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I&MInspection And Maintenance
I&NInfiniti And Nissan
I&VTInstrumentation And Vehicle Testing
I2CInfrastructure To Car
I2VInfrastructure To Vehicle
I2VCInfrastructure To Vehicle Communication
I2WIndependent Double Wishbone
I3CIn Car Customer Communication, Innocenti Tre Cilindri
I4WDIntelligent Four Wheel Drive
IAAInternationalen Automobil Ausstellung, Idle Air Adjuster, Independent A - Arm, Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, International Automobile Association, Icelandic Automobile Association, Istituto D' Asta Autoveicoli, Italian Automotive Academy
IAAAInternational Automotive Advertising Awards
IAAFIndependent Automotive Aftermarket Federation
IAAIInsurance Auto Auctions Inc.
IAAIPIowa Automobile Insurance Plan
IAAMInternational Automotive Aftermarket Meeting
IAAPSInstitute For Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems
IAATIInternational Association Of Auto Theft Investigators
IAATMInternational Association For Accident And Traffic Medicine
IABIntake Air By - Pass, Indian Autos Blog, Idle Air By - Pass
IABAIndependent Auto Body Association, Indiana Auto Body Association
IABCInternational Automotive Body Congress
IABMInteractive Airbag Module, Integrated Airbag Module
IABPVIdle Air By - Pass Valve
IABSIntelligent Antilock Braking System
IACIdle Air Control, International Automotive Components, International Automotive Conference, Intake Air Control, Injection Accordee De Carburant, International Automotive And Custom, Island Area Cruisers, Indonesia Apv Club, Isuzu Auto Care Center
IACAIndependent Automotive Consultants Association
IACCIntelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Improved Accessories
IACGInternational Automotive Components Group, Independent Automotive Consultants Group
IACHESIndiana Association Of County Highway Engineers And Supervisors
IACOAIndependent Armoured Car Operators Association
IACTIntegrated Air Charge Temperature
IACVIntake Air Control Valve, Idle Air Control Valve
IADInternational Automobile Design, Inter Axle Differential Lock, Intense Automotive Design, Instituto De Automovilismo Deportivo, Industrial And Automotive Design
IADAIndependent Automobile Dealers Association, Idaho Automobile Dealers Association, Inland Automotive Dismantlers Association, Iowa Automobile Dealers Association, Illinois Automobile Dealers Association
IADACIndependent Automobile Dealers Association Of California
IADASIntelligent Advanced Driver Assistance System
IADCInternational Automobile Driver's Club, International Automotive Documentation Centre
IADDI'm Against Drunk Driving
IADEInternational Association For Drivers Education
IADGIsuzu Astra Domestic Genuine
IADOTIowa Department Of Transportation
IADPInter American Driving Permit
IADSIntegrated Active Drive System
IAEInstitution Of Automotive Engineers, International Auto Expo, Imported Auto Expo, International Automotive Exhibition, India Auto Expo, Integriertes Anfahr Element, International Automotive Engineering, Institute Of Automotive Engineering
IAEAInstitute Of Automotive Engineer Assessors
IAECIsuzu Advanced Engineering Center, International Automotive Engineering Conference
IAESLInstitute Of Automotive Engineers Of Sri Lanka
IAFInternational Automotive Fair, International Automobile Festival, International Automobile Federation
IAFAIndustriales Argentinos Fabricates De Automotores
IAFMIntegrated Air Fuel Module, Intake Air Fuel Module
IAFSIntelligent Adaptive Front Lighting System, Integrated Air Fuel System
IAHInter - American Highway, Intake Air Heater
IAHCIntake Air Heater Control
IAHDIntake Air Heater Diagnostic
IAHEVImplementing Agreement On Hybrid Electric Vehicle
IAHRIntake Air Heater Relay
IAHSIndiana Automotive Historical Society
IAIInnovation In Auto Industry, International Automobile Importers, Indonesia Automotive Institute
IAIDIntersection Aid
IAJInternational Autojumble
IALIndian Automotive Lubricants, International Auto League, International Automobiles Limited, Isuzu Australia Limited
IAMInstitute Of Advanced Motorists, Independent After - Market, Integrated Air Fuel Module, Indonesia Automodified, Intelligent Alternator Module, Institute Of Automotive Mechatronics
IAMAInternational Abstaining Motorists Association, Internationalen Automobil Und Motorrad Ausstellung, International Automotive Media Association
IAMEItalian American Motor Engineering, Industrias Mecanicas Del Estado, Institute Of Automotive Mechanical Engineers
IAMFInternational Advanced Mobility Forum
IAMIIsuzu Astra Motor Indonesia, Institute For Automotive Manufacturing Innovation
IAMOInternational Alliance Of Morris Owners
IANGVInternational Association For Natural Gas Vehicles
IAOInternational Automotive Operations
IAOBInternational Automotive Oversight Bureau
IAOCInternational Amphicar Owners Club
IAPInterior Appointment Package, Intreprinderea De Automobile Pitesti, Industrie Automobilistiche Pomezia, Isuzu Automotive Polska
IAPAIndependent Automotive Professionals Association
IAPBInternational Automotive Press Briefing
IAPDInternational Academy For Professional Driving
IAPDBIdaho Association Of Professional Driving Businesses, Idaho Association Of Private Driving Businesses
IAPSAIndustria Automotriz Peruana Sa
IAPTInternational Association Of Public Transport, Idaho Association For Pupil Transportation
IAQSInterior Air Quality System, International Automotive Quality Systems
IARIntegral Alternator Regulator, Iowa Auto Recyclers
IARAInternational Automotive Remarketers Alliance
IARCInternational Automotive Research Centre, International Automobile Recycling Congress
IAREInstitute Of Automotive Research And Education
IARTIntelligent Accuracy Refinement Technology
IARVInjury Assessment Reference Values
IASInertia Active System, Integral Active Steering, Inlet Air Solenoid, International Auto Salon, Intersection Assistant System, International Auto Show, Instituto Ayrton Senna, Intelligent Access System, Inter Axle Shaft Angle, Intake Air System, Idle Air Stepper, Idle Air Solenoid, Indonesia Automotive Society, Italdesign Automobili Speciali, Introduction To Automobile Service
IASCAInternational Auto Sound Challenge Association
IASFIndustria Automotriz Santa Fe
IATIntake Air Temperature, Intreprinderea De Autoturisme Timisoara, Ingenieurgesellschaft Fur Automobiltechnik, Innovative Automobile Technology, Institute Of Automobile Technology
IATAInternational Auto Trade Association
IATCImproved Automatic Transmission Controls
IATFInternational Automotive Task Force
IATIAIndia Automotive Technology Innovation Awards
IATNInternational Automotive Technicians Network
IATOIndustria Automobili Toscana, Industria Automobilistica Torinese Officine, Ikatan Ahli Teknik Otomotif
IATRInternational Association Taxi Regulators
IATSIntake Air Temperature Sensor
IATSAIntreprinderea De Asistenta Tehnica Si Service Pentru Automobile
IATSSInternational Association Of Traffic And Safety Sciences
IATVIntake Air Temperature Voltage
IAVIntelligent Autonomous Vehicle, Impact Attenuator Vehicle, Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto Und Verkehr
IAVAIndustria Argentina De Vehiculos De Avanzada
IAVDInternational Association For Vehicle Design
IAVLIdle Air Volume Learn
IAVLSIntelligent Active Valve Lift System
IAVMIntelligent Around View Monitor
IAVSInstitute For Advanced Vehicle Systems
IAVSDInternational Association For Vehicle System Dynamics
IAWIn Accordance With, Iniezione Accensione Weber
IAWAIndiana Automotive Wholesalers Association
IAWDIntelligent Awd, Intuitive Awd
IBAIntelligent Brake Assist
IBAGInternet Brands Automotive Group
IBAPIndustria Brasileiras De Automoveis Presidente
IBASIntelligent Body Assembly System
IBCIsuzu Bedford Company, Integrated Brake Control, Iso Bizzarrini Club, International Bus And Coach, Intermediate Bulk Container
IBCAMInstitute Of British Carriage And Automobile Manufacturers
IBCCIdaho British Car Club, Iowa British Car Club, Indonesian Black Car Community
IBCMIntelligent Brake Control Module, Integrated Body Control Module
IBCNIn Bed Trunk Cargo Net
IBEInternational Bus Expo
IBEVIntegrated Battery Electric Vehicle
IBFIntegrated Body Frame
IBICSIso Bizzarrini Interest Circle Switzerland
IBJInner Ball Joint
IBMInternational Bugatti Meeting
IBOBIntelligent Breakout Box
IBOCIso Bizzarrini Owners Club
IBOXIgnition Box
IBPIntegral Back Pressure, Initial Boiling Point
IBPIInitiative For Bicycle And Pedestrian Innovation
IBSIntelligent Battery Sensor, Intelligent Brake System, Integrated Braking System, Inertial Braking System
IBSWIntelligent Blind Spot Warning
IBTInitial Brake Lining Temperature
IBTCIn Bed Trunk Carpet
IBTCNIn Bed Trunk Cargo Net
IBTDIn Bed Trunk Dividers
IBXIbiza Crossover
IBZKInternational Brotherhood Of Zuk Krawlers
ICAInjector Cam Actuator, Intercontinental A, Intelligent Control And Automation, Interaction And Communication Assistant, Ignition Control Additive, Integrated Cruise Assist, Intersection Collision Avoidance, International Carwash Association
ICADTSInternational Committee On Alcohol Drugs And Traffic Safety
ICAIAIllinois College Automotive Instructors Association
ICALTInternational Conference On Advanced Logistics And Transport
ICAMInternational Center For Automotive Medicine, International College Of Automotive Malaysia
ICARInternational Centre Of Advanced Racing, Inter - Industry Conference On Auto Collision Repair, Intelligent Car, International Center For Automotive Research
ICAREInstitute Pour La Competitivite Automobile De La Recherche De L' Excellence, Iowa Certified Automotive Recyclers Environmental
ICASIsuzu Clean Air Solutions, Integrated Charge Air Subcooling System, Isuzu Clean Air System, Intersection Collision Avoidance System
ICASSInterchange Collision Avoidance Support System
ICASTIveco Computer Assisted Sales Tool
ICATIntelligent Computerized Anti Theft System, Innovative Clean Air Technologies, International Centre For Automotive Technology, International Conference On Automotive Technology
ICATSIntelligent Computerized Anti Theft System
ICBIntercity Bus, Imminent Collision Braking
ICBOAInter City Bus Operators Association
ICBSIntegrated Child Booster Seat
ICCIntegrated Chassis Control, Interactive Cruise Control, Intelligent Cruise Control, Interior Command Centre, International Car Concept, Integrated Clutch Control, In Car Camera, Intuitive Connectivity Concept, In Car Communication, Iveco Customer Center, In Car Carry, Ignition Coil Cover, Italian Cars Club, In Cab Computer, Illinois Camaro Club, Indonesian Corolla Club, Ithaca Car Club, Intelligent Car Coalition
ICCAIsuzu Car Club Of Australia, Infiniti Car Club Of America
ICCBItalia Car Club Belgium, In Cable Control Box
ICCBCItalian Car Club Of British Columbia
ICCCInternational Council Of Corvette Clubs
ICCCRInternational Citroen Car Club Rally
ICCHImport Car Club Of Houston
ICCMIntelligent Cruise Control Module
ICCOItalian Car Club Of Ottawa
ICCSIntelligent Cruise Control System, Integrated Chassis Control System, In Car Communication Systems
ICCSWItalian Car Club Of The Southwest
ICCTInternational Council On Clean Transportation
ICCUIntegrated Car Communication Unit
ICCVInternational Conference On Connected Vehicles
ICCVEInternational Conference On Connected Vehicles And Expo
ICDItalian Car Day, Ignition Coil Driver, Ignition Control Driver, Integrated Coil Driver, Integrated Chassis Design, Intelligent Colour Display, In Car Display
ICDGRInternational Carriage Of Dangerous Goods By Road
ICDPInternational Car Distribution Programme
ICDTIIntelligent Common Rail Turbocharged Direct Injection
ICDVSIn Car Digital Video System
ICDXIntegrated Compact Disc Changer
ICDXCIndonesia Corolla Dx Community
ICEIn Car Entertainment, Integrated Clean Energy, Internal Combustion Engine, Increased Control And Efficiency, Ignition Control Electronics, Isuzu Car Enthusiasts
ICEFInternal Combustion Engine Division Fall Technical Conference
ICEIInternal Combustion Engine Institute
ICESInternal Combustion Engine Division Spring Technical Conference, In Car Entertainment System
ICEVInternal Combustion Engine Vehicle
ICFIndy Car Factory, Integrated Centrifugal Forced Induction
ICFCIndividual Cylinder Fuel Control
ICFDInternational Car Free Day
ICFMInstitute Of Car Fleet Management
ICHDImmersion Cooling High Discharge Modular Battery System
ICIIntelligent Car Initiative
ICIMIndividual Control Intake Manifold
ICLImpreza Club Luxembourg, Impreza Club Landau, Intake Center Line, Ignition Coil
ICLCIsuzu Champa Lao Company
ICLUSInstrument Cluster
ICMIntegrated Chassis Management, Ignition Control Module, Instrument Control Module, Integrated Controller Module, International Championship Of Makes, Infotainment Control Module, Instrument Cluster Module, Integrated Corridor Management, Island Classic Mustangs, Information Center Module, Integrated Circuit Module
ICMCIsland Classic Mustang Club
ICMEAEInternational Conference On Mechatronics Electronics And Automotive Engineering
ICMLInternational Cars And Motors Limited
ICNIn Car Navigation
ICNSIn Car Navigation System
ICOInternational Car Operator
ICOMIntegrated Communication Optical Module
ICONIntegrated Control, Indonesian Camry Owners
ICOPIntegrated Corridor Operations Project
ICOPSIntelligent Compound Online Payment System
ICORVAImperial County Off Road Vehicle Association
ICOSIndependent Co - Simulation
ICOTYInternational Car Of The Year, Indian Car Of The Year, Indonesian Car Of The Year, Import Car Of The Year
ICOTYAInternational Car Of The Year Awards
ICPInjection Control Pressure, Intelligent Co - Pilot, Intake Charge Pipe, Intake Cam Phasing, Individual Coil Pack, Ignition Coil Pack, Instrument Control Panel, Injector Pump Coupler, Integrated Control Panel, Italian Car Passion, Italian Car Parts, Insignia Club Polska
ICPATInstitutul De Cercetari Si Proiectari Autovehicule Si Tractoare
ICPOInfiniti Certified Pre Owned
ICPRInjection Control Pressure Regulator
ICPSIntelligent Co - Pilot System
ICRInstantaneous Centre Of Rotation
ICRAIowa Collision Repair Association
ICRASHInternational Crashworthiness Conference
ICRLIndy Car Racing League
ICRSIntelligent Crash Response System
ICRVIntake Control Relay Valve
ICSIn Car Sensor, Idle Control Solenoid, Integrated Child Seat, Integrated Chassis System, Information And Communication System, Indy Car Series, Intelligent Clearance Sonar, Infant Car Seat, Intelligent Charging Station, Inductive Charging System, Intelligent Control System, Intelligent Corridor System, Instantaneous Cornering Stiffness, Indian Compact Sedan, Integrated Control System, Intelligent Car Security, Ignition Control System, Integrated Center Stack, International Carwash Show
ICSAInfant Car Seat Adapter
ICSATInternational Conference On Sustainable Automotive Technologies
ICSCCInternational Conference Of Sports Car Clubs
ICSITAInstitutul De Cercetare Stiintifica Si Inginerie Tehnologica Pentru Autoturisme
ICSSIntegrated Child's Safety Seat
ICSVIntake Compensation Solenoid Valves
ICTIsuzu Commercial Trucks, Ice Cream Truck, Inlet Air Control, Individual Commuter Ticket, Indiana Custom Truck, In Control Touch
ICTAIsuzu Commercial Truck Of America, Internet Checker Taxicab Archive
ICTCIsuzu Commercial Truck Of Canada
ICTCMInstitutul De Cercetare Si Proiectare Tehnologica Pentru Constructii Masini
ICTCTInternational Cooperation On Theories And Concepts In Traffic
ICTDInter Cooled Turbo Diesel
ICTDIIntelligent Common Rail Turbo Diesel Injection
ICTMIntegrated Corridor Traffic Management
ICTOIgnition Coolant Temperature Override
ICTPIn Control Touch Pro
ICTWSIntersection Cross Traffic Warning System
ICTYInternet Car And Truck Of The Year
ICUIgnition Control Unit, Injector Control Unit, Immobilizer Control Unit, Inverter Charger Unit, Intersection Control Unit
ICVIntermediate Commercial Vehicle, Idle Control Valve, Internal Combustion Vehicle, Ice Cream Van, Individually Constructed Light Vehicle, In Car Video, Incident Command Vehicle
ICVCIn Car Video Camera
ICVESInternational Conference On Vehicular Electronics And Safety
ICVFInternational Commercial Vehicle Fair
ICVRIron Curtain Vehicle Rally
ICVSIntelligent Community Vehicle System, Idle Control Solenoid Vacuum Switch, In Car Video System
ICVTInertial Cvt, Intelligent Cvt, Incremental Cvt
ICWIntersection Collision Warning, Imminent Collision Warning
ICWAInternational Car Wash Association
ICWSIntersection Collision Warning System
ICZVInstantaneous Center Of Zero Velocity
ID01Italdesign Zerouno
ID4EVIntelligent Dynamics For Electric Vehicles
ID42NERIndonesian Fortuner Club
IDAIntelligent Driver Assistance, Ice Driving Academy, Independent Drivers Association, Impaired Driving Assessment, Industrija Delova Automobila, Intelligent Driver Alertness
IDAAIndependent Dual A - Arm, Idaho Auto Auction
IDACIphone Driver Alert Control
IDAIPIdaho Automobile Insurance Plan
IDASInfiniti Direct Adaptive Steering, Intelligent Driver Assistance System
IDASAIndustrias Del Automovil Sa
IDBRAInternational Driver's Behaviour Research Association
IDCInternational Drift Challenge, India Drive Cycle, Inner Dead Centre, Indonesian Drift Community, In Dash Controller, Intelligent Driving Center, Iveco Drivers Club, Italdesign California, Irish Drift Championship
IDCCIntelligent Dual Clutch Control, Island Dwarf Car Club
IDCDIntelligent Dual Clutch Drive
IDCMPImpaired Driver Care Management Program
IDCSInteractive Drive Control System
IDDIntegrated Dynamic Drive, Insulin Dependent Driver, Intelligent Driveline Dynamics, Interactive Driver Display
IDDAWIllinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week
IDDCIntelligent Dynamic Driving Chassis
IDDPAInternational Drunk Driving Prevention Association
IDDPCIntegrated Direct Drive Power Conversion
IDDSIntegrated Dynamic Driving System
IDEInjection Directe Essence, Industrial Diesel Engine, Indirekte Einspritzung
IDEAInstitute Of Development In Automotive Engineering, International Driver Education Association, Intelligent Drive Efficiency Assistant, International Driver Excellence Award, Irish Drivers Education Association, Illinois Driver Educators Association
IDECIsuzu Diesel Enhancement Centre
IDECGIllinois Driver Education Curriculum Guide
IDEMIranian Diesel Manufacturing Company
IDEMAIndian Diesel Engine Manufacturers Association
IDEPImpaired Driver Education Program
IDFInvertire Doppio Tipo F
IDFSOInteractive Deceleration Fuel Shut Off, Intelligent Deceleration Fuel Shut Off
IDGItaldesign Giugiaro, Integrated Drive Generator, Independent Drivers Guild
IDGTEInstitution Of Diesel And Gas Turbine Engineers
IDGVIndonesian Grand Vitara
IDIIndirect Diesel Injection, Integrated Direct Ignition, Impaired Driving Initiatives
IDIADAInstitut D' Investigacio Aplicada De L'automobil
IDIDInternal Diesel Injector Deposits
IDIGIndependent Driving Instructors Guild
IDIPImpaired Driver Intervention Program
IDISIntelligent Driver Information System, Infrared Distance Measurement System, Integrated Driver Information System, Internationales Demontage Informations System, International Dismantling Information System, Isuzu Dual Fuel Injection System
IDKIndoor Karting
IDLIdle Position Switch, International Driver's License, Inter - Axle Differential Lock, Illinois Drivers License, Impaired Driving Law
IDLMImpaired Driving Leadership Model
IDLVIndian Drivers License Verification
IDMIgnition Discharge Module, Ignition Diagnostic Module, Injector Driver Module, Ignition Diagnostic Monitor, Intelligent Driver Module, Ignition Driver Module, Intelligent Drive Master, Intelligent Driver Model, Isuzu D - Max, Integrated Dynamic Control Module
IDMOCIndonesian Mitsubishi Owners Club
IDMPIntelligent Driver Model Prediction
IDMSIntegrated Dealer Management System, Infiniti Drive Mode Selector
IDOTIllinois Department Of Transportation, Idaho Department Of Transportation, Indiana Department Of Transportation, Iowa Department Of Transportation
IDPInternational Driving Permit, Impaired Driver Program, Intoxicated Driver Program, Intelligent Drive Package
IDPPInfiniti Decherd Powertrain Plant
IDRIntelligent Drive Package, Inside Drag Racing
IDRAIsland Drag Racing Association, Independent Desert Racers Association
IDRCImport Drag Racing Circuit
IDRHInfiniti Direct Response Hybrid
IDRHFInternational Drag Racing Hall Of Fame
IDRHOFInternational Drag Racing Hall Of Fame
IDRISImpaired Driving Records Information System
IDRPImpaired Driver Rehabilitation Program
IDSInteractive Driving System, Integrated Diagnostic Software, Integrated Diagnostic System, International Drift Series, International Diesel Services, Impaired Driving Score, International Driving Symposium, Iowa Driving Simulator, Intelligent Driving System, Integrierter Druck Sensor, Integrated Dynamics System, Iniezione Diretta Stratificata, Intrusion Detection System
IDSAIndependent Double Swing Arm
IDSFCImproved Digital Simulation Fully Comprehensive
IDSIIntelligent Dual And Sequential Injection
IDSPImpaired Driving Strategic Plan
IDTIntroduction Of The Digital Tachograph, Ignition Delay Time
IDTEIntelligent Diesel Technology
IDTECIntelligent Diesel Technology
IDTFImpaired Driving Task Force
IDTOIntegrated Dynamic Transit Operations
IDVIveco Defence Vehicles
IDVUIngenierie Division Vehicules Utilitaires
IDWIndependent Double Wishbone
IDWSIndependent Double Wishbone Suspension
IDXIdentity 510
IEAInstituto De Estudios De Automocion, Isuzu East Africa
IEBIntelligent Emergency Braking, Intelligent Engine Brake
IEBCIIsuzu Engineering Business Centre India
IECIntegrated Engine Controller, Injection Electronique De Carburant, International Edsel Club, Intermeccanica Enthusiasts Club, Instrument Panel Electrical Center, Intelligent Emergency Call
IECCInland Empire Corvair Club, Inland Empire Camaro Club
IECCCInland Empire Car Club Council
IEDInstituto Europeo Di Design, Intelligent Electronic Device
IEDBAInland Empire Dune Buggy Association
IEDISIntegrated Electronic Distributorless Ignition System
IEDRAInternational Electric Drag Racing Association
IEFCVIntelligent Electric Fuel Cell Vehicle
IEFVIntelligent Environment Friendly Vehicle
IEGTOInland Empire Gto Club
IEHCIllawarra Early Holden Club
IEIIntegral Electronic Ignition
IEJCInland Empire Jaguar Club
IEKAInternacia Esperanto Klubo Automobilista
IELOOPIntelligent Energy Loop
IEMIndia Emissions Model, Integrated Emission Management
IEMCInland Empire Mustang Club
IEMGCInland Empire Mg Classics
IEMPAIndiana Economy Modified Pullers Association
IEMTIsuzu Engine Manufacturing Thailand
IENGInjection Engine
IEOIndustrial Engine Operations
IEOTYInternational Engine Of The Year
IESIndustrias Eduardo Sal - Lari, Integriertes Elektronik System, Idle Enrichment System
IESCIsuzu's Electronic Stability Control
IESSInternal Electronic Sound Synthesis
IETInitial Engine Test, Iveco Engine Tester
IEVIntelligent Electric Vehicle, Idle Enricher Valve, Interfering With Emergency Vehicle
IEVCInternational Electric Vehicle Conference
IEVEInternational Electric Vehicle Expo
IEVOAIrish Electric Vehicle Owners Association
IEVSInternational Electric Vehicle Symposium, Intelligent Eco - Friendly Vehicles
IEYInternational Engine Of The Year
IEZCInland Empire Z Club
IF3Italian Formula Three
IFAIndustrieverband Fahrzeugbau, International Fleet Academy, Impianto Frenante Antibloccaggio
IFACInternational Federation Of Automatic Control
IFAESInternational Federation Of Automotive Engineering Societies
IFCInstantaneous Fuel Consumption, Idling Fuel Consumption, Integrated Fuel Control
IFCCSMInternational Federation Of Clubs For The Citroen Sm
IFCDInstant Fuel Consumption Display
IFCWIntelligent Forward Collision Warning
IFDImported From Detroit, Instant Fuel Display
IFDAIndependent Front Drive Axle
IFDMIntegrated Fuel Delivery Module
IFDRIntegrierter Fahrdynamikregler
IFEInstantaneous Fuel Economy, I - Series Formula E
IFESIntegrated Front End System
IFFXInfiniti Fx
IFGIgnition Festival Glasgow
IFHMInternational Festival Of Historic Motoring
IFHPInternational Ford History Project
IFIIndirect Fuel Injection, Inline Fuel Injection
IFKIn Frame Kit
IFLIntegrated Front Fog Lamps, Inner Air Filter
IFMInternational Formula Master, Isotta Fraschini Motori
IFMAInternationalen Fahrrad Und Motorrad Ausstellung
IFMIAInstitut De Formation Aux Metiers De L' Industrie Automobile
IFMOInstitute For Mobility Research
IFMSInterstitial Free Mild Steel, Interagency Fleet Management System
IFNInternational Ford Network
IFOPTIdentification Of Fixed Objects In Public Transport
IFOR2AInstitut De Formation Associee A Automobile
IFORABEInstitute For Automotive Business Excellence
IFOSIrish Festival Of Speed
IFOYInternational Forklift Of The Year
IFPInternational Freight Permit, Infotainment Faceplate
IFPAIllinois Farm Pullers Association
IFPCIntegrated Fuel Pump Controller
IFPTRInstitutul De Formare Profesionala In Transporturi Rutiere
IFQSInternen Fahrzeug Und Qualitatsstudie
IFRIgnacio Fernandez Racing, Infrared
IFRCInternational Ford Retractable Club
IFRONIncarcator Frontal
IFRSDCInternational Foundation For Road Safety In Developing Countries
IFRTTInternational Forum For Road Transport Technology
IFSIndependent Front Suspension, Inertia Fuel Switch, Independent Fuel System, Infiniti Financial Services, International Fleet Sales, Irish Festival Of Speed, Inertia Fuel Shutoff, Indianapolis Fleet Service
IFSJAInternational Full Size Jeep Association
IFSMIntegrated Fuel System Module
IFTInstantaneous Frictional Torque
IFTAInternational Fuel Tax Agreement, International Fuel Tax Association
IFTOAIllinois Food Truck And Trailer Owners Association
IFZInfrared Remote Control
IGALIsuzu Group Auto Land
IGCInstantaneous Gear Change, Ignition Coil, Ignition Controlled Module
IGCDInternet Game Cars Database
IGCEIsuzu Global Cv Engineering
IGCMIgnition Control Module
IGCVIntermittently Grid Connected Vehicle
IGCVSIntermittently Grid Connected Vehicle System
IGDIgnition Delay
IGDIIntelligent Gdi
IGDOIntegrated Garage Door Opener
IGENIIIsuzu Genius Exploring Network Interactive Intelligence
IGESInitial Graphic Exchange Specification
IGGNDIgnition Ground
IGKIgnition Key, Ignition Kit
IGLIsuzu Gemini Lovers
IGMIan Gordon Murray, Ispettorato Generale Motorizzazione
IGMSInternational Geneva Motor Show
IGNIgnition System, Ignitor
IGNLIgnition Timing Leading
IGNMIgnition Node Module
IGNSWIgnition Switch
IGNTIgnition Timing Trailing
IGOIndustrial Gear Oil, Independent Garage Owners
IGONCIndependent Garage Owners Of The North Carolina
IGOTAInternet Gathering Of Truly Active Subaru's
IGPItalian Grand Prix, Indian Grand Prix, Isuzu Genuine Parts
IGPCIndiana Grand Prix Club
IGPIIntelligent Gas Port Injection
IGPMImperial Gallons Per Minute
IGRIntelligenter Generatorregelung, Internal Gas Recirculation, International Gordini Revival, Ignore Gated Roads
IGRCIndonesia Galant Racing Club
IGRIPIsuzu Gravity Responsive Intelligent Platform
IGSWIgnition Switch
IGTIgnition Timing, Improved Gas Turbine, International Gross Tonnage, Igniter, Injection Gasoline Turbo
IGTCItalian Gt Championship
IGTOInternational Gt Open
IGTOAIndy Gto Association
IGVIntelligent Ground Vehicle
IGVCIntelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
IHAIndependent Hauler Association, Intelligent Headlight Assist
IHACInternationale Historische Automobiel Club
IHBIntelligent High Beam
IHBAIntelligent High Beam Assist
IHBCIntelligent High Beam Control
IHCIntegral Handling Control, Intelligent Headlamp Control, International Harvester Company, International Hill Climb, Intelligent Headlight Controller, Italia Hummer Club, Illiana Hummer Club, Intake Heat Control
IHCAInternational Harvester Company Of Australia
IHCCIntelligent Highway Cruise Control, International Hill Climb Challenge, International Harvester Collectors Club
IHCCSIntelligent Highway Cruise Control System
IHDBIncludes Hubs Drums And Brakes
IHDSIntelligent Honda Diagnostic System
IHEIntegrated Hydro Electronics, Institute Of Highway Engineers
IHEEPInternational Highways Engineers Exchange Programme
IHEVIntelligent Hybrid Electric Vehicle
IHFSPAIllinois Hot Farm Stock Pullers Association
IHHRInternationale Historische Horneland Rally
IHIIshikawajima Harima Heavy Industries
IHKIntake Hose Kit
IHKAIntergriertes Heizung Und Klima Automatic
IHMIsuzu Hicom Malaysia, International Honda Meeting
IHOInternational Hummer Owners
IHOGInternational Hummer Owners Group
IHPIndicated Horse Power, Integral Horse Power, Idaho Highway Patrol, Illinois Highway Patrol, Internet Highway Patrol, Indiana Highway Patrol, Iowa Highway Patrol, Iraqi Highway Patrol, Interstate Highway Patrol
IHPVAInternational Human Power Vehicle Association
IHRIntegrated Heater Control
IHRAInternational Hot Rod Association
IHSIntelligent Highway Systems, Interstate Highway System, Institute For Highway Safety, Intelligent Highway Solutions, Intelligent Headlight System, International Harvester Scout, Intake Hose
IHSCDEAIllinois High School And College Driver Education Association
IHSDInteractive Highway Safety Design
IHSDMInteractive Highway Safety Design Model
IHTIntegrated Hydrostatic Transaxle, Intelligent Headlight Technology, Institution Of Highways And Transportation
IHTSInternational Highway Transportation Summit
IHUInfotainment Head Unit, Integrated Head Unit, Information Head Unit
IHVOInternational Historic Vehicle Organization
IHVSIntelligent Highway Vehicle System
IHWInterstate Highway
IIAIntegrated Ignition Assembly
IIADAIndiana Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Iowa Independent Automobile Dealers Association
IICIndiana Impreza Club
IICEIAInternational Internal Combustion Engine Industry Associations
IICSIzod Indy Car Series
IIDImplement Input Driveline, Ignition Interlock Device
IIDPIgnition Interlock Device Program
IIEIndependent Continuous Intake And Exhaust
IIECInter Industry Emission Control
IIECPInter Industry Emission Control Program
IIHSInsurance Institute For Highway Safety
IILIgnition Interlock License
IILWMCI'm In Love With My Car
IIMSIndonesia International Motor Show
IIPIgnition Interlock Program
IIRAInternational Ice Racing Association
IISIzod Indycar Series
IISRPInternational Institute Of Synthetic Rubber Producers
IITCIos In The Car
IITPIron In The Pines
IITRInternational Institute Of Towing And Recovery
IIUTMIntegrated Inter Urban Traffic Management
IIWPGInternational Insurance Whiplash Prevention Group
IJAATInternational Journal Of Advances On Automotive And Technology
IJAEInternational Journal Of Automotive Engineering
IJAETInternational Journal Of Automotive Engineering And Technologies
IJAMEInternational Journal Of Automotive And Mechanical Engineering
IJASTECHInternational Journal Of Automotive Science And Technology
IJATInternational Journal Of Automotive Technology
IJATMInternational Journal Of Automotive Technology And Management
IJAUEInternational Journal Of Automobile Engineering
IJAUERDInternational Journal Of Automobile Engineering Research And Development
IJAUTOCInternational Journal Of Automotive Composites
IJCIowa Jeep Club, Illinois Jaguar Club
IJDCIrish Jaguar And Daimler Club
IJEHVInternational Journal Of Electric And Hybrid Vehicles
IJFInland Jeep Freeks
IJHVInternational Journal Of Heavy Vehicle
IJHVSInternational Journal Of Heavy Vehicle Systems
IJJIndy Jeep Junkies
IJMARInternational Journal Of Mechatronics And Automotive Research
IJTLIntreprinderea Judeteana De Transport Local
IJVASInternational Journal Of Vehicle Autonomous Systems
IJVDInternational Journal Of Vehicle Design
IJVICSInternational Journal Of Vehicle Information And Communication Systems
IJVMMInternational Journal Of Vehicle Mechanics And Mobility
IJVNVInternational Journal Of Vehicle Noise And Vibration
IJVPInternational Journal Of Vehicle Performance
IJVSInternational Journal Of Vehicle Safety
IJVSSInternational Journal Of Vehicle Structures And Systems
IJVTInternational Journal Of Vehicular Technology
IKAIndustrias Kaiser Argentina, Institut Fur Kraftfahrwesen Aachen
IKAMInstitute For Competence In Auto Mobility
IKBInflatable Knee Bolster
IKCIndonesia Kijang Club, Intelligent Key Card, Indy Karting Classic
IKCCIrish Kit Car Club
IKCOIran Khodro Company
IKDIran Khodro Diesel
IKEYIntelligent Key, Ignition Key
IKFInternational Kart Federation
IKMInitiative Kulturgut Mobilitat
IKMCCInternational King Midget Car Club
IKODIstanbul Klasik Otomobilciler Kulubu Dernegi
IKOKIstanbul Karting Ve Otomobil Kulubu
IKPIlluminated Kick Plates, Inverted King Pin
IKSIntelligent Key System, Indy Karting Series
IKTIntegrated Keyhead Transmitters
IKUIntelligent Key Unit
IKYIgnition Key
IL6Inline Six Engine
ILAIntelligent Light Assistant
ILADAIllinois Automobile Dealers Association
ILAPTIllinois Association For Pupil Transportation
ILASIntegrated Lift Axle System, Integrated Lift Axle Steering
ILAVInternational Light Armoured Vehicle
ILBImperial Le Baron
ILCIdle Load Compensator, Improper Lane Change, Idle Load Control, Idle Limiter Cap, Indonesian Livina Club
ILCADInternational Level Crossing Awareness Day
ILCDIntended Lane Change Distance
ILCMInterior Light Control Module
ILCVIntermediate And Light Commercial Vehicle
ILDIgnition Leads, Induction Loop Detector
ILEIn Line Engine
ILENAIntelligent Learning Navigation
ILEVInherently Low Emission Vehicle
ILFImpact Of A Larger Fleet
ILHInterior Lighting
ILIIntelligent Lane Intervention
ILIADAIllinois Independent Automobile Dealers Association
ILIPIn Line Injection Pump
ILMAIndependent Lubricant Manufacturers Association
ILMCIntercontinental Le Mans Cup, Intercontinental Le Mans Challenge, I Love My Car
ILMOInternational Like Minded Owners
ILMSIndiana Late Model Series
ILNIn Line
ILOInjector Leak Off
ILOCInternational Lamborghini Owners Club, Indonesian Livina Owners Community
ILRIntelligent Light Ranging, International Lamborghini Registry, Industrias Lusitanias Renault
ILSIntelligent Light System, International Laboratory Study, Idle Limit System, Important Local Street, Infiniti Learning System, Isuzu Lao Services
ILSACInternational Lubricant Standardization And Approval Committee
ILSSIsuzu Lao Services Sole
ILTInstructor Led Training, Indicator Light
ILUImproper Lane Use
ILVSIn Line Vehicle Sequencing
ILXIntegra Luxury
IM3Innocenti Mini Three Cylinder, Innocenti Morris Three
IMAIntegrated Motor Assist, Idle Mixture Adjuster, Intersection Movement Assist, Isuzu Motors America, Intake Manifold, Industria De Montagem De Automoveis, Injektor Mengen Abgleich, Isuzu Motors Asia
IMACIndonesia Mazda Auto Club
IMACAInternational Mobile Air Conditioning Association
IMAGInternational Motor Accessories Group
IMANIntegrated Exhaust Manifold
IMAUROIntegrated Model For The Analysis Of Urban Route Optimization
IMBOAIntegrated Metro Bus Operators Association
IMBOCInternational Mustang Bullitt Owners Club
IMCIndus Motor Company, Integral Machine Control, Intelligent Machine Control, Injection Multipoint De Carburant, Indy Mopar Club, Indy Miata Club, Indonesia March Community, Interstate Motor Carrier
IMCAInternational Motor Contest Association
IMCCIntake Manifold Communication Control, Intermodal Motor Carrier Conference
IMCCMInlet Manifold Communicator Control Module
IMCDInternet Movie Cars Database
IMCDBInternet Movie Cars Database
IMCLIndus Motor Company Limited
IMCOImproved Combustion
IMCSImproved Combustion System
IMCTIsuzu Motors Thailand Corporation
IMCUItalian Motor Club Of Utah
IMDIgnition Monitor Detect, Improper Mountain Driving
IMDSInternational Material Data System
IMDXIntegrated Mini Disc Changer
IMEInstitution For Mechanical Engineers, Industrias Mecanicas Del Estado
IMECIndonesian Mirage Club
IMECHEInstitution Of Mechanical Engineers
IMEPIndicated Mean Effective Pressure
IMESAIndustrias Motrices Espanolas Sa
IMEXIsuzu Motors De Mexico
IMGIndependent Motorsports Group, Indomobil Group, Isuzu Motors Germany
IMHOFInternational Motorsports Hall Of Fame
IMIInstitute Of The Motor Industry, Isuzu Motors India
IMIBIntegrated Measurement Interface Box
IMIDIntelligent Multi Information Display
IMIEIsuzu Motors International Operations Europe
IMIPLIsuzu Motors India Private Limited
IMIRSIntermediate Maneuver Induced Rollover Simulation
IMISInternational Motorsports Industry Show, Integrated Motorist Information System
IMITIsuzu Motors International Operations Thailand
IMLIsuzu Motors Limited
IMLRSIndiana Modified Lite Racing Series
IMLUTInspection And Maintenance Look - Up Table
IMMImmobilizer, Isuzu Manufacturing Management, Intermotormakers, Intreprinderea Mecanica Marsa, International Mini Meeting, Intreprinderea Mecanica Muscel, Injection Molding Machine, International Mustang Meet
IMMDIntelligent Multi Mode Drive, Integrated Modular Motor Drive
IMMORTALImpaired Motorists Methods Of Roadside Testing And Assessment For Licensing
IMMSIndonesia Mobil Motor Show, Incident Management Message Sets
IMMSAInternational Metals De Mexico Sa, Industrias Metalicas Monterrey Sa
IMMUImmobilizer Control Unit
IMOIgnition Module, Ignition Monitor, Industriemotor
IMOAInternational Mercury Owners Association
IMOCIrish Mini Owners Club, Irish Mitsubishi Owners Club
IMODIntelligent Moving Object Detection
IMOGInverness Mini Owners Group
IMOSIndustrial Motor Service
IMOSAIndustrias Del Motor Sa
IMPIntermeccanica Puch, Intake Manifold Pressure, Impact, Impulse, Integrated Monitor Panel
IMPAInternational Motor Press Association
IMPACTImmediate Post - Concussion Assessment And Cognitive Testing, Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team
IMPALTImproved Efficiency Alternator
IMPDIntake Manifold Pressure Drop
IMPGInstantaneous Miles Per Gallon
IMPHInstantaneous Miles Per Hour
IMPIIndirect Multi Point Injection
IMPRIn Use Monitor Performance Ratio
IMPROVERImpact Assessment Of Safety Measures For Vehicles And Road Equipment
IMPSIntegrated Multi Pass Systems, Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society
IMRCIntake Manifold Runner Control
IMRCMIntake Manifold Runner Control Monitor
IMRPIntake Manifold Runner Control Position
IMRRCInternational Motor Racing Research Center
IMSInstant Mobility System, Ignition Module Signal, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Inferred Mileage Sensor, International Motor Sports, Integrated Memory Seat, Integrated Memory System, Integrated Management System, International Motor Show, Intake Manifold Spacer, Intermodal Management System, Incident Management System, Intreprinderea Mecanica De Stat, Interior Motion Sensor, Ignition Module Select, Information Management System
IMSAInternational Motor Sports Association, Isuzu Motors South Africa
IMSBIsuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd
IMSCIntake Manifold Swirl Control
IMSCSIowa Micro Sprint Car Series
IMSFIrish Motorsport Support Fund
IMSMIndianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
IMSSInternational Motorsports Sim Series
IMTIntake Manifold Timing, Intake Manifold Temperature, Intake Manifold Tuning, Intelligent Manual Transmission
IMTAIndiana Motor Truck Association, Iowa Motor Truck Association
IMTCInternational Motor Truck Company
IMTDIntake Manifold Temperature Differential
IMTMInternational Monster Truck Museum
IMTPAIndiana Modified Tractor Pullers Association
IMTSIntelligent Multimode Transit System
IMTTIsle Of Man Tourist Trophy
IMTVIntake Manifold Tuning Valve
IMTVFIntake Manifold Tuning Valve Fault
IMUInertial Measurement Unit, Inertia Momentum Unit
IMVIndustrija Motornih Vozil, International Multipurpose Vehicle, Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle, Inlet Metering Valve, Instant Market Value
IMVCInnviertler Motor Veteranen Clubs
IMVCCInternational Military Vehicle Collectors Club
IMVDAIndependent Motor Vehicle Dealers Association
IMVIAImported Motor Vehicle Industry Association
IMVICInternational Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee
IMVPInternational Motor Vehicle Program
IMVPSInvicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society
IMVRAIrish Motor Vehicle Recyclers Association
IMVTIndustrias Metalurgicas E Veiculos De Transporte
IMVTPCIllinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council
IMWAIrish Motoring Writers Association
IMXIntelligent Mobility Crossover, Intermeccanica Experimental
INAIndustria Nacional De Autopartes
INACIsuzu North America Corporation
INAGOIndonesian Getz Owners
INAIPIndiana Automobile Insurance Plan
INAPAIndonesia International Auto Parts And Accessories
INARInstitutul National Autovehicule Rutiere
INCIntake Close, Inclusive, Inlet Close, International Niva Club
INCAIndustria Napoletana Costruzioni Autoveicoli, Integrated Car Application System, In Car Acquisition, Integrated Collision Avoidance And Vehicle Path Control
INCARInternational Championship Auto Racing
INCCInland Northwest Car Club
INCCCInland Northwest Car Club Council
INCRInternational Network Of Collision Reconstructionists
INDIndicator, Industry, Industrial, Independent, Inattentive Driving
INDEAIndiana Driver Education Association
INDENORSociete Industrielle De L' Est Et Du Nord
INDEPACIndependent Automobile Dealer Political Action Committee
INDESTORIndustrial Design Torino
INDGOIndonesia Datsun Go
INDMCIndiana Delorean Motor Club
INDOTIndiana Department Of Transportation
INDRCIndian National Drag Racing Championship
INDSInterstate National Dealer Services
INFLOIntelligent Network Flow Optimization
INFORMInformation For Motorists
INIRInstituto De Infraestruturas Rodoviarias
INISIntegrated Navigation Information System
INJInjection, Injector
INJPPrimary Injector, Injection Pump
INJSSecondary Injector, Injectors
INKOInnocenti Koral
INLInterior Lighting System
INLOVEIndonesian Nissan Livina Owners Vehicle Club
INMCInland Northwest Mini Club
INMIInnocenti Mille
INMTInstitutul National De Motoare Termice
INOIntake Open
INOCIrish Nissan Owners Club
INOKOMIndustri Otomotif Komersial
INPAInterpreter Fur Prufablaufe
INPCIndian Nations Pontiac Club
INRCIndian National Rally Championship
INREInnocenti Regent
INRETSInstitut National De Recherche Sur Les Transports Et Leur Securite
INSIntegrated Navigation System, Inertial Navigation System
INSCAInland Northwest Sprint Car Association
INSECTInformation Network Social Electric City Transporter
INSPIREInfrastructure For Spatial Information In The European Community
INSTInstruments, Instant
INSUVRCIndian National Suv Rally Championship
INTIntegrator, Interior, Intermittent, International
INTACIndonesia Toyota Avanza Club
INTERACTIVEIntervention For Intelligent Vehicles
INTLInternational, Initial
INTLGTInterior Lighting
INTRACInnovative Traction Control
INTRALLInternational Truck Alliance
INTRASInstitute Of Traffic And Road Safety
INTRIMInterior Trim And Ornamentation
INTTORAIndiana Toyota Territory Off Road Association
INVInfrared Night Vision, Intelligent Night Vision, Intra Vehicle, Intake Valve, Inverted, In Vehicle Communication
INVACARInvalid Carriage Register
INVANETIntelligent Vehicular Adhoc Network
INVECSInnovative Valve Timing And Lift Electronic Control System, Intelligent And Innovative Vehicle Electric Control System
INVENTIntelligent Traffic By User Friendly Technology
INVKIndre Nordmore Veteranvogn Klubb
INVSIntelligent Night Vision System
INWCCInland Northwest Camaro Club
INZIsuzu New Zealand
IOCInstant Oil Change, Infiniti Owner's Club, Isuzu Offroad Club, Ibiza Owners Club
IOCGBIsetta Owners Club Of Great Britain
IOCSIola Old Car Show
IODIgnition Off Draw, Integral Overdrive
IODPIntegrated And Open Development Platform
IOEInlet Over Exhaust Engine
IOHVAIllinois Off Highway Vehicle Association
IOIInstitut Otomotif Indonesia
IOKIzmir Otomobil Kulubu
IOLIsuzu Outdoor Life
IOLMIntelligent Oil Life Monitor
IOMMMIsle Of Man Motor Museum
IOMVMInternational Organization Of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
IOPIntegrated Oil Pan, Index Of Performance
IORInternational Off Road
IORSInflatable Occupant Restraint System
IOTIncipient Oxidation Temperature
IOUInput Output Unit
IOVInspectorate Of Vehicles, Inspection Of Vehicle, Internet Of Vehicles
IOWCCIsle Of Wight Car Club
IOWMCIsle Of Wight Mini Club
IPAIntelligent Park Assist, Intuitive Park Assist, Ipod Adapter, Infiniti Personal Assistant, Identification Plate Approval, In Process Assembly, Illiana Pullers Association, Intelligent Personal Agent
IPASIntelligent Park Assist System, Instant Power Assist, Intelligent Power Active Steering
IPATSIntegrated Passive Anti Theft System
IPAUIllichivsk Plant Of Automobile Units
IPBInstrument Panel Base, Image Processing Bundle
IPBECInstrument Panel Body Electrical Centre
IPCIndy Pace Car, Intuitive Powertrain Control, Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Intake Port Closing, Instrument Panel Cluster, Instrument Panel Control, Inch Pedal Calibration, Independent Parking Committee
IPCIIsuzu Panther Community Indonesia
IPCOIran Khodro Powertrain Company
IPCSIntelligence Pre Collision System
IPDInternational Product Development, Integrated Power Module
IPDMIntelligent Power Dynamic Management, Intelligent Power Distribution Module
IPEAInfiniti Performance Engineering Academy
IPECIndependent Porsche Enthusiasts Club, Instrument Panel Electrical Center
IPELIntelligent Platform Energy Light
IPFIndustrie Pininfarina
IPGSIntelligent Parking Guidance System, Intelligent Parking Garage System
IPHEInternational Partnership For Hydrogen And Fuel Cells Economy
IPIInternational Parking Institute
IPLInfiniti Performance Line
IPMIntelligent Power Module, Integrated Power Module, Instrument Panel Module, Image Processing Module
IPMDInertia Parameter Measuring Device
IPMSIntelligent Power Management System
IPNLInstrument Panel
IPOInternet Parts Ordering, Inlet Port Opens
IPOTYInternational Pick - Up Of The Year
IPPIntegrated Product Policy, Istanbul Park Pisti, Integrated Painting Process
IPPCIntegrated Pollution Prevention And Control
IPRInjector Pressure Regulator
IPRAImproved Production Racing Association
IPRASAImproved Production Racing Association Of South Australia
IPSIntelligent Protection System, Intelligent Precision Shift, Intelligent Performance Shift, Impact Protection System, Indy Pro Series, Inboard Pin Slider, Intake Phase Shifting, In - Cylinder Pressure Sensor, Interrupts Per Second, Injector Pressure Sensor, In - Board Performance System, Ignition Pressure Switch, Intrusion Detection And Prevention System
IPSOIndustrial Parts Supply Operations
IPSRI - Racing Pro Series Road
IPTInductive Power Transfer, In Position Time, In Use Performance Tracking, Instrument Panel Top
IPTAIowa Pupil Transportation Association
IPTOCIsuzu Piazza Turbo Owners Club
IPUIntegrated Pedal Unit, Integrated Power Unit, Intelligent Power Unit
IPUAInternational Pick - Up Award
IPVIsuzu Passenger Van, Impact Protection Vehicle, Illegally Parked Vehicle
IPVAImposto De Propriedade De Veiculos Automotores
IPWInjector Pulse Width
IQAInjection Quality Adjustment, Injector Quantity Adjustment
IQMAIndiana Quarter Midget Association
IQSInitial Quality Study, Initial Quality Survey
IQTIgnition Quality Tester
IR8Iso Rivolta Eight Cylinder
IRAIndependent Rear Axle, Interstate Racing Association, Intreprinderea De Reparatii Auto, Irish Roadster Association
IRACIntegrated Roadway Adaptive Cruise Control, Inter Regional Auto Cross
IRAMImproving Road Asset Management
IRAPInternational Road Assessment Programme
IRBRInfiniti Red Bull Racing
IRCInternational Rally Challenge, Intercontinental Rally Challenge, Integrated Radio Chassis, International Racing Consultants, Independent Race Classes, International Racing Circuit, Integrated Roll Cage, Istanbul Racing Circuit, Indian Roads Congress, International Road Congress, Internal Recirculation, Intelligent Ride Control, Israeli Roadster Club, Inter Regional Corridor
IRCCIndian River Corvette Club
IRCLInfrared Remote Central Locking
IRCMIntegrated Relay Control Module
IRCWInfrastructure Based Road Condition Warning
IRDIntermediate Reduction Drive, International Road Dynamics, Internal Radial Damper
IRDAIndependent Rear Drive Axle, International Rally Drivers Association, International Rally Driver Award
IRDCInternational Race Drivers Club
IRDEIntelligent Responsive Drive Engine
IRDSIndependent Rear Drive Suspension
IREIndy Racing Experience
IREDIInfiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative
IREVInitiative For Resiliency In Energy Through Vehicles
IRFInternational Road Federation, Interior Filter
IRFAInformatica Rete Fiat Auto
IRFOInternational Road Freight Office
IRGIndividual Route Guidance
IRHAIrish Road Haulage Association
IRHCVImmediate Response Height Control Valve
IRIInternational Roughness Index
IRISIntegrated Road Information System, Inertia Resonance Induction System
IRISBUSIveco Renault Bus
IRJATInternational Research Journal Of Automotive Technology
IRLIndy Racing League
IRMInside Rearview Mirror
IRNIntelligent Road Network, International Rally Navigator
IRNPIntelligent Road Network Package
IROCInternational Race Of Champions, Internet Ranchero Club
IRPIntersection Reference Point, International Registration Plan, Indianapolis Raceway Park, Immediate Roadside Prohibition
IRPAInternational Racing Press Association
IRPCAIntermountain Region Porsche Club Of America
IRQMInstitut Renault De La Qualite Et Du Management
IRRInner Ring Road, Italian Racing Red, Infrared, Implementing Rules And Regulations
IRRCInternational Road Racing Championship
IRRDBInternational Rubber Research And Development Board
IRRPAInternational Road Racing Press Association
IRSIndependent Rear Suspension, Integrated Restraint System, Infrared Locking System, Internal Revenue Service, Illini Racing Series, Inflatable Restraint System, Intelligent Radar Sensor
IRSAIntelligent Full Range Speed Assistant, Industry Road Safety Alliance, International Road Safety Academy
IRSDMInflatable Restraint Sensing And Diagnostic Module
IRSGInternational Rubber Study Group
IRSNInternational Road Safety News
IRSOInstitute Of Road Safety Officers
IRSUIntegrated Road Safety Unit
IRTInternational Road Transport, Ice Road Truckers
IRTAIndependent Rear Trailing Arm, International Road Racing Teams Association, Intreprinderea Regionala De Transporturi Auto
IRTADInternational Road Traffic And Accident Database
IRTCInter Regularity Time Control
IRTCAInterstate Road Transport Charge Act
IRTEInstitute Of Road Transport Engineers, Integrated Road Transport Environment, Institute Of Road Traffic Education
IRTOInternational Road Traffic Organization
IRTTInstitute Of Road And Transport Technology
IRTUInternational Road Transport Union
IRUInternational Road Transport Union
IRVInstant Response Vehicle, Incident Response Vehicle, Integrated Research Vehicle, Internal Reinsurance Vehicle
IRVDInfrared Vehicle Detector
IRVMInside Rear View Mirror, Intelligent Rear View Mirror
IRVWIntegrated Research Volkswagen
ISAIntegrated Starter Alternator, Incline Start Assist, Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Idle Speed Actuator, Intelligent Speed Assistance, Iveco South Africa, International Symbol Of Access
ISAAIndependent Single A - Arm
ISACOIkco Spare Parts And After - Sale Services Company
ISADIntegrated Starter Alternator Damper
ISAEInternational Society Of Automotive Engineers, Iranian Society Of Automotive Engineers
ISAMIstituto Sperimentale Auto E Motori
ISAPIntegrated Service Access Point
ISASIndependent Suspension Axle System
ISATInstitut Superieur De L' Automobile Et Des Transports
ISATAInternational Symposium On Automotive Technology And Automation
ISATVAIdaho State All Terrain Vehicle Association
ISBInflatable Safety Belts, Inflatable Seat Belts, Interact System B, Illuminated Seatbelt Buckle, Idle Speed B
ISBOAIndependent School Bus Operators Association
ISBTInter State Bus Terminal
ISCIdle Speed Control, Intelligent Suspension Control, International Speedway Corporation, Imsa Sportscar Championship, Italia Superturismo Championship, In Service Conformity Testing, Interactive Surface Console, Intelligent Speed Control, Inter Stage Cooler, Idle Speed Compensator, Indonesian Starlet Club
ISCAInternational Show Car Association, Indiana Sprint Car Association, International Speedway Corporation, Idle Speed Control Actuator
ISCARSInternational Sport Compact Auto Racing Series
ISCCIsuzu Sports Car Club, International Sports Car Club
ISCHOFIllinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame
ISCOIndicated Specific Carbon Monoxide Emissions
ISCSInterstate Sprint Car Series
ISCTAIntermodal Safe Container Transportation Act
ISCTRInspectoratul De Stat Pentru Controlul In Transportul Rutier
ISCVIdle Speed Control Valve
ISDIdle Shut Down Time, Intelligent Systems And Drives, Intelligent Servo Drive, Intersection Sight Distance, Intermediate Sight Distance, Isuzu Sales Deutschland
ISDAInternational Security Driver Association
ISDCIntelligent Shift Dual Clutch, Irish Subaru Drivers Club
ISDERABureau D' Ingenieurs Styling Design Et Racing
ISEInline Six Engine, Isetta
ISFInfotainment Specification Format, Intelligent Seat Fold
ISFCIndicated Specific Fuel Consumption
ISFPAIndiana Super Farm Pullers Association
ISGIntegrated Starter Generator, Idle Stop And Go, Intelligent Stop And Go, In Sixth Gear, Isuzu Suppliers Group, Intake Sound Generator
ISHMIntegrated System Health Management
ISIIndomobil Suzuki International, Intelligent Speed Information
ISIADAIdaho State Independent Automobile Dealers Association
ISIDIntegrated Service Information Display
ISIGIntelligent Traffic Signal System
ISIPImproved Side Impact Protection
ISIRIndustrial Speed Inspection Run
ISISIntelligent Safety And Information System, Integrated Service Information Server, Integrated Stamping Information System, International Service Information Solutions, Isuzu Sales Information System
ISIVWSIntersection Signal Information And Violation Warning System
ISKIgnition Shift Kill
ISLIntelligent Speed Limiter, Input Seal
ISLSIndustrial Standard Lubrication System
ISLWIntelligent Speed Limit Warning
ISMInclination Sensor Module, Innovative Street Machines, Interior Scanning Module, Intelligent Servo Module, Ice Silver Metallic, Intelligent Shift Module, Irish School Of Motoring
ISMAInternational Super Modified Association
ISMCIntegrated Safety Management Concept
ISNOIndicated Specific No Emission
ISOInternational Standards Organization, Isuzu Sales Operation, Isolation, Interior Systems Optimization
ISOAIllinois Sports Owners Association
ISOCInternational Scout Owners Club
ISOFFIstanbul Offroad Kulubu
ISOFIXInternational Standards Organization Fix
ISOKIstanbul Otomobil Sporlari Kulubu
ISOTECIntelligent Safety And Orientation Technology
ISPIntegrated Service Package, In System Programming, Industrial Spark Plug
ISPOLIsuzu Polska
ISPSIntegrated Service Programming Server
ISPVIntermediate Special Purpose Vehicle
ISRInternational Sportscar Racing, Ice Speed Record, Illegal Street Racing, Independent Shifting Rod
ISRAInternational Slot Racing Association, Indiana Street Rod Association, Iowa Street Rod Association
ISRLIdaho Sprintcar And Roadster League
ISRNInternational Standard Road Number
ISRSInternational Sports Racing Series, International Symposium On Road Safety, Intelligent Supplemental Restraint System, International Safety Rating System
ISRVInside Rearview Mirror
ISRVMInside Rearview Mirror
ISSInput Shaft Speed, Intermediate Steering Shaft, Integrated Safety Systems, Instant Start System, Idle Stop Start, Intelligent Safety System, Integrated Service Systems, Intelligent Stop Start, Idle Stop Solenoid, Idle Stop System, International Superstars Series, Injury Severity Score, Intelligent Safety Shield
ISSAMIstituto Superiore Di Scienza Dell' Automobile Di Modena
ISSBDAIndiana State School Bus Drivers Association
ISSCAImpala Super Sport Clubs Of America
ISSRIce Super Star Racing
ISSSIntegrated Software Service Station
ISTIdle Shutdown Timer
ISTAIntegrated Service Technical Application
ISTEAIntermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
ISTHAIllinois State Toll Highway Authority
ISTRIndian Summer Trophy Races, Isuzu Trooper
ISTSInternational Styling And Tuning Show
ISUIntelligent Switching Unit, Incident Support Unit, Inverter Safety Unit
ISVImposto Sobre Veiculos, Internal Security Vehicle, Intermediary Service Vehicle, Idle Stabilization Valve, Idle Silence Valve
ISWIndiana Sprint Week, Ignition Switch, International Spitfire Weekend
ISWCInternational Station Wagon Club
ISWIMInternational Society On Weigh In Motion, Intermediate Speed Weigh In Motion
ISYNCInjection Synchronizing Sensor
ISZAIsuzu America
ISZAPTIsuzu America Powertrain
ISZEIsuzu Europe
ITAIhi Turbo America, Ignition Timing Adjustment, Isuzu Technical Center Of Asia, Institute Of Transport Administration, Italian Trophy Adria, Industrial Truck Association, Intreprinderea De Transporturi Auto, Idaho Trucking Association, Interstate Truckers Association, Illinois Trucking Association, Idaho Towing Association
ITAFItalian Ford
ITAIInstitute Of Traffic Accident Investigators
ITARDAInstitute For Traffic Accident Research And Data Analysis
ITASIntelligent Traffic Alert System
ITBIndividual Throttle Body, Intreprinderea De Transport Bucuresti
ITBCIntegrated Trailer Brake Controller
ITBMIntegrated Trailer Brake Module
ITCInternational Truck And Engine Corporation, International Touringcar Championship, Intelligent Traction Control, Ignition Timing Controller, Infotainment Technic Center, Injection Timing Control, Interieur Tout Cuir, Intermediate Time Control, International Thunderbird Club, Intake Air Temperature Compensator, Ibiza Tuning Club, Integrated Temperature Control, Indiana Triumph Cars, International Truck Club, Isuzu Training Center, Intelligent Trace Control
ITCAIsuzu Technical Center Of America
ITCCInternational Touring Car Championship, Irish Touring Car Championship, Italian Touring Car Championship, Italian Touring Car Competition
ITCMSIntelligent Tire Condition Monitoring System
ITCOIsuzu Trooper Club Online
ITCSIgnition Timing Control System, Intermodal Transport Control System, Integrated Traffic Control System
ITCSPIntegrated Traffic Control Simulation Platform
ITDInfiniti Torque Demand, Iveco Turbo Daily, Idaho Transportation Department, Impact Texas Driver, Impact Teen Drivers, Independent Truck Driver, Internal Tube Damper
ITDAIndependent Taxi Drivers Association
ITDCInternational Technical Development Center
ITDFIrish Taxi Drivers Federation
ITDPInstitute Of Transportation And Development Policies
ITEInstitute Of Transportation Engineers, Integrated Test Design Environment
ITEAIllinois Truck Enforcement Association
ITECInternational Truck And Engine Corporation, Injection Timing Electronic Control, Isuzu Total Electronic Control, Isuzu Total Engine Control
ITEOIstanbul Taksiciler Esnaf Odasi
ITEZInternationalen Technischen Entwicklunggszentrum
ITFInternational Transport Forum, International Transport Federation, Isuzu Truck Fest
ITFCIntelligent Traffic Flow Control
ITFSMSIntermodal Transportation Facilities And Systems Management System
ITGInjection Time Gas
ITGSIntelligent Traffic Guidance System
ITIIntelligent Turbo Induction, Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure, Intermodal Transportation Institute
ITICInternational Transportation Innovation Center
ITISIntegrated Traffic Information System
ITKInterior Trim Kit, Intake
ITMInteractive Torque Management, Interior Trim Metallic, Intelligent Torque Management, Intrusion Theft Module, International Toyota Meeting, Institute Of Transport Management
ITMPIntake Air Temperature
ITOAIndependent Taxi Operators Association
ITOCIsuzu Trooper Owners Club
ITODAIganga Taxi Operators And Drivers Association
ITOGIsuzu Trooper Owners Guild
ITOTYInternational Truck Of The Year
ITOWIndependent Towers Of Washington
ITOYInternational Truck Of The Year
ITPInspectia Tehnica Periodica, Intelligent Trailer Program, Intermodal Transportation Program, Internal Transfer Pump
ITPAIllinois Tractor Pullers Association, Indiana Truck Pulling Association, International Truck Parts Association
ITPMSIndirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System
ITQInitial Torque
ITRIgnition Timing Retard, Internationale Tourenwagen Rennen, Internationales Trabant Register, Internationale Traditions Rallye, Internal Technical Report
ITRCIrish Tarmac Rally Championship
ITRFInternational Terrestrial Reference Frame
ITRSIntermediate Tripped Rollover Simulation
ITSInflatable Tubular Structure, Intelligent Transport Systems, Idle Tracking Switch, Intelligent Tire System, International Truck Service, Integral Telephone System, Independent Test Services, Institute Of Transportation Studies, Infiniti Tracking System, Iveco Truck Services, Internet Truck Stop, Interurban Traffic Systems, Intelligent Technology Suite
ITSAIsuzu Truck South Africa, Intelligent Transportation Society Of America
ITSCIntelligent Transportation Systems Conference
ITSLIntegrated Telematics Solutions Limited
ITSMRInstitute For Traffic Safety Management And Research
ITSMVInterstate Transportation Of Stolen Motor Vehicles
ITSPInterstate Transportation Of Stolen Property
ITSRRIndependent Transport Safety And Reliability Regulator
ITSSIntelligent Transportation Systems Society, Intelligent Transportation Society Singapore
ITTIntelligent Tire Technology
ITTBIdle Time To Boil
ITTDImpact Texas Teen Drivers
ITTRInflatable Tubular Torso Restraint
ITUInterior Trim Unique Color
ITUKIsuzu Truck
ITVInternally Transportable Vehicle, Isuzu Trailview, Integration Test Vehicle, Intake Throttle Valve, Inspeccion Tecnica De Vehiculos
ITVPIntake Throttle Valve Position
ITVSIgnition Timing Vacuum Switch
ITWIrregular Tread Wear
ITWAIndiana Towing And Wrecker Association
ITWCInertia Test Weight Class
ITWMCIn Town Without My Car
ITYDImpact Texas Young Drivers
ITZIveco Turbo Zeta
IUAIsuzu Ute Australia
IUCImposto Unico De Circulacao, Insufficient Undercarriage Clearance
IUCPIn Use Confirmatory Program
IUDIn Use Deterioration
IUFIsofix Forward Child Restraint Systems Of Universal Category
IUNZIsuzu Utes New Zealand
IUPTInternational Union Of Public Transport
IUTImproper U - Turn, Illegal U - Turn
IUTMIntegrated Urban Traffic Management
IUTRCIllinois Universities Transportation Research Consortium
IUVIndustrial Utility Vehicle, Intelligent Urban Vehicle, In Use Vehicle
IUVPIn Use Vehicle Procurements, In Use Verification Program
IV4Individual Vehicle 4wd
IVAIndividual Vehicle Approval, Ideal Vehicle Awards, Intelligent Valve Actuation
IVAAIn Vehicle Amber Alert
IVACIdle Air Control Valve, Internationale Veteraan Automobielen Club
IVAGIllinois Valley Auto Group
IVANInternational Vehicle Appraisers Network, Intelligent Vehicles And Autonomous Navigation
IVAPPInteractive Vehicular Applications
IVBSSIntegrated Vehicle Based Safety Systems
IVCInlet Valve Closes, Interactive Vehicle Control, Interactive Vehicle Communication, Isuzu Vietnam Company, In Vehicle Computing, Injection Visualization Chamber, Intelligent Vehicle Checkpoint, Intake Valve Closing, Innoson Vehicle Company, Irish Volvo Club, Illinois Vehicle Code, International Viper Club, Isuzu Venture Club, Integral Vapour Canister, Isuzu Vehicross, Integrated Vehicle Control, Intake Valve Cam
IVCCIllawarra Vintage Car Club
IVCCVSIn Vehicle Cognitive Computer Vision Systems
IVCNInter Vehicle Communication Network
IVCSIntegrated Vehicle Control System, In Vehicle Computing System, In Vehicle Camera Safety, In Vehicle Camera System
IVCTIntake Variable Cam Timing
IVDIntake Valve Deposit, Interactive Vehicle Dynamics, In Vehicle Diagnostics, Incomplete Vehicle Document, In Vehicle Device, Individual Vehicle Data, In Vehicle Display, Inter Vehicle Distance, Integrated Vehicle Dynamics
IVDAInternational Vehicle Design Awards
IVDBAImperial Valley Dune Buggy Association
IVDCInteractive Vehicle Dynamics Control
IVDLIn Vehicle Data Link
IVDRIn Vehicle Data Recorder
IVDSIntelligent Vehicle Dispatch System
IVEInternational Vehicle Emissions Model, Institute Of Vehicle Engineering, Immersive Vehicle Environment
IVECAMIveco America
IVECOIndustrial Vehicle Corporation
IVEHEInstitute Of Vehicle Engineers
IVEMInternational Vehicle Emissions Model, International Vehicle Emissions Methodology
IVERIntegration Vehicle Engineering Release
IVGIntelligent Vehicle Gateway
IVHIntegrated Vehicle Health
IVHMIntegrated Vehicle Health Management, Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring
IVHMCIntegrated Vehicle Health Management Centre
IVHSIntelligent Vehicle Highway System, In Vehicle Hot Spot
IVHSAIntelligent Vehicle Highway Society Of America
IVHWInter Vehicle Hazard Warning
IVIIntelligent Vehicle Initiative, In Vehicle Infotainment, Independent Vehicle Inspections, Institut Du Vehicule Innovant
IVISIn Vehicle Information System, Infiniti Vehicle Immobilizer System
IVLInlet Valve
IVLANIn Vehicle Local Area Network
IVLCIntake Valve Lift Control
IVLUIntelligent Vehicle Logic Unit, Integrated Vehicle Logic Unit
IVMIntelligent Vehicle Model, Incomplete Vehicle Manual, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, Illuminated Vanity Mirrors, In Vehicle Master, International Volvo Meeting, In Vehicle Module, In Vehicle Monitoring, In Vehicle Management
IVMPInternational Motor Vehicle Program
IVMSIntelligent Vehicle Management System, International Vienna Motor Symposium, In Vehicle Monitoring System, In Vehicle Multiple System
IVNIn Vehicle Network, Intelligent Vehicle Network
IVOInlet Valve Opens, Intake Valve Opening
IVOACImport Vehicle Owners Association Of Canada
IVOCIllinois Valley Oldsmobile Chapter
IVORYIntegrated Voice Recognition System
IVOTYInternational Van Of The Year
IVOYInternational Van Of The Year
IVPInterior Versatility Pack, In Vehicle Computing Platform, Inokom Vendors Park, In Vehicle Payment
IVPSIn Vehicle Payment Service
IVRInternational Vehicle Register, Institute Of Vehicle Recovery, In Vehicle Receiver, International Viper Registry, Intelligent Vehicle Research, Interactive Voice Recognition
IVRDIn Vehicle Recording Device
IVSIn Vehicle System, Idle Validation Switch, Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Industrial Vehicle Specialties, Intelligent Vehicle Systems, In Vehicle Sensor, Intelligent Vehicle Solutions, Invalid Vehicle Service, Idle Valid Signal, In Vehicle Signing, In Vehicle Storage, In Vehicle Surveillance, Innovative Vehicle Solutions
IVSAWSIn Vehicle Safety Advisory And Warning System
IVSCIntegrated Vehicle Speed Control
IVSSIntelligent Vehicle Safety Systems
IVSTAIntelligent Vehicle Integrated Systems Test Area
IVSVIdle Vacuum Switching Valve
IVTInfinitely Variable Transmission, In Vehicle Terminal, Intelligent Vehicle Technologies, In Vehicle Telematics, In Vehicle Technologies, Intake Variable Technique, Intake Valve Throttling, In Vehicle Time, Intelligent Variable Transmission, Intake Valve Timing
IVTCIsland Vintage Thunderbird Club
IVTECIntelligent Vtec
IVTMIntegrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring, Impuesto Sobre Vehiculos De Traccion Mecanica, Intelligent Variable Torque Management
IVTPIn Vehicle Toll Processing
IVUIn Vehicle Unit
IVUIIn Vehicle User Interface
IVVIdle Vacuum Valve, In Vehicle Video, Internationaler Verband Fur Verkehrserziehung, Inter Vehicle Vector
IVVCCIrish Veteran And Vintage Car Club
IVVIIntelligent Vehicle Visual Information
IVVSIn Vehicle Vision Sensors
IVVTIntelligent Variable Valve Timing
IVVVCIpswich Veteran And Vintage Vehicle Club
IVWAInternational Volkswagen Association
IVXIn Vehicle User Experience
IVYInnovation Vehicle Of The Year
IWBIndividual Wheel Braking
IWCInertia Weight Class
IWCCInside West Coast Customs
IWDIndividual Wheel Drive, Independent Wheel Drive
IWDSIntegrierte Wellendichtring Sensor
IWEIntegrated Wheel End, International Welding Engineer
IWEMIn Wheel Electric Motor
IWFInformation And Warning Functions
IWIInformation Warning And Intervention
IWKIgnition With Key
IWMIn Wheel Motor, Individual Wheel Motor
IWMDIn Wheel Motor Drive
IWOCImpreza Web Owners Club
IWRCInternational Winter Road Congress
IWSInteractive Wheel System, Intelligent Warning System
IWSCImsa Weathertech Sportscar Championship
IWSTIImpreza Wrx Sti
IWWIntermittent Windshield Wiper, Interval Windshield Wiper
IXGInternational Experimental Ghia
IYDDDIf You Drink Don't Drive
IYDEAInstitute Young Driver Excellence Academy
IZCCIndy Z Car Club, Internet Z Car Club
IZEUSIntelligent Zero Emission Urban System
IZHIzhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod
IZUCCAIsuzu Car Club Of Australia