OWRTOman World Rally Team
OWSOne Way Street, Obstructing Windshield, Occupant Weight Sensor
OWTOne Way Traffic, Outlined White Letters
OWVIOperating While Visibly Impaired
OWWCOpen Wheel World Championship
OXCOxidation Catalyst
OXSOxygen Sensor
OYAKOrdu Yardimlasma Kurumu
OYDEROtomotiv Yetkili Saticilari Dernegi
OYIOtoyol Isuzu
OZCOntario Z Cars
OZKPOpel Zafira Klub Polska