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C&AVConnected And Automated Vehicles, Connected And Autonomous Vehicles
C&BClutch And Brake, Car And Bike
C&CCross And Country, Coupe And Cabrio, Cab And Chassis, Cars And Coffee
C&DCar And Driver, Connect And Drive, Click And Drive
C&DCCCCambridge And District Classic Car Club
C&ECause And Effect
C&GChappe Et Gessalin
C&HClassic And Historic Motor Club
C&HSComfort And Handling Stability
C&LCCadillac And Lasalle Club
C&MCare And Maintenance, Carros E Motores
C&OCaffeine And Octane
C&PCars And Parts, Current And Past Model, Citroen Et Peugeot
C&SCClassic And Sports Car
C&SLICurve And Speed Limit Information
C&TColor And Trim
C&TGCar And Truck Group
C&TPCar And Truck Parts
C&UConstruction And Use
C1OCCitroen C1 Owners Club
C2ACab To Axle, Cyber To Automotive
C2BCustomer To Business, Car To Bollard
C2CCar To Car, Cargo To Cargo, Curb To Curb, Customer To Customer
C2CCCCar To Car Communication Consortium
C2CVCitroen Deux Chevaux
C2DCar To Mobile Device, Car To Driver
C2ECar To Enterprise, Cars 2 Europe
C2FCar To Farm
C2GCar To Go
C2HCar To Home
C2ICar To Infrastructure, Cargo To Infrastructure
C2MCar To Mobile
C2M2Canada's Capital Miata Meet
C2PCar To Pillar, Car To Pedestrian
C2RCar To Rent, Car To Roadside
C2SCarrera Two Sport, Car To Search
C2TCar To Tree, Car To Table
C2UCar To User
C2VCommand And Control Vehicle, Cargo To Vehicle, Central To Vehicle, Cloud To Vehicle, Controller To Vehicle, Car To Vehicle, Cooperative Connected Vehicles
C2WCharade Classy Winner
C2XCar To Everything, Car To X
C2XCCar To X Communication
C3ACCitroen C3 Aircross
C3CVCitroen Trois Chevaux Vapeur
C3IComputer Controlled Coil Ignition
C3PCitroen C3 Pluriel
C3VRCorvette C3 Registry
C4CCitroen C4 Cactus
C4PCitroen C4 Picasso
C4SCarrera 4wd Sport, Cars For Stars
C4STCitroen C4 Spacetourer
C4WDCentral Four Wheel Drive
C5ACCitroen C5 Aircross
C6WCovini Six Wheeler
C7CCaterham Seven Club
C9GCivic Ninth Generation Club
C9PCloud Nine Pulling
CA4WDCCalifornia Association Of Four Wheel Drive Clubs
CA7CCornwall Austin Seven Club
CA7VCCCambridge Austin Seven And Vintage Car Club
CAAChina Automobile Association, Canadian Auto Association, Clean Air Act, Cockpit Activity Assessment, Carlo Alberto Abarth, Cyprus Automobile Association, Cercle Alpine De L' Ain, Club Alpine Aragon, Continental Automobile Association, California Autobody Association
CAAAClean Air Act Amendments
CAAACClean Air Act Advisory Committee
CAACClassic American Auto Club, Convenience Automatic Air Conditioning, Chickasha Antique Auto Club
CAACERClub De Automoviles Antiguos Y Clasicos De Entre Rios
CAADTCommercial Annual Average Daily Traffic
CAAHCCapital Area Austin Healey Club
CAAHSClub Des Anciennes Automobiles Hispano Suiza
CAAIChinese Association Of Automobile Industry
CAAMChina Association Of Automobile Manufacturers
CAAMDPClub De Automoviles Antiguos De Mar Del Plata
CAAPConner Avenue Assembly Plant
CAAPYCollection De L' Aventure Automobile De Poissy, Commission De L' Aventure Automobile A Poissy
CAARCluster De Automocion De Aragon, Center For Advanced Automotive Research, Club Of Ancient Automobiles And Rallies, Club Des Amateurs D' Anciennes Renault, Club Fur Alte Automobile Und Rallyes
CAARGBClub Of Ancient Automobiles And Rallies Great Britain
CAARPCalifornia Automobile Assigned Risk Plan
CAASCollision Avoidance By Auto Steering, Car As A Service
CAATCenter For Advanced Automotive Technology, Council Of Advanced Automotive Trainers, Coloradans Against Auto Theft
CABController Antilock Brake, Curtain Airbag, Control Arm Bushings, Cabin, Cabriolet, Club Automobile Du Burundi, Camara Automotor Boliviana
CABACheasepeake Automotive Business Association
CABSCockpit Air Bag System, Collision Avoidance Braking And Steering, Collision Avoidance Braking System, Campus Area Bus System, Combined Abs
CABTCoalition Against Bigger Trucks
CACCustomer Assistance Center, Charge Air Cooler, Cargo Area Cover, Chery Automobile Corporation, Compressed Air Car, Chinese Automobile Trading Company, Clean Air Council, Club De Automoviles Clasicos, Corvette Action Center, Corvettes At Carlisle, Canadian American Challenge Cup, Combined Air Control, Citroen Association Of Canberra, Cadillac Automobile Club, Computer Aided Control, Corona Absolute Club, Club Alpine Catalunya, Comite Automotor Colombiano, Citroen Advanced Confort, Columbian Autocar Corporation, Calandre Auto Club, Catch A Car
CACAChristian Autosports Club Of Australia
CACBCommercial Auto Crime Bureau
CACCCooperative Adaptive Cruise Control, Central Arkansas Corvette Club, Capitol Area Corvette Club, Confederation Of Autosport Car Clubs, Capital Area Cobra Club, Can - Am Challenge Cup, Can - Am Car Club, Club De Autos Clasicos Cusco, Club De Automoviles Clasicos De Corrientes, Classic American Car Club
CACEEClub De Automoviles Clasicos De Esteban Echeverria
CACFCCentral Arkansas Classic F - Body Club
CACIClassic Amx Club International
CACIACompanhia Aveirense De Componentes Para A Industria Automovel
CACISContinuous Alternating Current Ignition System
CACNCadillac Club Of Norway
CACOTCharge Air Cooler Outlet Temperature
CACPCleveland Aluminium Casting Plant
CACPPCourtlink Auto Crime Prevention Program
CACRAClub De Automoviles Clasicos De La Republica Argentina
CACSComprehensive Automobile Control System
CACSIChina Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index
CACTMCCouncil Of Act Motor Clubs
CACVCombined Air Control Valve
CADComputer Aided Design, Chevrolet Advanced Design, Center Axle Disconnect, Club De Automovilismo Deportivo, Computer Aided Dispatch, Corbett Automotive Design, Current Arrival Delay
CADACanadian Automobile Dealers Association, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, Cleveland Automotive Dealers Association, Columbus Automotive Dealers Association, California App - Based Drivers Association, China Automobile Dealers Association
CADADComision Argentina De Automovilismo Deportivo
CADAMClub Argentino De Automoviles Midget, Camara De Distribuidores De Automotores Y Maquinarias
CADCCommon Artemis Driving Cycle
CADCSCadillac Club Of Switzerland
CADDCampaign Against Drinking And Driving, Computer Aided Drafting And Design, Caucasians Against Drunk Driving, Citizens Against Drunk Driving
CADEACamara Argentina De Empresas Arrendadoras De Automotores, Club De Amigos De Automoviles Antiguos
CADEAAClub Amigos De Automoviles Antiguos
CADLClub Autosport Des Laurentides, Car Advanced Direction Letter
CADMGOCCambridge And District Mg Owners Club
CADMVCalifornia Department Of Motor Vehicles
CADOFFCanakkale Alternatif Doga Sporlari Ve Offroad Kulubu
CADRClean Air Delivery Rate
CADRACentral Australian Drag Racing Association, California Auto Dismantlers And Recyclers Alliance
CADRECritical Automated Data Reporting Elements
CADRESClinical Assessment Of Driving Related Skills
CADSContinental Air Damping System, Central Australian Driving School
CADTCommercial Annual Average Daily Traffic
CAECab Aside Engine, Computer Aided Engineering, Clean Air Engineering, Compressed Air Engine, College Of Automotive Engineering
CAEBCooperative Autonomous Emergency Braking
CAEBATComputer Aided Engineering For Electric Drive Vehicle Batteries
CAELCadillac El Dorado
CAERCChina Automotive Energy Research Center
CAERIChina Automotive Engineering Research Institute
CAESSCenter For Automotive Embedded Systems Security
CAETCenter For Automotive Education And Training
CAEVConnected Automated Electric Vehicle
CAFCabin Air Filter, Changan Ford Automobile, Club Automovilistico Frances, Clean Air Filter, China Aftermarket Forum, Club Abarth France, Compania Auxiliar De Ferrocarriles
CAFAClub De Amigos Del Ford A
CAFCCorporate Average Fuel Consumption, Container On Flat Car, Company Average Fuel Consumption
CAFCPCalifornia Fuel Cell Partnership
CAFECorporate Average Fuel Economy, Clean Air For Europe, Continuous Aging Fuel Economy
CAFMCertified Automotive Fleet Manager
CAFNCarlisle All Ford Nationals
CAFSCertified Automotive Fleet Specialist, Canadian Association Of Fleet Supervisors
CAGChangan Automotive Group, Computerized Automatic Gearbox, Continental Automotive Group, Computer Aided Gearbox, Car Awards Group, Capital Auto Group, Club Alpine De Galicia
CAGAClub Alpine Gordini Ariegeois
CAGCClub Alpine Gordini Des Deux Charentes
CAGICar Awards Group Inc.
CAGPCClub Alpine Gordini Pays Cathare
CAGSComputer Aided Gear Selection, Computer Aided Gear Shift
CAGTCertified Auto Glass Technician
CAHControlled Access Highways, Canadian Automotive Historians, Club Astra H
CAHACanadian Automotive Historians Association
CAHCCascade Austin Healey Club, Carolinas Austin Healey Club
CAHPCalifornia Association Of Highway Patrolmen
CAHQClub Austin Healey Du Quebec
CAHRDCrash Active Head Restraint Driver
CAHRPCrash Active Head Restraint Passenger
CAHUCombustion Air Handling Unit
CAIControlled Auto Ignition, Cold Air Intake, Canadian Automotive Instruments, Computer Aided Inspection, Club Ayla Indonesia, Cold Air Induction, Corona Absolute Indonesia, Canadian Automotive Institute
CAIAChina Automotive Industry Association, Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
CAICChina Automotive Industry Corporation
CAIDComputer Aided Industrial Design, Crusade Against Impaired Driving, Citizens Against Impaired Driving
CAIDMContext Aware Intelligent Driver Model
CAIPCommercial Automobile Insurance Plan
CAIRCentre For Automotive Industry Research
CAISCold Air Induction System, Cold Air Intake System
CAITCenter For Advanced Infrastructure And Transportation
CAJCentral Arizona Jeepers
CAKClub Argentino De Karting, Campeonato Argentino De Karting
CAKYChangan Kuayue
CALChrysler Australia Limited, Calibration, Crittenden Automotive Library, Calty Design Research, Calculated Average Life, Cabrio Limousine, Chelsea Auto Legends, Cluster Automotriz Laguna, Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, Cadillac Assembly Line, Continental Automotive Laboratory
CAL4WDACalifornia Four Wheel Drive Association
CALACorporate Automotive Logistics Academy
CALABCCalifornia Automotive Business Coalition
CALACTCalifornia Association For Coordinated Transportation
CALAGCarrosserie Langenthal Ag
CALEEMODCalifornia Emissions Estimator Model
CALETCCalifornia Electric Transportation Coalition
CALLCleveland Area Lotus Limited
CALMCoalition For Automotive Lightweighting Materials, Communication Access For Land Mobiles
CALPAKCalibration Pack
CALSELCalibration Select
CALTRANSCalifornia Department Of Transportation
CALTRUXCalifornia Trucking Association
CAMChina Auto Manufacture, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Center Of Automotive Management, Championship Association Of Mechanics, Classic American Muscle, Camion, Capital Area Mopars, Camshaft, Canadian Automotive Museum, Costruzione Autoaccessori Milano, Club Alfa Mania, Classic Auto Madrid, Club De Autos Y Motos, Cooperative Awareness Messages, Computer Aided Machining, Club Amigos Del Mini, Camaro, California Automobile Museum, Club Audi Malaysia, College Of Automotive Management
CAMACClub Automovilistico Morelia Ac
CAMATCompanhia Industrial De Montagem De Automoveis
CAMCCan Am Mini Challenge, China Anhui Hualing Automobile Company
CAMEAClub Auto E Moto D' Epoca Astigiano
CAMESClub Auto Moto Epoca Spoleto
CAMETAXCamara Empresaria Del Auto Taxi
CAMFClub Aston Martin France
CAMICasual Mini, Canadian Automotive Manufacturing Inc.
CAMORADICasner Motor Racing Division
CAMPCrash Avoidance Metrics Partnership, Club Autos Miniatures Peugeot, Camshaft Position
CAMPIChamber Of Automotive Manufacturers Of The Philippines Inc.
CAMPROCam Profile
CAMRCClub Auto Moto Retro Chartres
CAMSComputerized Automotive Maintenance System, Confederation Of Australian Motor Sport, Calgary Alfa Marque Society, Central Alabama Miata Society
CAMUCentral Management Unit
CAMVAPCanadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan
CANController Area Network, Club Automovilistico De Nicaragua, Canister, Car Area Network, Cooperative Auto Network, Corporate Account Number
CANACARCamara Nacional Del Autotransporte De Carga
CANAMCanadian American
CANCVCanister Control Valve
CANDICan Diagnostic Interface
CANDLECollaboration Between Aamva And Nlets For Drivers License Exchange
CANEVCanadian Electric Vehicles
CANPCanister Purge
CANPSVCanister Purge Solenoid Valve
CANRAPCanadian Road Assessment Program
CANVCanadian Electric Vehicles
CANVASSCenter For Autonomous Vehicles And Sensor Systems
CANVNTCanister Vent Solenoid
CAOCustomer Assistance Office, Conception Assistee Par Ordinateur, Competition Authorisation Office
CAOSCentral Alabama Offroad Society
CAOSSCan - Am Outlaw Sprint Series
CAOWCars All Over The World
CAPClean Air Power, Caravan Allowable Payload, Collision Avoidance Processor, Chrome Appearance Package, Career Automotive Program, Change Acceleration Process, Computer Aided Planning, Chicago Assembly Plant, Capital Auto Group, China Auto Parts, Cold Ambient Protection, Capacity, Computer Aided Production, Club Alpine De Picardie, Cortina Anglia Prefect Club, Carwash Association Of Pennsylvania, College Automotive Program
CAPACertified Automotive Parts Association
CAPACChina Auto Parts And Accessories Corporation
CAPCCanadian Automotive Partnership Council
CAPEComputer Aided Parts Estimating, Cylinder Absolute Position Encoder, Core And Advanced Powertrain Engineering
CAPFChina Auto Parts Fair, Centre For Advanced Powertrain And Fuels Research
CAPFSAChild Accident Prevention Foundation Of South Africa
CAPLCertification Application Parts List
CAPOCCatalysis And Automotive Pollution Control
CAPSCapacitors, Combined Active And Passive Safety
CAPSAChangan Psa Automobile
CAPSECentre For Automotive And Power System Engineering
CAPTChild Accident Prevention Trust
CAPTINCanadian Autoparts Toyota Inc.
CAPTSCalifornia Advanced Public Transportation System
CAPUCCentre D' Achats Du Personnel Des Comites Citroen
CAQComputer Aided Quality, Club Automobile De Quebec, Club Accent Quebec, Club Accord Quebec
CARCenter Arm Rest, Center For Automotive Research, Club Alpine Renault, Car Access Reference, Council For Automotive Research, Certified Auto Repair, Club Automobile De Rallye, Club D' Anciennes Renault, Condamnation Automatique Des Ouvrants En Roulant, Consider All Roads, Capabilities For Automotive Research, Cooperative Automotive Research, China Automotive Review, Club Alfa Romeo, Chesapeake Area Roadsters, Conference Of Automotive Remarketing, China Auto Rental, Ceze Auto Retro, Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers, Collision Auto Repair, Classic Auto Retro, Carolina Auto Recyclers, Colorado Auto Recyclers, Certified Automotive Recycler, Crash Analysis And Reporting, Coalition Of Automotive Retailers, Continental Automotive Romania, Certified Automotive Remarketer
CARAConnecticut Automotive Retailers Association, Centre D' Adaptation A La Route Pour Automobilistes Handicapes, Club Alfa Romeo Argentina, Car Remarketing Association, Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary, Choice Autobody Repair Association, Connecticut Auto Recycler's Association
CARALConstruction Des Automobiles Renault En Algerie
CARASComputerized Automotive Release Accounting System
CARATCoupe Allrad Antrieb Turbo, Congestion Avoidance And Reduction For Automobiles And Trucks
CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board, Carburetor, Central Auto Racing Boosters, Club Alfa Romeo Boxer
CARBINCarburetor Heater Inlet
CARCCape Alfa Romeo Club, Colorado Automobile Racing Club, Club Alfa Romeo Catalunya
CARCAMConsortium For Alabama Regional Center For Automotive Manufacturing
CARCCCampeonato Argentino Rally Cross Country
CARDCrash Avoidance Research Data, Club Alfa Romeo Duetto
CARECar Accident Radio Early Warning, Customer Assistance For Roadside Emergencies, Coalition For Automotive Repair Equality, Consortium For Automotive Recycling, Community Database On Accidents On The Roads In Europe, Concept For Advanced Recycling And Environment, Club Alfa Romeo Espana, Center For Automobile Research And Engineering, Certified Automotive Recyclers Environmental
CARECCanadian Automotive Recycling Environmental Code
CAREPChilean Chamber Of Commerce Of Automotive Parts And Accessories
CARFClub Alfa Romeo De France
CARGBClub Alpine Renault Great Britain
CARIDCar Identity
CARINCar Information And Navigation System
CARLOSCar Loading Standard
CARMClub Alfa Romeo De Montreal
CARMACarlo Facetti And Martino Finotto, Connected Automated Research And Mobility Applications, Car Management
CARNClub Alpine Renault Norvege
CAROCChicago Alfa Romeo Owners Club
CARPChrysler Affiliate Rewards Program
CARRCar Clubs Against Road Racing
CARRSCentre For Accident Research And Road Safety, Classics And Rods Review Show
CARSCanadian Automotive Repair And Service Council, Car Allowance Rebate System, Congress Of Automotive Repair And Service, Car Access Reference System, Center For Automotive Research Seminars, Canadian Rally Championship, Competitive Automotive Regulatory System, Cluster Automotive Region Stuttgart, Context Aware Rate Selection, Competitive Automotive Reporting System, Crash Avoidance Rollover Study, Common Automotive Receivables System, Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy, Cars And Racing Stuff, Community Assisted Racing Simulator, Championship Auto Racing Series, Canadian Association Of Rallysport, Carlsbad Automotive Restoration Society, Club Alfa Romeo Svezia, Club Alpine Renault Sportive, Center For Automotive Research At Stanford, Concerned Auto Recyclers, Complete Auto Recycling Show, Common Australian Roadside Solution, Christian Automotive Repair Service, Christian Automotive Repairmen Serving
CARS3FClub Alpine Et Renault Sport Des Trois Frontieres
CARSBClub Alpine Renault Sainte Baume
CARSPCanadian Association Of Road Safety Professionals
CARTChampionship American Racing Teams, Championship Auto Racing Teams, Coalition Against Road Trauma, Coordinated Automated Road Transport, Center For Automotive Research And Technology, Centre For Automotive Research And Training
CARTRECoordinated Of Automated Road Transport Deployment For Europe
CARTSCommittee On Autonomous Road Transport For Singapore
CARUNACarrosserie Und Neu Anfertigung
CARVAQClub Automobile Le Rendez Vous Des Anglaises Quebec
CASClean Air System, Car Access System, Comfort Access System, Car Alarm System, Crank Angle Sensor, Collision Avoidance System, Creep Aid System, Chicago Auto Show, Continental Automotive Systems, Chery After - Sales Service, Center For Auto Safety, Combustion Analysis System, Cam Speed, Cam Sensor, Comfort Adaptive Suspension, Czech Automotive Society, Club De Automoviles Sport, Cebu Auto Show, Computer Aided Service, Clutch Activation Switch, Cold Advance Solenoid, Change Average Speed, Computer Aided System, City Assist System, Computer Aided Styling, Collision Avoidance Support, Club Amateurs Subaru, Cleveland Auto Show
CASACalifornia Asphalt Sprintcar Association
CASACClub Automovilistico Santiago Ac
CASCCanadian Automobile Sport Clubs, China Jiuding Automotive Supplier Certifications
CASCARCanadian Association For Stock Car Auto Racing
CASCOCasualty And Collision
CASECranking Angle Sensing Error, Continuing Automotive Service Education, Computer Aided Software Engineering, Computer Aided Service And Education, Connected Autonomous Shared And Service And Electric Drive, California Association For Safety Education
CASFCluster Automotive South Fluminense
CASICanadian Atv Safety Institute, Championship Auto Shows Inc.
CASISCanadian Automotive Service Information Standard
CASKCost Per Available Seat Kilometre
CASLPCluster Automotriz San Luis Potosi
CASMCost Per Available Seat Mile
CASRCentre For Automotive Safety Research
CASSCabin Auto Salon Sydney, Club Audi Sport Suisse
CASTConvoy Active Safety Technology, Change Average Speed To, Computer Aided Storage And Transport, Comprehensive Automotive Service Technology
CASTOCalifornia Association Of School Transportation Officials
CASTTCentre For Automotive Systems Technology And Testing
CASVConstruction Area Speed Limit Violation
CASYMClub Argentino Scooters Y Microcoupes
CATCatalytic, Clean Advanced Technology, Condensed Air Technology, Computerized Anti Theft System, Clean Air Taxi, Concept Active Tourer, China Automobile Trading, Charge Across Town, Carburetor Air Temperature, Clutch Alignment Tool, Cobra Automotive Technologies, Compact Active Tourer, California Automotive Teachers, Computer Aided Technology, Compressed Air Technology, Category, Combat Auto Theft, Computer Aided Testing, Catalogue, Caterpillar, California Association Of Sunbeam Tiger, Customer Acceptance Test, Congestion Alleviation Transport, Collision Aversion Technology
CATAChicago Automobile Trade Association, Compania Argentina De Transporte Automovil, Cleveland Automotive Trade Association
CATACConfederacion Argentina Del Transporte Automotor De Cargas
CATARCChina Automotive Technology And Research Center
CATBCanadian Auto Theft Bureau
CATCClean Air Technology Center, Catalytic Converter
CATERCenter For Advanced Transportation Education And Research
CATFClean Air Task Force
CATIColorado Auto Theft Investigators, Chemnitz Automotive Institute, Careers For The Automotive And Transportation Industries
CATIAComputer Aided Three - Dimensional Interactive Application
CATILTARCamara De Titulares De Licencias De Taxis De Rosario
CATJCycle And Automobile Trade Journal
CATLCooperative Approved Tire List, Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Limited
CATMCollege Of Automotive Transportation
CATOConcept Active Tourer Outdoor, Cams Accredited Testing Official, California Association Of Tiger Owners
CATPAColorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority
CATRCChina Automotive Technology And Research Center
CATSComputer Active Technology Suspension, Computerised Anti Theft System, Community Action Transportation System, Catalytic Converters, Commercial Auto Theft Section, Compressed Air Technology System
CATSIPCalifornia Active Transportation Safety Information Pages
CATVCargo All Terrain Vehicle, Canadian All Terrain Vehicle
CATVEECanadian All Terrain Vehicles
CAUCooling Air Unit
CAUKCentralnyi Avtomobilnyi Uchebnyi Kombinat
CAVConcept Activity Vehicle, Car Audio And Video, Compressed Air Vehicle, Cumulative Absolute Velocity, Cross Activity Vehicle, Commande Au Volant, Construction Area Speed Limit Violation, Connected Automated Vehicle, Constant Angular Velocity, Clean Air Vehicle, Charles Anthony Vandervell, Construction Assistance Vehicle, Club Alpine Valencia, Cape Advanced Vehicles, Connected And Autonomous Vehicle
CAVACatia Automotive Extension Vehicle Architecture
CAVACCentral Alberta Vintage Auto Club
CAVCCCar Audio Visual Computer Communications
CAVCOECanadian Automated Vehicles Centre Of Excellence
CAVEComputer Aided Virtual Engineering, Compressed Audio For Vehicle Environment, Cave Automatic Virtual Environment, Center For Advanced Vehicle And Extreme Environment Electronics, Club Amatori Veicoli D' Epoca
CAVECClub Amatori Veicoli D' Epoca Cremona
CAVEMCamara Nacional De Comercio Automobiles De Chile
CAVFCentral Arkansas Volks Folks
CAVICanadian Association Of Vehicle Importers, Canadian Autonomous Vehicle Initiative
CAVMICanadian All - Terrain Vehicle Manufacturing Inc.
CAVMTCommercial Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled
CAVNClub Alpine Vasco Navarro
CAVOAChrysler And Valiant Owners Association
CAVRClube Automovel De Vila Real
CAVSCenter For Advanced Vehicular Systems
CAVSECore And Advanced Vehicle Systems Engineering
CAVTCenter For Advanced Vehicle Technologies
CAVWCCentral Alabama Volkswagen Club
CAWCanadian Auto Workers, Chrome Look Alloy Wheels, Citroen Arbeitswerte, Complete Auto Works
CAWACalifornia Automotive Wholesalers Association
CAWDContinuous All Wheel Drive
CAXCitroen Ax
CAXCChicagoland Allante Xlr Club
CAZClean Air Zone
CAZGTCorporacion Automotriz Zgt
CB2Cabriolet Two Doors
CB2KCannonball 2000
CBAChina Brilliance Automotive, Confederacao Brasileira De Automobilismo, Club Borgward Argentina, City Brake Assist, Carl Benz Award, Carl Benz Academy, Chevrolet Bel Air, Coffee Break Alert, California Bus Association, Connecticut Bus Association, City Brake Active System, Christian Brothers Automotive
CBACClub Belge Des Anciennes Citroens, Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation
CBALCirculated Body Assembly Line
CBAPClub Belge Des Anciennes Peugeot
CBASCity Brake Active System
CBBChevrolet Big Block, Car Black Box
CBCCornering Brake Control, Curve Brake Control, City Braking Control, Central Body Controller, Changzhou Bus Company, Command Bus Company, Computerized Brake Controller, Cross Blue Concept, Classic Buggy Club, Classic Buick Club, Compact Buick Club, Cylinder Bore Coating, Circuit De Barcelona Catalunya, Car Battery Charger
CBCCCCrash Box And Classic Car Club
CBCNChevrolet Beretta Club Nederland
CBDClosed Bowl Distributor, Car Body Design, Carat By Duchatelet
CBDPCloud Based Driver Profile
CBDPFCatalyst Based Diesel Particulate Filter
CBDRACape Breton Drag Racing Association
CBECab Behind Engine, Cat - Back Exhaust, Carbon Black Edition
CBEDCumulo Brake Energy Drive
CBESCustomized Body Electronic System
CBEVCompact Battery Electric Vehicle
CBFClub Bugatti France, Carbon Black Finish
CBFALTClassic Blown Fuel Altered
CBFCCosmopolis Bus Fan Club
CBGCar Buyers Guide, Cleaner Burning Gasoline, Centre Bearing, Clutch Bearing
CBGALTClassic Blown Gas Altered
CBGCClassic Blown Gas Coupe
CBICar Blog India
CBKCalifornia Body Kits, Car Body Kit, Complete Brace Kit, Carburetor Kit
CBLCoach Builders Limited, Continuous Braking Limiter, Caterpillar Brasil Limitada
CBLCCommunication Based Longitudinal Control
CBMCompressed Biomethane, Carbon Black Metallic, Car And Bus Maintenance, Cosmic Blue Metallic, Citroen Berlingo Multispace
CBOCommercial Bus Operator, Cabriolet
CBOBConventional Blendstock For Oxygenate Blending
CBODCost Per Body
CBPCarbon Brake Pads, Ceramic Brake Pads, Community Based Parking
CBRControlled Burn Rate, Cabriolet, Car Body Repair
CBRCCar Body Repairs Coventry
CBRECannonball Run Europe
CBRPCACoastal Bend Region Porsche Club Of America
CBRSTCombustion Restart
CBSCombinated Brake System, Condition Based Service, Compact Balancer Shaft, Customized Bodypanel System, Con Rod Bearing Set
CBTChrome Bumper Trim, Cargobull Telematics, Computer Based Training, Compulsory Basic Training
CBTACoupled Torsion Beam Axle
CBTFClean Bus Technology Fund
CBUCompletely Built - In Unit, Central Brake Unit, Components Business Unit, Completed Body Unit
CBVCompressor By - Pass Valve, Concrete Batching Vehicle, Cooler By - Pass Valve, Counter Balance Valve, Club Blazer De Venezuela
CBWClutch By Wire
CBXChassis Brain Box, Confort Berlina Extra, Citroen Bx
CC&ARCamber Compensation And Anti Roll
CC&CCCar Collector And Car Classics
CC4WCapital City Four Wheelers
CCACompania Columbiana Automoritz, Car Club Of America, Champ Car Atlantic, Camping Und Caravaningclub Austria, Changan Chana Automobile, Chongqing Changan Automobile, Citroen Creative Awards, Coalition For Clean Air, Classic Car Auction, Cluster Control Assembly, Carrying Capacity Assessments, Concentric Clutch Actuator, Camara Del Comercio Automotor, Cold Cranking Amps, Clasicos Canarios De Automoviles, Car Connectivity Awards, Corvette Club Of Arizona, Corvette Club Austria, Corvette Club Of America, Classic Car Association, Corvette Club Of Albany, Cobra Club Austria, Citroen Club Of America, Citroen Concours Of America, Connected Car Award, Carolina Chevelle Association, Caja De Cambios Automaticas, Cooperative Collision Avoidance, Car Collision Avoidance, Calandre Club D' Armor, Center Control Assembly, Car Carrier Association, Connecticut Carwash Association, Chicagoland Carwash Association, Canadian Carwash Association
CCAACalifornia Clean Air Act
CCABCrew Cab, Chassis Cab, Checker Cab
CCACChongqing Changan Automobile Company, Champ Car Atlantic Championship
CCACCChester County Antique Car Club
CCADCollector Car Appreciation Day, Customer Correlated Accelerated Durability
CCAFCar Club Of America Foundation
CCAGCevennes Club Alpine Gordini, China Changan Automobile Group
CCANChassis Controller Area Network
CCAOEClassic Car Association Of Europe
CCAPCenter For Clean Air Policy
CCARCoordinating Committee For Automotive Repair
CCASCross Country Automotive Services, Champ Car Atlantic Series, Cooperative Collision Avoidance System
CCATSCamera And Computer Aided Traffic Sensor
CCAVConnected Cars And Autonomous Vehicles, Center For Connected And Autonomous Vehicles
CCBCarbon Ceramic Brake, Central Control Box, Custom Coach Builders, Car Club Do Brasil, Cross Car Beam, Cross Country Baja, Changzhou Changjiang Bus, Club Cab, Chassis Cabine, Clio Cup Benelux, Cobra Club Belgium, Convertor Catalitic Pentru Benzina, Cheshire Classic Benz, Clutch Cable, Capri Club Bern, Corvette Club Bayern
CCBACitroen Club Buenos Aires
CCBBChitty Chitty Bang Bang
CCBCCorvette Club Of Battle Creek, Cadillac Club Of British Columbia
CCBCCCentral Coast British Car Club, Cape Cod British Car Club
CCBSCarbon Ceramic Braking System
CCCColt Car Company, Close Coupled Catalyst, Converter Clutch Control, Computer Command Control, Cooper Car Company, China Circuit Championship, Car Connectivity Consortium, Car Care Centre, Cargo Carrying Capacity, Certified Collision Center, Chasing Classic Cars, Car Care Council, Car Control Clinic, Climatic Combustion Control, Chevrolet Complete Care, Citroen Car Club, Centre De Creation Citroen, Cylindrical Combustion Chamber, Castrol Cupra Cup, Classic Car Club, Car Communication Computer, Certified Car Care, Certified Car Club, Certified Car Company, City Car Club, Cadillac Country Club, Cajun Corvette Club, Clipper City Corvettes, Capital Corvette Club, Cornhusker Corvette Club, Club Corvette Of Connecticut, Chicago Corvette Club, Centenary Car Club, Capri Car Club, Classic Chevy Convention, Calgary Camaro Club, Country Classic Cars, Corvair Club Of Cincinnati, Cactus Corvair Club, Circle City Corvairs, Citroen Club Cordoba, California Caterham Club, Classic Celica Club, Customized Car Club, Classic Car Community, Christine Car Club, Chevrolet Camaro Club, Castle Combe Circuit, Car Classification Committee, Central Coast Cobras, Corrado Club Of Canada, Conventional Cruise Control, Customer Care Centre, Corolla Car Club, Christian Classic Cruisers
CCCAClassic Car Club Of America, Checker Car Club Of America, Classic Chevy Club Of Albuquerque, Car Club Challenge Association
CCCAMClassic Car Club Of America Museum
CCCBCanadian Classic Chevelles And Beaumonts
CCCCCollector Car Council Of Colorado, Classic Chassis Car Clubs, Circle City Corvette Club, Coastal Carolina Corvette Club, Crescent City Corvette Club, Cape Cod Corvette Club, Capital City Corvette Club, Clipper City Corvette Club, Canadian Council Of Corvette Clubs, Central California Corvette Club, Central Colorado Corvette Club, Classic Corvettes Of Charlotte County, Cardigan Classic Car Club, Cheshire Classic Car Club, Clacton Classic Car Club, Crayford Convertible Car Club, Continuously Chassis Control Concept, Crossroads Cruisers Car Club, Carolina Classic Car Club, Choo Choo Corvair Club, Creole Classic Car Club, Caprock Classic Car Club, Corpus Christi Corvette Club, Cruisin' Classics Of Chester County, Cortina Capri Car Club, Complete Car Care Center, Collection Car's Club De Cannes, Classic Cruisers Car Club
CCCCCCape Cod Classic Car Club
CCCCVCar Club Council Of Central Virginia
CCCCVAClassic Cruisers Car Club Of Virginia, Car Club Council Of Central Virginia
CCCDCaterham Car Club Deutschland, Classic Cadillac Club Deutschland
CCCFChevrolet Corvair Club De France, Chevrolet Corvette Club De France, Classic Chevy Club Of Finland, Classic Chevy Club France, Classic Camaro Of Central Florida
CCCHClassic Car Club Of Hong Kong, Classic Car Club Horgenberg, Coromandel Classic Car Hire, Cabrio Car Club Hardenberg
CCCHKClassic Car Club Of Hong Kong
CCCHRCar Club Council Of Hampton Roads
CCCIClassic Chevy Club International, Chevy Classic Club Indonesia, Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
CCCJCar Club Community Johor
CCCLConfederation Of Corvette Clubs Of Louisiana, Canadian Champcar Lights
CCCMClassic Car Club Manhattan, Camaro Car Club Of Mississippi, Canton Classic Car Museum
CCCNSClassic Chevy Club Of Nova Scotia
CCCNSWCobra Car Club Of New South Wales, Citroen Car Club Of New South Wales
CCCOChevrolet Classics Club Of Omaha
CCCPClassic Car Cruise Parade, Classic Cars And Cycles Provence
CCCQCitroen Car Club Of Queensland, Cobra Car Club Queensland
CCCRClassic Car Club Rheintal
CCCRCChina Cross Country Rally Championship
CCCSCaprock Classic Car Show, Chevrolet Car Club Der Schweiz, Computer Controlled Cooling System, Classic Chevy Club Sweden
CCCSAChrysler Car Club Of South Australia, Classic Celica Club Of South Australia, Cobra Car Club Of South Australia, Citroen Car Club Of South Africa, Corvette Car Club Of South Australia
CCCTClassic Chevy Club Of Tucson
CCCUKClassic Corvette Club United Kingdom
CCCVCitroen Car Club Of Victoria, Cobra Car Club Of Victoria
CCCVCCycle And Carriage Commercial Vehicle Centre
CCCWACobra Car Club Of Western Australia
CCDContinuously Controlled Damping, Chrysler Collision Detection, Computer Controlled Dwell, Charge Coupled Device, City Car Driving, Custom Car Design, Cd Changer, Combustion Chamber Deposits, Club Corvette Denmark, Chain Cam Drive, Comprehensive Components Diagnosis, Catalytic Converter Cool - Down, Classic Car Database, Capri Club Deutschland
CCDAClassic Car Drivers Association
CCDBClassic Car Data Base
CCDETCalifornia Council On Diesel Education And Technology
CCDFCorvette Club De France
CCDICClimate Control Driver Information Center
CCDOBCitroen Clube Do Brasil
CCDRWCrew Cab Dual Rear Wheel
CCDVCadillac Coupe De Ville, Corvette Club Of Delaware Valley
CCEChase Competition Engineering, Connected Car Expo, Club Championship Event, Car Chassis Engineering, Convertitori Catalitici Europa, Christian Car Enthusiasts, Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts, Chevrolet City Express, Club Celica Espana
CCECSComputer Controlled Emission Control System
CCEEChevrolet Central And Eastern Europe
CCEGRCoolant Controlled Exhaust Gas Recirculation
CCEICoolant Controlled Idle Enrichment
CCEPCommission Collection Paint
CCESContinuous Controlled Electronic Suspension
CCEVCoolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch
CCEVVCoolant Control Engine Vacuum Valve
CCFClassic Car Festival, Club Caterham France, Caterham Competition France, Camion Citerne Feux, Common Cause Failure, Corvette Club De France, Carbon Equivalent Conversion Factor, Chrysler Club Of Finland, Cobra Club De France, Camion Club De France, Citroen Club Fryslan, Corvair Center Forum, China Car Forum
CCFAComite Des Constructeurs Francais D' Automobiles
CCFBCorpus Christi F - Body
CCFCCity Cycle Fuel Consumption, Central California Falcon Club
CCFDCapri Club Free Drivers
CCFFClub Coupe Fiat France
CCFLCamion Citerne Feux Leger, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, Car Challenge For Life
CCFMCamion Citerne Feux Moyen
CCFMCCapitol City Ford And Mustang Club
CCFSCamion Citerne Feux Super, Classic Cars For Sale
CCFWCapital City Four Wheelers
CCGClassic Car Gallery, Classic Car Garage, Car Club Gauteng, Canberra Celica Group, Classic Car Group, Car Charging Group
CCGCCamion Citerne Grande Capacite
CCGDCorvette Cruisers Of Greater Daytona, Customer Correlated General Durability
CCGICar Charging Group Inc.
CCGTCompetition Coupe Gt
CCHClassic Car Hire, Cabs Car Hire, Classic Car Hunters, Corvette Club Hessen, Corvette Club Of Hawaii, Civic Club Holland, Corvette Club Hamburg, Coffee Cup Holder, Corolla Club Hungary, Cadillac Corvette And Hummer
CCHASCost Per Chassis
CCHCACentral Coast Holden Car Association
CCHRCentral Coast Hot Rodders, Circle City Hot Rods
CCHRACapital City Hot Rod Association
CCICamping Card International, Camion Citerne Incendie, Clio Cup Italia, Competition Car Insurance, Cadillac Club International, Cylinder Crank Injection, Corvette Club Italia, Corvette Club Of Iowa, Capri Club International, Corvette Club Of Indiana, Calculated Cetane Index, Capri Club Italia, Classic Chevy International, Car Club Of Indiana, Ceria Club Indonesia, Crv Club Indonesia, Carens Club Indonesia, Cyclone Corvettes Inc.
CCIACrosley Cast Iron Assembly
CCIECoolant Controlled Idle Enrichment
CCIFCanadian Collision Industry Forum
CCISCooperative Crash Injury Study, Cooperative Crash Investigation Study, Cylinder Crank Injection And Selmix
CCISSCentro Di Coordinamento Informazione Per La Sicurezza Stradale
CCIVCoolant Control Idle Enrichment Valve
CCJCelica Club Jylland, Capri Club Jura, Commercial Car Journal
CCJCCross Country Jeep Club, Cape Cod Jeep Club
CCKContinental Comfort Kit, Coilover Conversion Kit, Clutch Cylinder Kit, Custom Cars And Kart
CCKCCamaro Club Of Kansas City, Corvette Club Of Kansas City, Capital City Kart Club, Cadillac Club Of Kansas City
CCKFCroatian Car Karting Federation
CCLCaterham Cars Limited, Concept Cars Limited, Clip Cab, Classic Cars Of London
CCLBCrew Cab Long Bed
CCLCCentral Coast Land Cruisers
CCLICadillac Club Of Long Island
CCLRCruisin' The Carolinas Logan's Run
CCMCarbon Ceramic Material, Caldina Club Malaysia, Climate Control Module, Check Control Module, Combination Control Module, Central Control Module, Chassis Control Module, Computer Control Module, Continuous Component Monitor, Comprehensive Component Monitor, Carbon Ceramic Matrix, Ceramic Composite Material, Cubic Centimeters, Cruise Control Module, City Collision Mitigation, Certificat De Circulation De Marchandise, Capital City Mopars, Club Corvette Montreal, Classic Corvettes Of Minnesota, Cape Cod Minis, Celica Club Malaysia, Citra Club Malaysia, Citroen Contract Motoring, Car Camera Manager, Car Craft Magazine
CCMACCommittee Of Common Market Automobile Constructors
CCMBCentro Clasico Mercedes Benz
CCMCCommittee Of Common Market Automobile Constructors, Central Carolina Mopar Club, Corvette Club Of Marion County, Comite Des Constructeurs D' Automobile Du Marche Commun, Cross Country Motor Club, Causeway Coast Mini Club
CCMCFChevrolet Camaro Members Club De France
CCMGCCapital City Mg Club, Canadian Classic Mg Club
CCMTChamp Car Mont Tremblant
CCMTACanadian Council Of Motor Transport Administrators
CCMVClassic Commercial Motor Vehicles, Clearance Certificate Of Motor Vehicle
CCMWColt Cars Mid West
CCNCabin Compartment Node, Certified Car Nut, Corvette Club Norway, Commer Club Nederland, Clio Club Nederland, Car Club Norway, Cadillac Club Of Norway, Cadillac Clubs Northwest, Carisle Chrysler Nationals, Cobra Club Nederland, Caterham Club Norway, Corvair Club Nederland, Cadillac Club Nederland, Car Clinic Network
CCNACitroen Club Of North America, Capri Club North America, Car Club Of North America
CCNDCorvette Club Of Northern Delaware
CCNEClassic Cars Of New England
CCNJCadillac Club Of North Jersey
CCNJPACougar Club Of New Jersey And Pennsylvania
CCNLCitroen Club Nederland, Corolla Club Nederland
CCNMCamaro Club Of New Mexico
CCNSCorvette Club Of Nova Scotia
CCNTCharge Control
CCNWCool Cars Nobody Wants
CCNZCobra Club Of New Zealand
CCOCatalytic Converter Oxidation, Converter Clutch Override, Corvette Club Of Orlando, Climate Control Operations, Clutch Cut Off, Celica Club Oberfranken
CCOACougar Club Of America, Challenger Club Of America, City Cab Operators Association
CCOCCrosley Car Owners Club, Corvette Club Of Oklahoma City
CCOCACitroen Classic Owners Club Of Australia
CCOGChevrolet Cadillac Of Goldsboro
CCOHCorvette Club Of Hawaii
CCOHVACastle County Off Highway Vehicle Association
CCOICorvette Club Of Illinois
CCONCadillac Connoisseur, Chevrolet Club Of Norway
CCORClassic City Off Road
CCOSSCrankcase Oil Separator Speed
CCOTClutch Cycling Orifice Tube, Cool Cruisers Of Texas
CCOTWConcept Car Of The Week
CCOTYCanadian Car Of The Year, Concept Car Of The Year
CCPCold Climate Package, Controlled Canister Purge, Climate Control Panel, Climate Comfort Package, Coordinated Cam Phasing, Cargo Convenience Package, Central Control Panel, Coupled Cam Phasing, Classic Car Passion, Classic Car Price, Corvette Club Praha, Cleveland Casting Plant, Charcoal Canister Purge, City Car Parking, Club Carry Philippines, Classic Car Projects, Club Capri Passion, Connected Citizens Program, Clean Car Program
CCPAIContrast Colour Piping For Alcantara Interior
CCPBCorvette Club Of The Palm Beaches
CCPCClassic Cars Of Ponca City
CCPHCivic Club Philippines
CCPIClimate Change Performance Index, Chevrolet Club Of The Philippines
CCPNCar Care Professionals Network
CCPOCadillac Certified Pre Owned
CCPPVChevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle
CCPSCoupled Cam Phasing On Sohc, Crankcase Pressure Sensor
CCPTConcerned Citizens For Public Transportation
CCPZCity Centre Parking Zone
CCQCar Club Quebec, Club Chevrolet Quebec, Club Civic Quebec, Club Corolla Quebec, Club Challenger Du Quebec, Club Chrysler Quebec
CCRCar Crash Racing, Cross Country Rally, Club Codes And Regulations, Computer Command Ride, Cross Country Race, Camion Citerne Rural, Classic Car Racing, Child Car Restraint, Classic Car Reviews, Classic Car Rescue, California Custom Roadsters, Chrysler Cordoba Registry, Catalytic Converter Reduction, Car To Car Rear, Classic Cars Register, Congested Corridors Report, Corridor Capacity Report, Chop Cut Rebuild
CCRCClassic Car Restoration Club
CCREClub Corvette Racing Espana, Coalition For Collision Repair Excellence
CCRGCritical Concern Review Group
CCRICorvette Club Of Rhode Island
CCRMConstant Control Relay Module, Current Control Relay Module
CCROCatalytic Converter For Reduction And Oxidation
CCRPConnected Car Reference Platform
CCRRCitroen Club Rhein Ruhr
CCRSCClassic Car Restoration And Service Center
CCRVCrossroads Cruiser Recreational Vehicles
CCRWCCross Country Rally World Cup
CCSControlled Combustion System, Cruise Control System, Combined Combustion System, Classic Car Scheib, Climate Control Sensor, Cruise Control Signal, Check Control System, Climate Controlled Seat, Clean Combustion System, Circuit Club Sports, Coast Clutch Solenoid, Cold Cranking Simulator, Chongqing Changan Suzuki, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Cubic Centimeters, Car Communication System, Clay County Speedway, Crawford County Speedway, Citrus County Speedway, Championship Cup Series, Classic Car Show, Capital City Speedway, Cobra Classic Sportscars, Climate Control System, Charity Car Show, Club Cuore Sportivo, Club Corvette Sweden, Combined Charging System, Capital Car Shows, Capri Club Scotland, Cruise Control Switch, Cadillac Club Sweden, Computer Controlled Suspension, Cooperative Car Society, Camaro Club Sweden, City Car Share, Capri Club Schweiz, Cadillac Club Of Switzerland, Complete Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Count Station, Community Car Share, Car Clinic Service
CCSAChongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile, Club Citroen Of South Australia, Cobra Club Of South Africa, Corvette Club Of South Australia
CCSBCrew Cab Short Bed, Corvette Club Santa Barbara
CCSCClassic Chevys Of Southern California
CCSCCChampaign County Sports Car Club
CCSDCamaro Club Of San Diego
CCSDSComp - Cams Super Dirt Series
CCSFCoast Clutch Solenoid Fault, Corvette Club Of South Florida
CCSGCar Club Singapore
CCSITACentrul De Cercetare Stiintifica Si Inginerie Tehnologica Pentru Autoturisme
CCSLMSCarolina Clash Super Late Model Series
CCSMClimate Controlled Seat Module
CCSNCar Craft Summer Nationals
CCSPCircuit Club Sport Package, Circuit Club Sport Parts
CCSRCircuit Club Sport Racer
CCSSCar Customer Satisfaction Study, Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport
CCSWColor Coordinated Steering Wheel
CCTComputer Controlled Timing, Chevrolet Certified Technician, Corvette Club Of Texas, Corolla Classic Tegal, Colt Club Thailand, Classic Car Transport, Custom Classic Trucks, Classic Car Tours, Centre De Controle Technique, Company Car Today
CCTACalifornia Construction Trucking Association, Centre De Controle Technique Auto
CCTCCapital City Thunderbird Club, Corvette Club Of Tuscaloosa County, Campeonato De Circuito Turismo Competicion
CCTCCCastrol Canadian Touring Car Championship
CCTFClassic Car Team Franken, Cold Climate Test Facility
CCTIClassic Car Tours International
CCTOCollector Car Trader Online
CCTOLCollector Car Trader Online
CCUCoach Control Unit, Car Communication Unit, Chassis Control Unit, Cruise Control Unit, Cargo Carrying Unit, Climate Control Unit, Corvette Club Of Utah, Connectivity Control Unit, Clutch Control Unit, Central Control Unit
CCUKCorolla Club United Kingdom
CCUSACar Club United States Of America
CCUVCompact Crossover Utility Vehicle
CCVCoupe Concept Vehicle, Composite Concept Vehicle, Cross Country Vehicle, Canister Control Valve, Canada Custom Vehicles, Crew Carrying Vehicle, Chrysler Composite Vehicle, Chrysler Commercial Vehicles, Commercial Cargo Van, Canadian Commercial Vehicles, Compact Cargo Van, Control Configured Vehicle, Crankcase Ventilation, Charge Control Valve, Close Combat Vehicle, Central Command Vehicle, Certificat De Cession De Vehicule, Combustion Chamber Volume, Combustion Chamber Valve, Colorado Camper Van, Coolant Control Valve, Chamber Coolant Valve, Club Camaro De Venezuela, Clutch Cover, Club Celica De Venezuela
CCVAChamber Coolant Valve Actuator
CCVCOACactus Chapter Volvo Club Of America
CCVFChina Commercial Vehicle Forum
CCVRPCumulative Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
CCVRTDChassis Continuously Variable Real Time Damping
CCVSChina Commercial Vehicles Show
CCVTCross Country Vehicle Trials
CCVWCircle City Volkswagen Club
CCVWCCapital City Volkswagen Club
CCWCounter Clockwise, Classic Car Week, Cooperative Collision Warning, Capri Club Westerholt, Custom Cars World, Conventional Cab Tandem Rear Axles
CCWACharger Club Of Western Australia
CCWCCross Country World Cup
CCWPBCamaro Club Of West Palm Beach
CCWSChamp Car World Series, Cooperative Collision Warning System
CCXCompetition Coupe Ten, Citroen Cx
CCYClarkson's Car Years
CCZCongestion Charging Zone
CCZHCapri Club Zuid Holland
CDACylinder De - Activation, Car Distributors Assembly, Curve Dynamic Assist, Cite De L' Automobile, Comfort And Driving Assistance, Coefficient Of Drag, Cooperative Driver Assistance Application, Coil Driver A, Car Design Award, Car Design Academy, Comision Deportiva Automovilistica, Car Design Archives, Committed Drivers Association
CDAACapital District Autobody Association
CDAQClub Deportivo Automovilistico De Queretaro, Cab Drivers Association Of Queensland
CDARCentro Documentazione Alfa Romeo
CDASCooperative Driver Assistance Systems
CDBCeramic Disc Brakes, Citroen Do Brasil, Camshaft Drive Belt, Calculator De Bord, Carolina Dune Buggies, Club Dino Belgium, Club Daewoo Bogota, Caminhoneiros Do Brasil, Cars Data Base
CDBDACentral Dauphin Bus Drivers Association
CDBIGPChevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix
CDCContinuous Damping Control, Compact Disc Changer, Clean Diesel Combustion, California Driving Cycle, Cold Driving Cycle, Connected Drive Connect, Car Design Contests, Classic Design Concepts, Cobra Daytona Coupe, Collision Damage Classification, Circuit De Charade, Carta Di Circolazione, Criterium Des Cevennes, Colorado Dwarf Cars, Collision Deformation Classification, Chassis Domain Control
CDCACalifornia Dwarf Car Association, Crash Data Collection And Analysis
CDCCCapital District Corvair Club, Carolina Dreamers Car Club
CDCGMComision De Concesionarios General Motors
CDCRCd Changer Rear
CDCRACalifornia Dwarf Car Racing Association
CDCVCanister Drain Cut Valve
CDDComponent Design Document, Carte De Demarrage, Center For Defensive Driving
CDDBCentralized Dealer Data Base
CDDPCommission On Drunk Driving Prevention
CDEConcours D' Elegance, Carbon Dioxide Equivalent, Control Dinamico De Estabilidad, Club Dodge De Espana, Complete Driving Experience, Comprehensive Driving Evaluation, Certificate For Driver's Education, Comfort Deluxe Executive
CDELWCummins Diesel Engine Limited Warranty
CDEPClub Dodge Europe Passion
CDERCertified Diesel Emissions Retesters
CDFCumulative Distribution Function, Centro Dino Ferrari, Club Datsun France
CDGCarriage Of Dangerous Goods, Circuit De Gueux
CDHChrome Door Handle, Colored Door Handles, California Driver Handbook, California Division Of Highways
CDHRCamion Devidoir Hors Route
CDHVCColeraine And District Historic Vehicle Club
CDICommon Rail Direct Injection, Capacitor Discharge Ignition, Certificat D' Immatriculation, Codigo Deportivo Internacional, Chongqing Dongben Industry, Controlled Direct Injection, Chief Driving Instructor, Comfort Deluxe Injection
CDIACCarbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CDIFFCenter Differential
CDIMCircuit Deactivation Ignition Module
CDIPCrash Data Improvement Program
CDISCenter Direct Injection System
CDJCircuito Del Jarama
CDJRChrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
CDKChain Drive Kit
CDLCentral Door Locking, Commercial Driver License, Condition Of Door Lock, Centre Differential Lock, Competent Driving License
CDLACite De L' Auto, Commercial Driver's License Act
CDLCCommercial Drivers Learning Center, Commercial Driver License Class
CDLISCommercial Driver's License Information System
CDLMCommercial Drivers License Manual
CDLPCommercial Driver's License Program, Commercial Drivers Legal Plans, Commercial Driver Learner's Permit
CDLRCode De La Route
CDLRCCornwall And Devon Land Rover Club
CDLSCentral Door Locking System
CDMClean Development Mechanism, Competitive Driving Mode, Chrysler De Mexico, Chassis Dynamometer, Circuit De Monaco, Champion Du Monde, Conrad Dietrich Magirus, Car And Driver Magazine, Classic Datsun Motorsports, Championship Dirt Motorsports, Car Despatch Mechanisation, Calibration Data Management, Control And Diagnostic Module, Car Dealer Magazine, Chinese Domestic Market
CDMCCraig Dunn Motor City
CDMSChengdu Motor Show
CDNCar Design News, Circuito De Navarra, Camaradas Do Niva
CDOChief Design Officer, Corvettes De Olympia, Curved Dash Oldsmobile
CDOHCConversion To Dohc
CDOTColorado Department Of Transportation, Chicago Department Of Transportation, California Department Of Transportation, Connecticut Department Of Transportation
CDOTYCar Design Of The Year
CDPCoded Driveaway Protection, Car Development Program, Controlled Deceleration For Parking Brake, Clean Diesel Project, Clean Diesel Program, Carbon Disclosure Project, Certificato Di Proprieta, Car Derived Pick - Up, Commercial Driving Permit, Cd Player, Cordova Dragway Park, Circuit De Dijon Prenois, Chrysler Dodge Plymouth
CDPFCatalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter, Coated Diesel Particulate Filter
CDRCrash Data Retrieval, Chrysler Diagnostic Readout, Collision Damage Reduction, Crankcase Depression Regulator, Critical Design Review, Calty Design Research, Corporate Design Requirements, Club Dodge Ram
CDRACalgary Drag Racing Association, Central Drag Racing Association
CDRCCrash Data Research Center, Colac Drag Racing Club
CDRHFCanadian Drag Racing Hall Of Fame
CDRPCommercial Driver Registration Program
CDRSConceptual Design Rendering System, Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
CDRVCrankcase Depression Regulator Valve
CDSControle Dynamique De Stabilite, Collaborative Driving System, Cylinder Deactivation System, Crashworthiness Data System, Ceintures De Securite, Codice Della Strada, Central Door Locking System, Car Design Schacht, Component Design Specification, Computer Diagnostic System, Crankshaft Delay Sensor, Clutch Disc, Collision Diagnostic Services, Chrysler Design Study, Chrysler Development System, Chauffeur Drive Services, Citroen Deese
CDSACummins Diesel South Africa
CDSCCentro Documentazione Storica Citroen
CDSCSCitroen Ds Club Suisse
CDSDClassic Days Schloss Dyck
CDSFCircuit De Spa Francorchamps
CDSTCommercial Driver Skills Test
CDTClean Diesel Technologies, Carbon Design Tuning, Common Rail Diesel Turbo, Common Driver Trainer, Controllo Dinamico Della Trazione, Chassis Dynamometer Tester, Corvettes Of Dakota Territory, Coast Down Time, Car Display Tower, Club Datsun Tultitlan
CDTACapital District Transportation Authority
CDTCConventional Direct Torque Control, Capital District Transportation Committee
CDTICommon Rail Diesel Turbo Injection, Clean Diesel Technologies Inc.
CDTOACalifornia Dump Truck Owners Association
CDTPCooperative Driver Testing Program
CDUCentral Display Unit, Cab Drivers United
CDUCCCorvettes Down - Under Car Club
CDVCargo Delivery Vehicle, City Delivery Van, Car Derived Van, Coupe De Ville, Conventional Diesel Vehicle, Clean Diesel Vehicle, Chrysler De Venezuela, Closed Delivery Vehicle, Cadillac De Ville, Cutie De Viteze, Clutch Delay Valve, Computer Di Viaggio, Control Dinamico Del Vehiculo
CDVRCustomer Driven Vehicle Requirements
CDWCollision Damage Waiver, Cab Door Width
CDXCaterham Driving Experience, Compact Disc Changer, Comfort Deluxe, Caterham Drift Experience
CDYChassis Dynamometer, Citroen Dyane
CDZCRClassic Datsun Z Car Register
CE4AConsumer Electronics For Automotive
CEAComponents For Evaluation And Analysis, Centro De Ensenanza Automovilistico, Confederacion Espanola De Automocion
CEABCold Engine Air Bleed
CEACCamara De Empresarios Del Autotransporte De Cargas
CEACPChef D' Equipe Atelier Carrosserie Peinture
CEAPCamara Empresaria De Autotransporte De Pasajeros
CEAPSConventional Engine Anti Pollution System
CEASTAConsulenza E Assistenza Automobilistica
CEATCentre Of Excellence In Automotive Technology
CEBCity Emergency Brake, Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, Christopher Edward Bangle, Castrol Edge Black
CECCrankcase Emission Control, Custom Engine Control, Computerized Engine Control, Customer Experience Center, Combination Emission Control, Computerized Emission Control, Chevrolet El Camino, Chery Eastar Club
CECATCommunity Effort To Combat Auto Theft
CECCCincinnati Electric Car Club
CECCOChevelle And El Camino Club Of Oregon
CECMChery Eastar Club Malaysia
CECOCar Engineering Controllers Office
CECRAComite Europeen Du Commerce Et De La Reparation Automobile
CECSCrankcase Emission Control System
CECUCentral Electronic Control Unit
CECVCrankcase Emission Control Valve
CEDCadillac El Dorado, Clear Exit Detection
CEDACCamara Empresaria Del Autotransporte De Cargas De Cordoba
CEDCChangan European Design Center
CEDDCampaign To Eliminate Drunk Driving
CEDIACentury Diamond
CEDIAMCentro De Desarrollo De La Industria Automotriz En Mexico
CEDRConference Europeenne Des Directeurs Des Routes
CEECarbon Emission Estimation, Central And Eastern Europe
CEESCalifornia Exhaust Emission Standards
CEFConnecting Europe Facility, Cab To End Of Frame, Chrome Exhaust Finisher
CEFACCamara Empresaria Fueguina Del Autotransporte De Cargas
CEGConservation And Environmental Grants, Castrol Edge Gold, Contour Enthusiasts Group
CEGAAConseil Europeen Des Groupements D' Agents De L' Automobile
CEGRCooled Egr
CEGTCampeonato De Espana De Gran Turismo
CEIConfigurable Engine Immobilizer
CEIIACenter For Excellence And Innovation In The Industry Automobile
CELCheck Engine Light, Club Elite
CELISCentral Lighting System
CELOCold Engine Lock Out
CEMCentral Electronic Module, Clean Emissions Module, Controllo Elletronico Del Motore, Cost Effective Maintenance, Clean Energy Module, Clear Exit Monitor
CEMAChrysler Employee Motorsport Association
CEMACCronometraje Y Eventos Motores Ac
CEMCCoastal Empire Miata Club
CEMEACentral Europe Middle East And Africa
CEMOComponent Engineering Manufacturing Operations, Controlled Engineering Manufacturing Operations
CEMSCatalyst Efficiency Management System, Carbureted Engine Management System, Community Energy Management System
CEMSACostruzioni Elletromeccaniche Di Saronno
CEMTConverter Enhanced Manual Transmission, Conferenza Europea Dei Ministri Dei Trasporti
CENACarro Economico Nacional
CENSUMCentral Assumption Direction Tracking And Control System
CENTIRECenter For Tire Research
CEOChevrolet Estate Optra, Chief Executive Officer, Club Evo Owners, Chery Eastar Owners
CEOSChange Engine Oil Soon
CEPClean Energy Partnership, Cleveland Engine Plant
CEPCChevrolet Euro Parts Center
CEPLCar And Truck Engineering Practice Letter
CEPSColumn Electrical Power Steering
CEPSAChrysler Espana Sa
CERCentral Europe Rally, Classic Endurance Racing, Cold Enrichment Rod, Certified Emissions Reductions, Car Experience Rating, Carbon Emissions Reduction
CERAClassic English Racing Automobiles, Campeonato De Espana De Rallyes De Asfalto
CERACCode Environnemental Des Recycleurs Automobiles Du Canada
CERAMCentre D' Essais Et De Recherche Automobile De Mortefontaine
CERCClean Energy Research Center
CERHCampeonato De Espana De Rallyes Historicos
CERMAConference On Electronics Robotics And Automotive Mechanics
CERSCompetitive Edge Racing Software
CERTCarbon Emissions Reduction Target, Certificate, Campeonato De Espana De Rallyes De Tierra
CERTLCar Engineering Reliability Testing Lab
CERVChevrolet Experimental Racing Vehicle, Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle, Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle
CESClutch Engage Switch, Car Entertainment System, Continually Electronically Steered, Check Engine Soon, Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension
CESALConcrete Equivalent Single Axle
CESARCentrul De Studii Pentru Automobile Romanesti
CESSCold Engine Sensor Switch
CESTARCentro Studi Auto Riparazioni
CESTRINCentrul De Studii Tehnice Rutiere Si Informatica
CETCutting Edge Technology, Clutch Engagement Torque, Commemorative Edition Turbo, Chrome Exhaust Tip, Cold Environmental Test, Control De Estabilidad Y Traccion, Club Euro Trabi
CETACentre D' Etudes Techniques Automotion, Collector Edition Trans Am, Commemorative Edition Trans Am, Camara Empresaria De Turismo Por Autotransporte
CEUCycle Extra Urbain, Car Equivalent Unit
CEVCity Electric Vehicles, Canadian Electric Vehicles, Clean Energy Vehicle, Carbon Emissions Based Vehicle, Catalyst Equipped Vehicle, Clean Engine Vehicle, Club Evante
CEVAChina Electric Vehicle Association, Costruzione E Vendita Vetture Ansaldo
CEVCCarolina Electric Vehicle Coalition, California Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, Caltech Electric Vehicle Club, Clubs Eastern Electric Vehicle Club
CEVITTSCharging Electric Vehicles And Infra Tech Trade Show
CEVSCarbon Emission Based Vehicle Scheme
CEVTChina Euro Vehicle Technology
CF1TCaterham Formula One Team
CFAChangfeng Automobiles, Chang'an Ford Automobile, Common Fault Alarm, Chrysler Fevre Argentina
CFACCape Fear Autocross Championship, Coordinated Fuel And Air Control
CFACSCape Fear Autocross Championship Series
CFADACentral Florida Auto Dealers Association
CFAGCChina First Automobile Group Corporation
CFALTClassic Fuel Altered
CFAPCarbon Fibre Airbrake Panel
CFARCenter For Automotive Research
CFASCenter For Auto Safety
CFBChrome Front Bumper, Carbon Fiber Body, Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
CFBCCentral Florida Buggy Club
CFBKCarbon Fiber Body Kit
CFCCar Film Components, Carbon Fibre Composites, Combined Fuel Consumption, Clean Fuels Coalition, Clean Fuel Connection, Clean Fuels Consulting, Club Fiat Clasicos, Chrysler France Club, Calgary Firebird Club, Combustion Feedback Control, Classic Ford Club, Central Florida Corvair, Club Ford Cosworth, Clarity Fuel Cell, Coupling Force Control
CFCAClub Fiat Clasicos De Argentina, Central Florida Corvette Association
CFCCCrossed Flags Corvette Club, Central Florida Corvair Club
CFCOCentral Florida Challenger Owners
CFCPCalifornia Fuel Cell Partnership
CFCRCombined Fuel Consumption Rating
CFCSCoupling Force Control System
CFCVCyprus Federation Of Classic Vehicles
CFCWCooperative Forward Collision Warning
CFCZCarbon Fiber Lower Cabin Zone
CFDComputational Fluid Dynamics, Car Free Day, Crash Free Driver, Carbon Fibre Diffuser
CFDBCarbon Fibre Door Blades
CFDRCombined Final Drive Ratio
CFECharged Fuel Efficiency, City Fuel Economy, Club Focus Espana, Club Ford Espana
CFEACompagnie Francaise D' Equipement Automobile
CFEBPCarbon Fibre Engine Bay Panels
CFECCarbon Fiber Engine Compartment, Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
CFEDBCorporate Fuel Economy Data Base
CFEISCertification Fuel Emissions Information System
CFEMClean Fuel Energy Management
CFEVACentral Florida Electric Vehicle Association
CFFClean Fuel Fleet, Club Ferrari France, Central Florida Fieros, Club Fiat De France, Capless Fuel Filler, Club Fuego France
CFFCCCanadian Falcon Fairlane Comet Club
CFFPClean Fueled Fleet Program
CFFSCarbon Fibre Front Splitter
CFFVClean Fuel Fleet Vehicle
CFGConfiguration, Checkered Flag, Configurator
CFGMChrysler Ford General Motors
CFGNTCentral Florida Grand National And T - Type Club
CFGPChina Formula Grand Prix
CFICentral Fuel Injection, Continuous Fuel Injection, Cross Fire Injection, Cold Flow Improver, Catalyst Fuel Injection, Cleanfire Fuel Injected, Continuous Flow Intersection, Chequered Flag International, Computerized Fuel Injection, Charged Fuel Injection, Cylinder Individual Fuel Injection
CFIPCommercial Fleet Incentive Program
CFIRECenter For Freight And Infrastructure Research And Education
CFISCentral Fuel Injection System
CFITCommission For Integrated Transport
CFIUCarbon Fibre Interior Upgrade
CFKCarbonfasterverstarkter Kunststoff, Carbon Fiber Kevlar, Carbon Fiber Kreations, Cabrio Freunde Kunterbunt
CFLCarbon Fibre Look, China Facelift, Carburetor Float, Carrozzeria Francis Lombardi
CFLHDCentral Federal Lands Highway Division
CFMChangan Ford Mazda, Cubic Feet Per Minute, Car Fleet Management, Commercial Fleet Manager, Cooperative Following And Merging, Cargo And Fleet Management, Carpet Floor Mats, Control Flow Monitoring, Carbon Flash Metallic, Car Free Morning
CFMAChangan Ford Mazda Automobile
CFMCCentral Florida Miata Club, Carbon Fibre Mirror Casings
CFMEChangan Ford Mazda Engine
CFMECChangan Ford Mazda Engine Company
CFNCarlisle Ford Nationals, Cadillac Friends Norway
CFNETCross Functional Network
CFOCritical Flow Orifice
CFOCACamaro Firebird Owners Club Of Australia
CFOGCalgary Fiero Owners Group
CFOGIClassic Fiero Owners Group International
CFPCarbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic, Clean Fuels Project, Clean Fuel Points, Club De Fiat Del Paraguay, Club Fiat Punto
CFPPCold Filter Plugging Point
CFQClub Ferrari Quebec, Club Focus Quebec, Club Ford Quebec
CFRCooperative Fuel Research, Constant Force Retractors, Carbon Fiber Reinforced, China Formula Racing, Code Of Federal Regulations, Committee Fuel Research, Coordinating Fuel Research
CFRACheckered Flag Racing Association
CFRBCCarbon Fibre Rear Bumper Centre
CFRDCarbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
CFRMCondenser Fan Relay Module
CFRPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
CFRPCCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Construction
CFRSCarbon Fiber Rear Segment, Carbon Fiber Racing Seats
CFRTPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics
CFRTSCarbon Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Resin
CFSContinental Flying Spur, Championnat De France De Supertourisme, Cars For Sale, Chrysler Financial Services, Cars For Stars, Citroen Financial Services, Classic Ford Show, Citroen Forum Srbije, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Car Fest South, Commodity Flow Survey, Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
CFSBCarbon Fibre Seat Backs
CFSCCaterpillar Financial Services Corporation
CFSICarbon Fibre Side Intakes
CFSJAColorado Full Size Jeep Association
CFSJCCarolina Full Size Jeep Club
CFSPCarbon Fibre Sill Panels
CFSRACentral Florida Street Rod Association
CFSSCheckered Flag Sprint Series
CFSTChampionnat De France Supertourisme
CFTCarbon Fiber Technologies, Clean Fueling Technologies, Car Following Theory, Centro Fuoristrada Toscana, Car Free Thursdays, Confort Pack
CFTACalifornia Flat Track Association, Charlotte Food Truck Association, Cincinnati Food Truck Association
CFTCChase For The Cup, Classic Ford Truck Club, Carolina's Ford Truck Club
CFTOACorporate Fleet Truck Owners Association
CFTRCentral Florida Triumph Register
CFVClean Fuel Vehicle, Clean Fleet Vehicle, Covered Farm Vehicle, Critical Flow Venturi, Coolant Flow Valve
CFVDCellular Floating Vehicle Data
CFVTCar Friendly Very Tolerant, Critical Few Vehicle Tolerances, Clean Fuels Vehicle Technology
CFVWCCentral Florida Volkswagen Club
CFWColorado Four Wheelers, Cadillac Fleetwood, Cab Forward
CFWACarbon Fibre Wheel Arches
CFWBCarl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward
CFWDAContinental Four Wheel Drive Association
CFWSCACentral Florida Wingless Sprint Car Association
CFXCentral Florida Expressway, Carfax
CFZCCape Fear Z Club, Central Florida Z Club
CGAConsumer Guide Automotive
CGALTClassic Gas Altered
CGBCruise Grade Braking
CGCClean Green Cars, Classic Gas Coupe
CGCCClassical Glass Corvette Club
CGECarl Green Enterprises
CGGCCached Greedy Geocast
CGHCenter Of Gravity Height
CGICharged Gasoline Injection, Compacted Graphite Iron, Common Rail Gasoline Injection, Clean Gas Induction
CGIDFClub Golf Ile De France
CGKCarburetor Gasket
CGKNConsul Granada Klubb Norge
CGLCenter Of Gravity Length
CGMCargo Mat, Compagnie Generale De Moteurs, Cyber Green Metallic, Cyber Grey Metallic, Central Gateway Module
CGNCargo Net
CGNDCase Ground
CGPCanadian Grand Prix, Cincinnati Grand Prix, Citroen Grand Picasso, Club Grand Prix
CGRCooperative Glare Reduction, Chip Ganassi Racing, China Grand Rally
CGRCCaterham Graduates Racing Club
CGRSCosworth Genesis Racing Series, Commission For Global Road Safety
CGSClutchless Gear System, Coupe Grand Sport, Citroen Grande Serie
CGSCChrysler Group Service Contracts
CGSSCoupe Grand Sport Surbaisse
CGTCargo Tray, Continental Gt, Carrera Gt, Ceramic Gas Turbine, Classic Gt, Compensated Gross Ton, Chrysler Group Transport
CGTHCenter Of Gravity Height
CGTIClub Gti
CGTOADClassic Gto Association Of Denver
CGTPACommonwealth Garden Tractor Pullers Association
CGUConditions Generales D' Utilisation
CGVChrysler Grand Voyager, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Chevrolet Grand Vitara, Certified Green Vehicle, Coordinate Guided Vehicle, Cargo Van
CGVWCombined Gross Vehicle Weight
CGVWCCoastal Georgia Volkswagen Club
CGWCenter Of Gravity Width, Combined Gross Vehicle Weight, Central Gateway, Continental Gummiwerke
CH2Chevy Two
CH4WDCCentral Hills Four Wheel Drive Club
CHACChina Honda Automobile Company
CHACAClassic And Historic Automobile Club Of Australia
CHADEMOCharge De Move
CHAMChina Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing
CHAMCOChina America Cooperative Automotive
CHAMPComputer Hardware Maintenance Program, Connecticut Highway Assistance Motorist Patrol
CHAMPCARChampionship Auto Racing
CHANAChangan Automobiles
CHARGECentre For Hybrid Automotive Research And Green Energy
CHARMCommon Highways Agency Rijkswaterstaat Model
CHARTChesapeake Highway Advisories Routing Traffic
CHASChassis Engineering
CHBChrome Bumper, Cylinder Head Bolt, Choke Breaker
CHCCastrol Haugg Cup, Car Hire Club, Canadian Hummer Club, Colorado Hummer Club, Car History Check, Crv Hrv Community
CHCAColorado Hill Climb Association
CHCABChassis Cab
CHCCNTClassic Holden Car Club Of The Northern Territory
CHCMCabin Heater Control Module
CHCNClassic Honda Club Norway
CHDCylinder Head
CHEMContainer Handling Equipment Manufacturers
CHEPChihuahua Engine Plant
CHEVConverted Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Charge Maintaining Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Combined Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Chevrolet
CHFClean Hydrocarbon Fuel, Coming Home Function, Chauffeur
CHGCharger, Cylinder Head Gasket, Change
CHHChassis Height, Car Hacker's Handbook
CHIChicago Assembly Plant
CHICClean Hydrogen In European Cities Project
CHIEFCustoms Handling Of Import And Export Freight
CHILDChild Injury Led Design
CHILLClub House For Indy Lotus Lovers
CHIPCounty Highway Improvement Program, California Highway Patrol
CHIPOCChicago Probe Owners Club
CHKCChampionship Karting Cup
CHLComing Home Lights, Challenger
CHLBCoachline Bespoke
CHMCold Mixture Heater, Chassis Module, Cabin Heater Module
CHMCCummins High Mileage Club, Council Of Heritage Motor Clubs, Classic And Historic Motor Club
CHMSLCenter High Mounted Stop Lamp
CHMZChevrolet Matiz
CHNClub Honda Norge, Crank Handle
CHOClub Hummer Offroad, Choke Opener
CHOGCarolina Hummer Owners Group
CHORUSClearinghouse For Older Road User Safety
CHPContinuous Horse Power, Commercial Hauler Permit, California Highway Patrol, Competition Handling Package, Customer Handling Process, Club Hyundai Pony
CHPIECalifornia Highway Panteras Inland Empire
CHQClub Hyundai Quebec
CHRCanadian Hot Rods, Classic Hot Rods, Club Hot Rod, Coupe High Ride, Challenge Ronde, Compact High Rider, Cross Hatch Runabout
CHRACenter Housing Rotating Assembly, Coates Hire Rally Australia, Canberra Hot Rod Association
CHREChery Automobile
CHRRCalifornia Hot Rod Reunion
CHRYCOChrysler Corporation
CHSCab And Chassis, Clutch Hub Sleeve, Chrome Step Bumper, Cable Hook Stopper, Choke Solenoid, Carroll Hall Shelby, Citizens For Highway Safety, Constant High Speed
CHSPComprehensive Highway Safety Plan
CHTControlled High Turbulence, Camera Of High Turbulence, Cylinder Heat Temperature, Compound High Turbulence, Classic Honda Mini Trails
CHTILCylinder Heat Temperature Indicator Lamp
CHVCommercial Heavy Vehicle, Check Valve
CHVAContemporary Historical Vehicle Association
CHVPCommercial Hauler Vehicle Permit
CHVRSConditional Historic Vehicles Registration Scheme
CHWCounty Highway
CHYMCompression Hybrid Molding
CIACars In Action, Canadian International Autoshow, Car Importers Association, Compagnia Italiana Automobili, Commercio Internazionale Auto, Centro De Capacitacion E Investigacion Automotriz, Curved Interaction Area
CIAACanadian Independent Automotive Association
CIAACEChina International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo
CIAAIChina International Automotive Aftermarket Industry
CIACCluster De La Industria D' Automocio De Catalunya
CIADACalifornia Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association
CIADEACompania Interamericana De Automoviles
CIAEChina International Automobile Exhibition
CIAGComplexo Industrial Automotivo General Motors
CIAHCCentral Indiana Austin Healey Club
CIALCitroen Axel
CIAPEChina International Auto Parts Expo
CIAPLChrysler India Automotive Private Limited
CIASCanadian International Auto Show, Crash Impact Absorbing Structure, Costruttori Italiani Automobili Sportive
CIATCalifornia Institute Of Automotive Technology
CIAXCitroen Ax
CIAZComfort Intelligence Attitude And Zeal
CIBCollision Imminent Braking, Crash Imminent Braking, Cam In Block
CIBACast Iron Block Assembly
CICCustomer Information Center, Chana International Corporation, Customer Interaction Centre, Chang International Circuit, Central Illinois Corvettes, Corona Indonesia Club, Collision Industry Conference
CICACooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance
CICASCooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance System
CICCCentral Illinois Corvette Club, Central Indiana Camaro Club
CICCACompagnie Industrielle Et Commerciale Du Cycle Et De L' Automobile
CICCCCentral Indiana Classic Chevy Club
CICCWClub International De Camping Car Westfalia
CICECycloidal Internal Combustion Engine, Conventional Internal Combustion Engine
CICEIAChina Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association
CICGCComedians In Cars Getting Coffee
CICXCitroen Cx
CIDCubic Inch Displacement, Central Information Display, Cylinder Identification, Color Information Display, Charge Injection Device, Camion D' Interventions Diverses, Commercial Item Description, Central Illinois Dragway, Camshaft Identification, Controller Interface Device, Citroen Id
CIDASACompania Industrial De Automotores Sa
CIDCHCentral Information Display Color High
CIDDCombined Inverter And Dc - Dc
CIDERCommunication Infrastructure For Drive On European Roads
CIDICompression Ignition Direct Injection
CIDOACamara De Importadores Y Distribuidores Oficiales De Automotores
CIDRISConnecticut Impaired Driving Records Information System
CIEChrysler Institute Of Engineering, Compression Ignition Engine
CIECACommission Internationale Des Examens De Conduite Automobile
CIEVFCanberra International Electric Vehicle Festival
CIFCost Insurance Freight, Compression Ignition Fuel, Chrysler Imperial France
CIFACompagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio
CIFICylinder Individual Fuel Injection
CIFTSCenter For Intermodal Freight Transportation Studies
CIGCompression Ignition, Cigar Lighter, Cabrio Interessen Gemeinschaft
CIGICoach Industries Group Inc.
CIGNCompression Ignition
CIGNACompression Ignition Addict
CIGTCampionato Italiano Gran Turismo, Centre D' Information Et De Gestion Du Trafic
CIHCam In Head, Compensated Intercorporate Hauling
CIHDCompression Ignition And Heavy Duty
CIIACollision Industry Information Assistance
CIICCentral Indiana Impreza Club
CIJCCentral Indiana Jeep Club, Central Illinois Jeep Club
CIKCommission Internationale De Karting, Camshaft Installation Kit, Clutch Installation Kit
CILComplete Interchange Lighting, Cilindri In Linea, Castrol India Limited
CILCCCombined International Local And Commuter Cycle
CILTChartered Institute For Logistics Of Transport
CIMChassis Integration Module, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Chassis Interface Module, Column Integration Module, Continuous Inferred Mileage, Classification In Motion, Collision Investigation Manual, Computer Integrated Machining
CIMACConseil International Des Machines De Combustion, Classic International Motorsports Association
CIMCCentral Iowa Mini Club
CIMECamshaft Improves Auto Economy Mechanical Engineering
CIMOSCitroen Iskra Tomos
CINCalibration Identification Number
CINQAAmicale Angevine Des Amoureux Des Automobiles Anciennes
CIOTClick It Or Ticket
CIPConstant Differential Injector Pressure, Cost Insurance Paid, Critical Impact Point, Club Italiano Panhard, California Import Parts
CIPAGComite International Pour La Priorite A Gauche
CIPESComitato Italiano Permanente Per L' Educazione Stradale
CIPHERCae Integrated Phiaro Engineered Racer
CIPOSContactless Inductive Position Sensor
CIPSCrash Impact Protection System, Closest In Path Stationary
CIPVClosest In Path Moving Vehicle
CIQClub Integra Quebec, Car Insurance Quote
CIRCampionato Italiano Rally, Circuit, Compagnia Italiana Roulotte
CIRASCampionato Italiano Rally Auto Storiche
CIRCCascadia International Rally Championship, Circuit
CIRENCrash Injury Research And Engineering Network
CIRPCACentral Indiana Region Porsche Club Of America
CIRTCentral Institute Of Road Transport
CIRVPComite Interregional De Voitures Sur Prairie
CISContinuous Injection System, Campaign Information System, Crash Injury Study, Car Immobilizer System, Car Information System, Constant Idle Speed, Curb Idle Speed, Customer Information System, Clutch Interlock Switch, Contrast Interior Scheme, Compressor Inlet Sensor, Clark International Speedway, Campionato Italiano Superturismo
CISEContinuous Injection System Electronic
CISEVCongreso Ibero - Americano De Seguridad Vital
CISGCrank Mounted Integrated Starter Generator
CISITALIAConsorzio Industriale Sportiva Italia
CISMCompanhia Industrial Santa Matilde
CISPALSACompania Hispano Alemana De Productos Mercedes Benz Sa
CISRComite Interministeriel Pour La Securite Routiere
CISSCrash Impact Sound Sensor, Cooperative Integrated Safety Systems
CITCash In Transit, Commission For Integrated Transport, Cab Interior Temperature, Compressor Intake Temperature
CITCOCitroen Company
CITEConnected Intelligent Transport Environment
CITEANCentro De Innovacion Tecnologica De Automocion De Navarra
CITELACitroen Elettrica
CITELECCities Interested In The Use Of Electric Vehicles
CITHConcours In The Hills
CITHESConcept Innovant Pour Transport De Personnes Handicapees Ergonomique Et Securise
CITIESCar Industry Road Transport And An International Emission Trading Scheme, Cooperation For Integrated Traffic Management And Information Exchange Systems
CITOACentral Illinois Triumph Owners Association
CITPCars In The Park
CITRACCentrally Integrated Traffic Control System
CITSCentral Tire Inflation System, Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems
CITVCash In Transit Van, Centro De Investigacion De Tecnologia De Vehiculos
CIVCompress Ignition Vehicle, Certificat D' Immatriculation D' Un Vehicule, Cartea De Identitate A Vehiculului
CIVCChina Intelligent Vehicle Championship
CIVMCampionato Italiano Velocita Montagna
CIVRCircuito Internacional De Vila Real
CIVTCampionato Italiano Velocita Turismo
CIWClub International Westfalia
CIZETAClaudio Zampolli Automobili
CIZXCitroen Zx
CJ2Civilian Jeep Two
CJAClub Jeep Aventure, Classic Jaguar Association
CJASChrysler Jeep Automotive Of Singapore
CJBCentral Junction Box, Club Jetta Bogota
CJCChesapeake Jeep Club, Cape Jaguar Club, Chuckwalla Jeep Club, Colorado Jeep Club, Columbia Jeep Club, Carolina Jaguar Club, Club Jetta Cali
CJCCCentral Jersey Corvette Club
CJCZLClassic Jaguar Club Zuid Limburg
CJDChrysler Jeep Dodge
CJDRChrysler Jeep Dodge And Ram
CJECobra Jet Engine, Club Jeep De L' Est
CJETCobra Jet, Caloosa Jeepers Of Southwest Florida
CJGCreeper Jeepers Gang
CJKCar Jacking
CJLRChery Jaguar Land Rover
CJMCobra Jet Mustang, Club Jeep Montreal
CJPChicago Jeep Patrol
CJRClassic Jaguar Replicas, Classic Jaguar Racing, Club Jeep Romania
CJRSClub Jeep Rive Sud
CJSCobra Jet Shootout, Cobra Jet Showdown
CJSCClosed Joint Stock Company
CJTCivilian Jeep Truck
CJTSCobra Jet Top Stock
CJVWSCentral Jersey Volkswagen Society
CJWCClub Jeep Willys Clasico
CJWCEClub Jeep Willys Clasico De Espana
CJWCRClub Jeep Willys Costa Rica
CKAClub Kombi Argentina, Crank Angle
CKBCColor Keyed Brake Calipers
CKCCadet Karting Cup, Complete Kit Car, Chrysler K - Car, Carolina Karting Championship
CKCACentral Kansas Corvette Association
CKCCChrysler K - Car Club, Cape Kennedy Corvette Club, Central Kentucky Camaro Club, Cadillac Kings Car Club
CKCCMChrysler K - Car Club Mexico
CKDCompletely Knocked Down, Celica Klub Danmark, Car Kulture Deluxe
CKFClub Kia Forte
CKKPClosed Knuckle King Pin
CKMCar And Key Memory, Capri Klub Magyarorszag
CKMARCCentral Kentucky Model A Restorers Club
CKMCCounty Kildare Motor Club
CKNCortina Klubb Norge
CKPCrankshaft Position, Conventional King Pin, Club Kia Picanto
CKPOCrankshaft Position Out
CKPSCrankshaft Position Sensor
CKQClub Kia Quebec
CKRClub Kia Romania
CKRCCalgary Kart Racing Club
CLACentral Lock Alarm, Chauffeur Limousine Academy, Coupe Leicht A - Klasse, Club Lotus Australia, Classic Edition
CLAACochin Lorry Agents Association
CLAIClassic Motor Carriages Inc.
CLAINJClamped Injector
CLAKComisia Locala De Automobilism Si Karting
CLARCluster Architecture
CLASCenter For Local Aid Support
CLAUGTOCluster Automotriz De Guanajuato
CLAUTCluster Automotriz
CLAUZCluster Automotriz Zona Centro
CLBChrysler Le Baron
CLBCChrysler Le Baron Club
CLBGCorvettes Limited Of Bowling Green
CLBPSConcessional Loading Bulk Products Scheme
CLCC - Class Coupe, Converter Lockup Clutch, Cadillac Lasalle Club, Concept Style Coupe, Centrifugal Lock - Up Clutch, Club Land Cruiser, Closing Car, Concentrated Load Capacity
CLCACooperative Lane Change Assistant, California's Low Cost Automobile, Comite De Liaison De La Construction Automobile
CLCAIPCalifornia Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program
CLCBCadillac Lasalle Club Belgium
CLCCClosed Loop Carburetor Control, Capital Land Cruiser Club, City Load Carrying Capacity, Closed Loop Combustion Control, Cadillac Lasalle Club Of Canada
CLCCRCommittee De Liaison De La Construction De Carrosseries Et De Remorque
CLCFCadillac Lasalle Club France
CLCGCorvettes Limited Of Central Georgia
CLCNTXCadillac Lasalle Club North Texas Region
CLCPGHCadillac Lasalle Club Pittsburgh Region
CLCVTCCar And Light Commercial Vehicle Technical Committee
CLDConfort Luxe Diesel, Closed, Careless Driving
CLEClub Lancia Espana
CLECClosed Loop Emission Control
CLECSClosed Loop Emission Control System
CLEDIPACommittee De Liaison European De La Distribution Independante De Pieces De Rechange Et Equipements Pour Automobiles
CLEPAComite De Liaison Europeen Des Fabricants D' Equipements Et De Pieces Automobiles
CLEVERCompact Low Emission Vehicle For Urban Transport
CLFClub Lotus France, Coefficient Lift Front
CLFCSClosed Loop Fuel Control System
CLIChongqing Lifan Industry, Comfort Luxe Injected, Changing Lanes Improperly, Coolant Level Indicator, Combi Luxe Injection
CLIGChongqing Lifan Industry Group
CLIGHTCigarette Lighter
CLIMClimate Control System
CLINEConfortline Pack
CLKCoupe Leicht Kurz, Clutch Kit
CLKOCClk Owners Club
CLLContinental Learning Laboratory
CLLOAChrysler Lebaron Loyalist Of America
CLMColumn Locking Module, Crate Late Model, Closed Loop Manifold, Central Locking Module, Compagnie Lilloise De Moteurs, Classic Le Mans
CLMAColorado Late Model Association
CLNCar Load Night, Cylinder Liner
CLNACrosslander North America
CLNDCross Lander
CLNWClub Lotus North West
CLNZClub Lotus New Zealand
CLOClub Lotus
CLOACoimbatore Lorry Owners Association
CLOCCorvettes Limited Of Connecticut
CLOCGCorvettes Limited Of Central Georgia
CLOCKCentral Locking
CLOCSConstruction Logistics And Community Safety
CLOSERCombined Learning Objectives For Safer European Roads
CLOVCloud Electric Vehicles
CLPCollapsible Steering Column, Cornering Lamp, Car License Plate, Commercial Learner's Permit, Cedez Le Passage, Club Lotus Portugal
CLQClub Lexus Quebec
CLRCentral Locking Remote Control, Convertible Locking Retractor, Crystal Lite Roof, Cooperative Lubrication Research, County Line Raceway, Coefficient Lift Rear, Club Lexus Russia
CLRCCape Land Rover Club, Chicago Land Rover Club, Cheshire Land Rover Club
CLRIClub Land Rover Ireland
CLROCCanterbury Land Rover Owners Club
CLRQClub De Land Rovers Du Quebec
CLRSCenter Line Rumble Strip, Club Land Rover Santana
CLRTCollision Repair Technician
CLRTTClub Land Rover Todo Terreno
CLRTTEClub Land Rover Todo Terreno Espana
CLSCentral Locking System, Coolant Level Switch, Comfort Luxe Super, Coupe Leicht Sport, Cigarette Lighter Socket, Composite Leaf Spring, California Lightning Sprints, Concessional Limits, Concessional Loading Bulk Products Scheme, Coupe Limousine Sport, Cadillac And La Salle, Centralized Lubrication System, Constant Lower Speed
CLSCCadillac And La Salle Club
CLSCFCadillac La Salle Club France
CLSWColor Keyed Leather Steering Wheel
CLTCigarette Lighter, Comfort Luxe Touring, Caterpillar Lift Trucks
CLTBIClosed Loop Throttle Body Injection
CLTCBCentral Land Transport Control Board
CLTHCloth Upholstery
CLTHRClosed Throttle
CLTXClub Loose Texas
CLUCombustibil Lichid Usor, Central Locking Unit, Cluster Module
CLVCalculated Load Value, Cleveland Stamping Plant, Constant Linear Velocity
CLWControl Loss Warning, Combined License Weight
CLXComfort Luxe, Crossland X
CLYCClosed Loop Yaw Control
CM3Cubic Centimeters
CMACooperative Merging Assistance, Compact Modular Architecture, Club Mini De Argentina, Changan Mazda Automobile, Club Maserati Australia, Classic Military Automotive
CMAEClub Milanese Automotoveicoli D' Epoca
CMAFCCornhusker Model A Ford Club
CMAFFCanadian Model A Ford Foundation
CMAGTCertified Master Auto Glass Technician
CMAJCatalyst Manufacturers Association Japan
CMAQCongestion Mitigation And Air Quality
CMATTCatpa Metropolitan Auto Theft Team
CMATVACentral Mountains All Terrain Vehicle Association
CMAVCompact Multi Activity Vehicle
CMBCollision Mitigation Braking, Combustion, Cam Bearing, Club Mercedes Benz, Concrete Median Barrier, Chevrolet Malibu
CMBBCollision Mitigation By Braking
CMBDFClub Mercedes Benz De France
CMBFClub Mercedes Benz De France
CMBQClub Mercedes Benz De Quebec
CMBSCollision Mitigation Brake System
CMCChina Motor Corporation, Champion Motorcar Company, Cadillac Master Coachbuilder, Council Of Motoring Clubs, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ceramic Matrix Composite, Checker Motors Corporation, Cooper Motor Corporation, Clutch Master Cylinder, Classic Motor Cars, Compressor Motor Controller, Classic Motor Carriages, Chicagoland Mopar Connection, Carolina Mopar Clubs, Colorado Motorsports Council, Chicagoland Mustang Club, Copperstate Mustang Club, Cochise Mustang Club, Cell Module Controller, Ceramic Matrix Components, Classic Mini Club, Cardiff Mini Club, Cornish Mini Club, Charleston Mini Club, Car Multimedia Committee, Caterham Motorsport Championship, Chery Motorsport Club
CMCACentral Minnesota Corvette Association, Colorado Motor Carriers Association
CMCBClassic Motor Club Del Bages
CMCCCustom Interior Color Match, Coventry Model Car Club, Connecticut Military Corvette Club, Coal Mine Cruiser Classic, Classic Muscle Car Club, Citrus Mopar Car Club, Central Michigan Classic Cruisers
CMCDCadillac Motor Car Division
CMCSCorvette Marque Club Of Seattle
CMCTCorvette Motorsports Club Of Texas
CMCVCharge Motion Control Valves
CMDChevrolet Motor Division, Car Multimedia Device, Chevrolet Master Deluxe, Cadillac Motor Division
CMDAChrysler Minority Dealers Association
CMDBColor Match Dashboard
CMDDContent Map Or Database Download
CMDPSColumn Motor Driven Power Steering
CMDRCentral Mass Drag Racers
CMDTCContinuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes
CMEChampionnat Du Monde D' Endurance, Center Mount Exhaust
CMEMComprehensive Modal Emissions Model
CMETConsejo Mexicano Del Transporte
CMFCommon Module Family, Camionette Manoeuvres De Force, Crash Modification Factors, Club Maserati France, Club Mini France, Chevy Malibu Forum, Cyprus Motorsport Federation
CMFICentral Multiport Fuel Injection
CMGCostruzioni Meccaniche Giannini
CMGCChicagoland Mg Club
CMGCOClassic Mg Club Of Orlando
CMGEClub Mercedes Gelandewagen Espana
CMGMClub Miata Du Grand Montreal
CMHCombined Motor Holdings, Cold Mixture Heater, Classic Mercedes Hire
CMHFCanadian Motorsport Hall Of Fame
CMHOFColorado Motorsports Hall Of Fame
CMHSConnaught Mild Hybrid System
CMICanadian Motor Industries, Club Motori Italia, Campbell Motor Industries, Club Mini Italia, Club Marcos International, Cummins Inc.
CMJACentral Mississippi Jeep Association
CMKCamera Mounting Kit, Continental Mobility Kit, Chassis Mounting Kit
CMLChevrolet My Link, Concessional Mass Limits, Commercial
CMLCCari Mitsubishi Lancer Club
CMMCoupe Mille Miglia, Column Memory Module, Collision Mitigation Module, Club Miata De La Monteregie, Cisitalia Mille Miglia, Classic Motor Monthly, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Classic Motor Museum, Cayman Motor Museum
CMMCChicago Mini Motoring Club
CMMCSCape Multi Motor Club Secretariate
CMMGRCCCanadian Modern Mg Rover Car Club
CMMOCCambridgeshire Modified Motor Owners Club
CMNClub Miata Northwest
CMNWClub Miata North West
CMOCustomer Material Order, Conventional Mineral Oil
CMOACanadian Mopar Owners Association
CMOBACar Multimedia Open Bus Architecture
CMOCCanadian Mustang Owners Club, Canterbury Mustang Owners Club, Canterbury Mini Owners Club, Chesterfield Mini Owners Club, Christian Mini Owners Club, Compass Mini Owners Club, Chevrolet Matiz Owners Club
CMOJCruisin' Mopars Of Jacksonville
CMOOCCortina Mark One Owners Club
CMOSCar Motor Oil Synthetic
CMPCamshaft Position, Chevrolet Micro Pick - Up, Calabogie Motorsports Park, Central Minnesota Pullers, Common Modular Platform, Congestion Management Program, Congestion Management Plan
CMPACountry Modified Truck Pulling Association
CMPCChrysler Motor Parts Corporation
CMPDACoimbatore Motor Parts Dealers Association
CMPEGCalifornia Miles Per Equivalent Gallon
CMPFMCamshaft Position Failure Mode
CMPGCentral Motorway Police Group, City Miles Per Gallon, Combined Miles Per Gallon
CMPIChery Motors Philippines Inc.
CMPOCamshaft Position Out
CMPRClub Miata Puerto Rico
CMPSCamshaft Position Sensor
CMPTCowtown Mopar Performance Team, Compartment
CMPVCompact Multi Purpose Vehicle
CMQClub Mazda Quebec, Club Mustang Quebec, Club Mitsubishi Quebec, Club Mini Quebec
CMRColin Mcrae Rally, Current Mileage Rate, Contrat De Transport International De Merchandises Par Route, Campionatul Mondial De Raliuri, Capital Mini Register, Camera Module Rear
CMR2ECanadian Mr2 Experience
CMRCCaribbean Motor Racing Championship
CMRCSCaribbean Motor Racing Championship Series
CMSCollision Mitigation System, Collision Mitigation Sensor, Crash Management System, Composition Media System, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Changeable Message Signs, Classic Motor Show, Catalyst Monitor Sensor, Current Models And Services, Charge Management System, Collision Management System, Congestion Management System, Camera Monitor System
CMSCChangan Mazda Motor Sales Corporation, Ceylon Motor Sports Club, Customer Manufacturing Solution Center, Calcutta Motor Sports Club, Club Motor Sport Championship
CMSJACentral Mississippi Jeep Association
CMSPColor Match Seat Piping
CMSTColor Match Standard Stitching
CMSWColor Match Steering Wheel
CMTCaravan Motor Touristik
CMTACeylon Motor Traders Association
CMTCCompass Mini Trip Computer, Centennial Model T Club
CMUConnectivity Master Unit
CMVCommercial Motor Vehicle, Chevrolet Micro Van, Calculated Minimum Viscosity, Current Market Value, Coolant Mixer Valve, Classic Military Vehicle
CMVACentral Motor Vehicle Act, Commercial Motor Vehicle Act, Commercial Motor Vehicle Association
CMVCCommercial Motor Vehicle Consulting
CMVCICommercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction
CMVDCChina Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
CMVECommercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement
CMVICommercial Motor Vehicle Inspection
CMVMACanadian Motor Vehicles Manufacturers Association
CMVOSTCommercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training
CMVPCBCalifornian Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board
CMVRCentral Motor Vehicles Rules, Commonwealth Motor Vehicle Registration, Commercial Motor Vehicle Rule
CMVRBCommercial Motor Vehicle Review Board
CMVROCentral Motor Vehicle Registration Office
CMVRTCCommercial Motor Vehicle Roadside Technology Corridor, Commercial Motor Vehicle Roadside Technology Consortium
CMVSCommercial Motor Vehicles, Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety
CMVSACanada Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act
CMVSEACommercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act
CMVSRCanada Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations
CMVSSCanadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Corporate Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
CMVTCommercial Motor Vehicle Tax
CMXCoupe Mirada Experimental, C - Max
CN2Combi Numero Deux
CNAChevrolet Nomad Association, Comision Nacional De Aceleracion
CNAACCentral Newfoundland Antique Auto Club
CNACCentral Nebraska Auto Club
CNADNRCompania Nationala De Autostrazi Si Drumuri Nationale Din Romania
CNAI&GClub Nazionale Autostoppisti Italiani E Giramondo
CNAICChina National Automotive Industry Corporation
CNAIRCompania Nationala De Administrare A Infrastructurii Rutiere
CNAKComisia Nationala De Automobilism Si Karting
CNBCargo Net Bed
CNBMCCentral New Brunswick Mustang Club
CNCCar News China, Comision Nacional De Automoviles Clasicos De Competencia, Chevrolet Niva Club, Club Niva Chile, Car Newbies Community
CNCAPChina New Car Assessment Programme
CNCCComision Nacional De Automoviles Clasicos De Competencia, Classic Nights Car Club
CNCDCar Nation Canada Direct
CNCDACalifornia New Car Dealers Association
CNDCampionatul National De Drift, Comision Nacional De Automovilismo Deportivo, Car Next Door
CNDAComision Nacional De Aceleracion, Cherished Numbers Dealers Association
CNDCConfederacion Nacional De Duenos De Camiones
CNDRCampionatul National De Drift
CNDSCanada Naturalistic Driving Study
CNEClub Nissan Elite
CNFBClub Nazionale Fiat Barchetta
CNFCGPCentral North Florida Club Grand Prix
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
CNGBCompressed Natural Gas Bus
CNGDICng Direct Injection
CNGHEBCompressed Natural Gas Hybrid Electric Bus
CNGVCompressed Natural Gas Vehicle, Chinese New Generation Vehicle
CNGVACanadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance
CNHChinese National Highway
CNHCACentral New Hampshire Corvair Association
CNHDTGChina National Heavy Duty Truck Group
CNHTCChina National Heavy Truck Group Corporation
CNIACampionatul National De Indemanare Auto
CNKCampionatul National De Karting, Comision Nacional Kartismo, Connector Kit
CNKDCampionatul National De Karting Dunlop
CNLCountry Night Load
CNMCorvairs Of New Mexico, Club Nouvelle Mini
CNOComision Nacional De Pilotos Organizados De Ruta
CNORCampionatul National De Offroad, Comisia Nationala De Offroad
CNPComision Nacional De Pista, Club Nacional Pegaso, Coil Near Plug
CNPAConseil National Des Professions De L' Automobile
CNQClub Neon Quebec
CNRCampionatul National De Raliuri, Comision Nacional De Rallies, Centro Nazionale Delle Ricerche, Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche, Confederatia Nationala Rutiera
CNRDCampionatul National De Raliuri Dunlop
CNRMComision Nacional De Rallies Mexico
CNRRCampionatul National De Rally Raid
CNRVCentre National De Reception Des Vehicules
CNSCommunication And Navigation System, Car Navigation System, Colorado National Speedway, Combustion Noise Sensor, Cadillac Northstar, Contact Set, Connected Navigation System, Club Nissan Sentra
CNSRConseil National De La Securite Routiere
CNTCounter, Constant
CNTCCanadian Nissan Truck Club
CNTSCenter For National Truck Statistics
CNVConvertible, Cumulative Number Of Vehicles, Campionatul National De Viteza, Comision Nacional De Automoviles De Coleccion Vintage, Convenience, Club Neon Venezuela
CNVCCampionatul National De Viteza In Coasta
CNVCDCampionatul National De Viteza In Coasta Dunlop
CNVQSCompetitive New Vehicle Quality Survey
CNVSCompetitive New Vehicle Survey, Canvas Top
CNWCorvairs Northwest
CNYChrysler New Yorker
CNYBCACentral New York Buick Club Of America
CNYCCCentral New York Car Club
CNYCCACentral New York Car Club Association
CNYMACentral New York Mopar Association
CNYMSCentral New York Mini Sprints
CNYPCACentral New York Porsche Club Of America
CNYRTACentral New York Regional Transportation Authority
CNYTPCentral New York Truck Pullers
CNYVCOACentral New York Volvo Club Of America
CO2ECarbon Dioxide Equivalent
COACircuit Of The Americas, Communications Capsule For Open Air Motoring, Cadillac Owners Association, Centro Operativo Autostradale, Certificate Of Authenticity
COA4WDCIColorado Association Of 4wd Clubs Inc.
COASCar On A Stick
COASTCorvette Owners Association Of South Texas
COATPACentral Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association
COBCorvettes Of Bakersfield, Corvettes Of Berkshire, Chip On Board, Cobra
COBATConsorzio Obbligatorio Batterie
COBBCanola Oil Based Biodiesel
COBCCentral On Board Computer
COBRACopper Brazed, Covert Organized Bait Recovery Apprehension
COCConventional Oxidation Catalyst, Citroen Owners Club, Corvette Owners Club, Chevrolet Owners Club, Cadillac Owners Club, Champion Of Champions, Certificate Of Conformity, Chevrolet Owner Center, Challenge Of Champions, Cab Over Camper, Circuit Of Champions, Corvettes Of Choice, Corvettes Of Clarksville, Classic Corvette Club, Certificate Of Compliance, Cobra Owners Club, Caterham Owners Club, Camping Oldie Club, Club Opel Corsa, Corolla Owners Club
COCBCCCentral Oregon Coast British Car Club
COCCCentral Oklahoma Corvette Club, Commodore Owners Car Club
COCCCCentral Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club, Central Oregon Classic Chevy Club
COCGBCadillac Owners Club Great Britain
COCICortina Owners Club Of Ireland
COCKCoil Over Conversion Kit
COCOCentral Ohio Chevelle Owners
COCOACobra Owners Club Of America
COCPClube Opel Classico Portugal
COCQChrysler Owners Club Of Queensland
COCSDCorvette Owners Club Of San Diego
CODCylinder On Demand, Coefficient Of Drag, Certificate Of Destruction, Camera Object Detection, Cars On Demand
CODASURConfederacion Deportiva Automovilismo Sudamericana
CODECollege Of Driver Education, Coalition Of Operators Drivers Employees
CODECSCooperative Its Deployment Coordination Support
CODESCrash Outcome Data Evaluation Systems
CODEXCoalition Of Operators Drivers Employees Express
CODOTColorado Department Of Transportation
CODTCorvettes Of Dakota Territory
COECab Over Engine, Center Of Excellence, Cars On Edge, Certificate Of Entitlement, Club Octavia Espana
COFCar Of The Future, Cars Of France, Crimp On Flange, Coefficient Of Friction, Certificate Of Fitness, Corvettes Of Fresno
COFCContainer On Flat Car
COFFClub Obsolete Ford France
COFTACentral Ohio Food Truck Association
COFVWCity Of Firsts Volkswagen Club
COGCenter Of Gravity, Center Of Geometry, Celica Owner's Group, Corvair Owners Group
COHAMCenter For Occupational Health In Automotive Manufacturing
COHVCanadian Off Highway Vehicle
COHVCOColorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition
COHVOPSCentral Oregon Combined Off Highway Vehicle Operations
COICertificate Of Inspection, Civic Oldskool Indonesia
COILCentral Oklahoma Impala Lovers
COJACentral Oklahoma Jaguar Association
COKCoil - Over Kit
COLCorvettes Of Lodi, Certificate Of Loading
COLAMBOColani Lamborghini
COLASControlled Air Suspension
COLMILColeman Milne
COLPASColumn Integrated Power Assisted Steering
COLTCell On Light Truck
COLTOPConfederation Of Land Transport Organizations Of The Philippines
COLXCentral Ohio Lx Club
COMCountry Of Manufacture, Centre Of Mass, Communication Interface, Corvettes Of Minnesota, Combustion
COMACentral Oklahoma Mopar Association
COMAHControl Of Major Accident Hazards
COMANDCockpit Management And Data System
COMASSOCommon Autosar Standard Software
COMCCouncil Of Motoring Clubs, Central Oklahoma Miata Club
COMETCommunity Enabling Telematics, Corridor Management Teams
COMOCentral Ohio Mini Owners
COMOSComprehensive Mobility Solutions
COMOTORCompagnie Europeenne De Construction De Moteurs Automobiles
COMPCompressor, Compartment, Competizione
COMPWCSComprehensive Weight Control System
COMTOConference Of Minority Transportation Officials
COMTRANSCommercial Auto Transport
COMVCommuter Vehicles
COMVECCommercial Vehicle Engineering Congress
CONCorvettes Of Naples, Controller
CONACooperative Navigation
CONAMContactgroep Automobiel En Motorrijwielhistorie
CONEPAFederacion Espanola De Empresarios Profesionales De Automocion
CONGOCommunity Of Datsun Go
CONNDOTConnecticut Department Of Transportation
CONSConsole, Consumption
CONSULTComputerized On - Board System Universal Tester
CONTControl, Continental
CONVConvertible, Conventional
COOCountry Of Origin, Cost Of Ownership, Coordinator, Cruise On Off
COOCCambridge Oxford Owners Club, Central Oklahoma Opel Club
COOHVACentral Oregon Off Highway Vehicle Association
COOPMini Cooper
COOPERSCooperative Systems For Intelligent Road Safety
COORJCCentral Ontario Off Road Jeep Club
COPCoefficient Of Performance, Child Occupant Protection, Coil On Plug, Conformity Of Production, Centre Of Pressure, Code Of Practice, Carry Over Parts, Content Oversight Panel
COPACentral Oklahoma Pontiac Association
COPCCar Ownership Per Capita
COPEClub Oficial Porsche Espana
COPENCompact Open, Community Of Open Car Life
COPOCentral Office Production Order
COPSCabrio Overhead Protection System, Child Occupant Protection Seminar, Control Observation Position Signals
COPTTMCode Of Practice For Temporary Traffic Management
COQCountry Squire
CORCertificate Of Registration, Club Off Road, Common Rail
CORACarpat Off Road Academy, Christian Off Road Association, California Outlaw Racing Association, Car Owners Racing Association
CORABERSCorona Absolute Members
CORBClub Off Road Bucuresti
CORCCascade Off Road Club, Central Ohio Rally Club
CORECircuit Of The Americas For Round Eight, Custom Off Road Engineering, Capital Off Road Enthusiast, Carolina Off Road Extremists
COREVContinuously Outboard Recharged Electric Vehicle
CORGCountry Of Origin
CORNCCalifornia Off Road Nissan Club
CORPConnecticut Off Road Park, Club Off Road Piatra Neamt
CORRChampionship Off Road Racing, Coefficient Of Rolling Resistance
CORSACorvair Society Of America
CORSIMCorridor Simulation
CORTConvention On Road Traffic
CORTEConfederation Of Organisations In Road Transport Enforcement
CORTNCalculation Of Road Traffic Noise
CORVACalifornia Off Road Vehicle Association
CORVETCorolla Veteran
COSClear Of Seal Position, Coil Over Suspension, Coil Over Shock, Colorado Springs Design Center, Central Ohio Subarus, Cosworth
COSACar Wash Owners And Suppliers Association
COSCCorvettes Of Sonoma County
COSDCorvettes Of San Diego
COSPCustomer Oriented Sales And Production Process
COSRTOCColorado Srt Owners Club
COSSCorridors Of Statewide Significance
COSTAConnecticut School Transportation Association
COSVAMCoalition Of Small Volume Automobile Manufacturers
COSWORTHCostin Duckworth
COTCar Of Tomorrow, Centerline Of Track, Car Of Texas
COTACircuit Of The Americas, Coalition Of Transportation Association
COTARConfederatia Operatorilor Si Transportatorilor Autorizati Din Romania
COTAYCoffyn Taylor Motors
COTBCorvettes Of The Bay
COTCCar Of The Century
COTDCar Of The Decade, Car Of The Day
COTFCar Of The Future
COTMCar Of The Month, Charger On The Move, Car Of The Millennium, Camaro Of The Month, Chryslers On The Murray
COTNCorvettes Of The North
COTPCars Of The People
COTRConsultant On The Road, Contracting Officer's Technical Representative, Committee On Transportation
COTSCar Of The Show, Commercial Off The Shelf
COTURACoos Van Der Tuyn Racing Automobiles
COTVCorvettes Of Temecula Valley
COTWCars On The Web, Car Of The Week
COTYCar Of The Year
COTYACar Of The Year Awards
COTYJCar Of The Year Japan
COUCentral Operating Unit
COVCross Over Vehicle, Cut - Off Valve, Coefficient Of Variation, Counter Obstacle Vehicle, Certificate Of Origin For Vehicle, Class Or Type Of Vehicle, Change Of Vehicle, Counterobstacle Vehicle, Cab Over, Clinging To Other Vehicles, Change - Over Valve, Control Valve
COVAChange Of Vehicle Assignment, Council Of Vehicle Associations
COVCClassic Oldtimer Veteranen Club
COVECentre Of Vocational Excellence
COVERCompany Owned Vehicle Evaluation Report
COVETSCompany Owned Vehicle Engineering Tracking System
COVOCCeltic Old Vehicle Owners Club
COVTRCentral Oklahoma Vintage Triumph Register
COVVCCentral Ohio Vintage Volkswagen Club
COWCells On Wheels
COWSCraven Old Wheels Society
COXVolkswagen Coccinelle, Cobra Experimental
COYCar Of The Year
CP2Coupe Two Doors
CP3LClub Porsche Trois Lacs
CPAConnector Position Assurance, Carrera Panamericana, Collision Prevention Assist, Crew Protect Assistant, Centro Prove Autoveicoli, Chevrolet Performance Association, Centrifugal Pendulum Absorber
CPAACaprice Photography Automotive Art
CPABCorun Peve Automotive Battery
CPAMOCCentral Pennsylvania Miata Owners Club
CPAPCollision Prevention Assist Plus
CPAPCACentral Pennsylvania Porsche Club Of America
CPASClub Peugeot Afrique Du Sud, Corporate Product Acceptance Specifications
CPASAChevrolet Performance Association Of South Australia
CPASCConsolidated Parts And Accessories Sales Centre
CPBCentro Porsche Brescia, Combination Parking Brake
CPBCCCentral Pennsylvania British Car Club
CPCCamshaft Position Control, Clutch Pressure Control, Compact Passenger Car, Common Powertrain Control, Chevrolet Pontiac Canada, Certificate Of Professional Competence, Camera Parking Control, Car Parking Charges, Critical Parts Code, Chrysler Philippines Corporation, Canister Purge Control
CPCAChina Passenger Car Association, Club Peugeot Clasicos De Argentina
CPCBCentral Pollution Control Board
CPCCCameron Park Corvette Club, Central Pennsylvania Corvette Club, Crown Point Corvette Club, Central Pennsylvania Corvair Club, Checkered Past Car Club
CPCECamion Porte Cellule
CPCMCadillac Premium Care Maintenance
CPCVCanister Purge Control Valve
CPDCars Per Day, Clutch Pedal, Crush Protection Device, Clean Pulse Drive
CPDACanadian Professional Drivers Association
CPECustom Performance Engineering, Coupe, Condamnation Centralisee Des Portes, Citroen Partenaire Entreprise, Club Porsche Espana
CPEVCCalifornia Plug - In Electric Vehicle Collaborative
CPFCatalized Particulate Filter, Car Pollen Filter, Cummins Particulate Filter, Corvair Preservation Foundation, Club Porsche France, Confirmation Prototype Function, Club Panhard France, Carrozzeria Pininfarina, Car Parts Finder
CPFCCenter For Professional Fleet Certification
CPFICentral Port Fuel Injection
CPFMComprehensive Power Based Fuel Model
CPGCost Per Gallon, Cents Per Gallon, Car Product Group, Chrysler Proving Ground, Cuautitlan Proving Ground, Club Porsche De Geneve
CPGEClub Porsche Geneve
CPHCars Per Hour, Cost Per Hour, Cup Holder
CPICentral Port Injection, Cars Of Particular Interest, Consumer Price Index
CPKCost Per Kilometer, Cents Per Kilometer, Cars Per Kilometer, Car Parking, Carpool Karaoke
CPLControl Parts List, Car Parking Lock, Cents Per Litre, Coupler
CPLFClub Panhard Et Levassor France
CPLRC - Pillar
CPMCellular Phone Module, Cars Per Minute, Cost Per Mile, Cars Per Month, Center Panel Module, Car Park Management, Car Program Management, Centro Porsche Milano, Collision Prediction Module
CPMCChrome Pony Mustang Club
CPMNCentro Porsche Madrid Norte
CPMSCar Park Management Services
CPNCentral Partner Network
CPOCertified Pre Owned, Catalytic Particulate Oxidizer, Customer Preferred Option, Customer Parts Operations, Club Porsche De L' Ouest
CPOCCertified Pre Owned Car, Certified Pre Owner Check, Chrysler Product Owner's Club, Colorado Probe Owners Club, California Prelude Owners Club
CPOLCarriage Of Passenger Operator License
CPOPCertified Pre Owned Program
CPOSCustomer Preferred Option Selection
CPOVCertified Pre Owned Vehicle
CPOXCatalytic Partial Oxidation
CPPClutch Pedal Position, Cost Per Passenger, Chevrolet Protection Plan, Centro Porsche Padova, Castrol Protection Plus, Complete Performance Package, Classic Performance Products, Coil Per Plug
CPPCCar Product Planning Control, Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club
CPPRGCritical Product Problem Review Group
CPPSClutch Pedal Position Switch, Clutch Pedal Position Sensor
CPPZControlled Permit Parking Zone
CPQClub Protege Quebec, Club Porsche Quebec
CPQCCooperative Plant Quality Certification
CPRCar Plate Recognition, Circuit Paul Ricard, Calder Park Raceway, Cost Per Repair, Club Peugeot Romania, Car Planet Racing, Citroen Peugeot Renault, Club Porsche Romand
CPROClassic Production
CPRVCanister Purge Regulator Valve
CPSCam Profile Switching, Cami Production System, Childseat Positioning Sensor, Camshaft Position Sensor, Child Passenger Safety, Central Power Supply, Car Park System, Compact Parking System, Classic Production Supercharged, Car Parking Sensor, Crank Position Sensor, Car Park Services, Complete Parking Service, Cam Profile Shifting, Canister Purge Solenoid, Control Pressure System, Cooper S
CPSACChild Passenger Safety Association Of Canada
CPSCCorporate Product Systems Classification, Central Pennsylvania Saab Club
CPSDCanadian Parts Sales And Distribution
CPSLMSChevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series
CPSOVCanister Purge Shut Off Valve
CPSTCertified Child Passenger Safety Technicians
CPTControlled Power Technologies, Compact Pick - Up Truck, Clean Power For Transport, Carriage Paid Per Truck, Cost Per Ton, Chrysler Powertrain Technologies, Confederation Of Passenger Transport, Commercial Parking Tax, Common Public Transportation, Convertible Powertrain, Compartment, Caterham Powertrain
CPTCCentral Pennsylvania Triumph Club
CPTCDAChicago Professional Taxi Cab Drivers Association
CPUCentral Processing Unit, Cost Per Unit, Custom Pick - Up
CPUKClub Peugeot United Kingdom
CPUWDCell Phone Use While Driving
CPVCommercial Passenger Vehicle, Custom Painted Vehicles, Cost Per Vehicle, Content Per Vehicle, Commercial Production Vehicles, Camper Van, Constant Pressure Valve, Capacity Planning Volume, Conceptual Proveout Vehicle, Canister Purge Valve
CPVICommercial Passenger Vehicle Industry
CPVIDCommercial Passenger Vehicle Identity
CPVSCost Per Vehicle Serviced
CPVVVChoke Pulldown Vacuum Vent Valve
CPWCars Per Week, Chrysler Performance West
CPWDCell Phone Use While Driving
CPXCut Protected
CPYCars Per Year
CPZControlled Parking Zone, Circuit Park Zandvoort
CPZEControlled Parking Zone Extension
CQACChery Quantum Automotive Corporation
CQBClub Quadrifoglio Belgio
CQCChongqing Changan
CQDRACentral Queensland Drag Racing Association
CQISCommon Quality Indicator System, Corporate Quality Indicator System
CQLChongqing Lifan
CQMACapitol Quarter Midget Association
CQQChery Qq
CQVCountach Quattrovalvole, Club Quadrifoglio Verde
CR&CChristian Rods And Customs
CR6Carbodies Six Seater
CRAConstructors Rally Association, Championship Racing Association, Child Restraint Anchor, Car Rental Agreement, Coordinating Road Authority, Central Roads Authority, Carriages By Road Act, Classic Rally Association, California Racing Association, Central Roadracing Association, Christian Rodders And Racers Association, Chicagoland Replicar Association, Centro Ricerche Automobilistiche, Capri Register Austria, Collision Repair Association
CRABChild Restraint Anchor Bar, Club De Rallye Auto Baie
CRABIChild Restraint And Airbag Interaction
CRACClub Ritmo Abarth Et Cabrio
CRAGClub Renault Alpine Gordini
CRAGIClub Renault Alpine Gordini Italia
CRALMChampion Racing Association Late Model
CRAMCounty Road Association Of Michigan
CRAMEClub Romagnolo Auto E Moto D' Epoca
CRANSCollision Repair Association Of Nova Scotia
CRARCrochet De Remorque Arriere
CRASECrash Safety Engineering
CRASHCalspan Reconstruction Of Accident Speeds On The Highway, Collision Reconstruction And Safe Highways, Citizens For Reliable And Safe Highways, Canadians For Responsible And Safe Highways, Collision Recording And Sharing
CRASIFCounty Road Association Self Insurance Fund
CRBChrome Rear Bumper, Connecting Rod Bolts
CRBCConventional Rich Burn Combustion
CRCClassic Reflections Coachworks, Corolla Retro Club, China Rally Championship, Computerised Ride Control, Clutch Release Collar, Camaro Rolling Chassis, Certified Race Chassis, Clean Racers Club, Caterham Roadsport Challenge, Circuit Racing Club, Canadian Rally Championship, Cooperative Research Centre, County Road Commission, Cruise Control, Classic Rover Club, Cobra Replica Club, Cameleon Racing Club
CRCAChrysler Restorers Club Of Australia
CRCCColorado River Corvette Club, Crow River Corvette Club, Crooked River Corvette Club, Cedar Rapids Corvette Club, Caboolture Regional Car Club, Columbia River Camaro Club, Country Roads Car Club, Classic Reflections Car Club
CRCCCCCanadian River Cruisers Classic Car Club
CRCFCavallino Rosso Club France
CRCLCCarolina Region Cadillac And Lasalle Club
CRDCommon Rail Diesel, Car Research And Development, Control Rod Drive, Child Restraint Device
CRDECommon Rail Diesel Engine
CRDICommon Rail Direct Injection
CRDPFContinuously Regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter
CRDSCouvre Roue De Secours, Corporate Reliability Data System, Checkpoints Risky Driving Scale
CRDTCommon Rail Diesel Turbo
CRECommon Rail Einspritzsystem, Corrosion Resistant, Cannonball Run Europe
CRECCanadian Regional Engineering Centre
CREECarbon Related Exhaust Emissions
CREFCollision Repair Education Foundation
CREPChild Restraint Evaluation Program
CRESCommon Rail Einspritzsystem, Corrosion Resistant Steel
CRFCentro Ricerche Fiat, Collision Repair Facility, Charge Relief, Clutch Release Fork, Carriage Roof, Club Renault Fuego, Car Retail Finance, Crash Reduction Factor, Child Restraint Fixture, Common Rail Fuel
CRFSCommon Rail Fuel System
CRFVCharge Relief Valve
CRGClose Ratio Gearbox, Club Renault Gordini, Circuit De Reims Gueux
CRGAClub Renault Gordini De Argentina
CRICommon Rail Injector, Charge Rapide Integree, Crash Related Injuries, Cross Reference Index
CRIBCollision Repair Information Bulletin
CRICClub Roadster Islas Canarias, Car Refinishes Information Center
CRINCar Radio Identification Number
CRISCentral Registration And Identification Scheme, Caravan Registration And Identification Scheme
CRISPCapital Region Intersection Safety Partnership
CRITCommon Rail Injector Tester
CRITSCommon Rail Injectors Testing Solution
CRJCCapital Region Jaguar Club
CRJCNYCapital Region Jaguar Club Of New York
CRKCranking Signal, Carburetor Repair Kit, Carburetor Rebuild Kit
CRLCollaborative Research Laboratory, Championship Racing League, County Road Law
CRMCoordinated Ramp Metering, Club Rambler Mexico, Columbia River Mopars, Corona Rally Mexico, Costruzioni E Revisioni Motori, Certified Reference Material
CRMCCarolina Regional Mustang Club, Canadian Rockies Miata Club
CRMSCold Rolled Mild Steel
CRNClubman Rally Navigator, Club Renault Norvege, Congested Road Notification, Center Roof Node
CROColoured Roads Only, Car Rental Operator
CROACClub Rallystico Oaxaca Ac
CROCCumbrian Rover Owners Club, Carolina Rover Owners Club, Cobra Replica Owners Club
CROCSCobra Replica Owners Club Sweden
CRODCrash Output Digital
CROSSComprehensive Road Surrounding Simulation
CROWCountryside And Rights Of Way
CRPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, Crash Report, Common Rail Pump, Car Phone, Club Rio Philippines, Combined Road Plan
CRPCACimarron Region Porsche Club Of America, Cascade Region Porsche Club Of America
CRQChampionnat De Rallye Du Quebec, Club Renault Quebec
CRRClassic Range Rover, Coefficient Of Rolling Resistance, Campionatul De Raliuri Al Romaniei, Carrier Assembly, City Racing Rotterdam, Cool Running Rotor
CRRICentral Road Research Institute
CRRTCollision Repair And Refinish Technology, Classic Race And Rally Team
CRRVICampionatul Raliurilor De Regularitate Pentru Vehicule Istorice
CRSChild Restraint Seat, Common Rail System, Child Restraint System, Controlled Rotation System, Collision Repair Series, Clio Renault Sport, Charge On The Run Series, California Rally Series, Cold Rolled Steel, Circuito Raffreddamento Sigillato, Club Renault Sportives, Club Renault Sverige, Coolant Recovery System, California Road System
CRSACapital Region Sprintcar Agency
CRSBCrankshaft Reference Sensor Buffered
CRSCSCarolina Racesaver Sprint Car Series
CRTCommon Rail Technology, Citroen Racing Trophy, Continuously Regenerating Trap, Carbon Racing Technology, Common Rail Injector Tester, Collision Repair Technology, Collision Repair Technician, Close Ratio Transmission, Convention On Road Traffic, Crash Test, Colcar Racing Team, Catalyzer Continuous Regeneration, Classic Racing Team, Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Carlsson Racing Team
CRTAChina Road Transport Association
CRTCCitizens Regional Transit Corporation, Cartercar Company
CRTDCommon Rail Turbo Diesel
CRTMCooperative Road Traffic Management
CRTMSCooperative Road Traffic Management System
CRTSCruise Control And Tilt Steering
CRUCollision Reconstruction Unit, Cruiser
CRUZORCruze Orlando Club
CRVCompact Recreational Vehicle, Comfortable Runabout Vehicle, Chinese Rural Vehicle, Charge Relief Valve, Cycolac Research Vehicle, Crossover Recreational Vehicle, Corvair
CRVACanadian Recreational Vehicle Association
CRVOCCrv Owners Club
CRWCrossroads Warning, Certificate Of Roadworthiness, Club Renault Wind
CRWGChild Restraint Working Group
CRXCivic Renaissance Model X, Crossover
CRYCar Registration Year
CRZCompact Renaissance Zero, Cruze
CRZOCCrz Owners Club
CS&SCompact Sports And Specialty
CS7Caterham Super Seven
CSACurve Speed Assistant, Curtain Shield Airbags, Crash Sensitivity Algorithm, Cross Sectional Area, Curtain Side Airbags, Citroen South Africa, Customer Support Agreement, Changan Southern Africa, Comprehensive Safety Analysis, Changan Suzuki Automobile, Cummins Diesel South Africa, Cajun Sprinters Association, C Spider Abarth, Crankshaft Starter Alternator, Classic Skylines Australia, Chrysler South Africa, Coupe Sports Automatic, Car Sharing Association, Cold Start Advance, Centro Stile Alfa, Crash Severity Algorithm, Club Sanjuanino De Automodelismo, Cooper Standard Automotive, Centro De Servicio Automotriz
CSAACalifornia State Automobile Association
CSAHCounty State Aid Highway
CSAICommissione Sportiva Automobilistica Italiana, California Smog And Automotive Institute
CSAOCeskoslovenske Automobilove Opravny
CSAPCuautitlan Stamping And Assembly Plant, Carroll Shelby Automotive Program
CSARCentro Stile Alfa Romeo
CSASCar Sharing Association Of Singapore
CSBClutch Steering Brake, Castrol Syntec Blend, Chevy Small Block, Child Seat Baby, Circuited Seat Belt, Car Safety Seat Belt, Cross Serrated Band, Concrete Step Barrier, Club Simca Bertone
CSBEChevrolet Small Block Engine
CSBICarroll Shelby International
CSBSCentral States Bus Sales
CSCCornering Stability Control, Coupe Sunroof Convertible, Corporate Support Centre, Coolant Spark Control, Compact Sports Coupe, Coupe Sliding And Convertible, Concept Style Coupe, Classic Sports Car, Customer Support Center, Chassis And Safety Controller, Collapsible Steering Column, Chrysler Service Contracts, Concentric Slave Cylinder, Car Seal Close, Clutch Slave Cylinder, Caterham Supersport Championship, Car Seat Check, Corner Speed Control, Compact Sport Concept, Central Slave Cylinder, Child's Sport Car, Calgary Sports Car Club, Continental Sport Contact, Commercial Stripped Chassis, Car Service Center, Club Subaru De La Capitale, Corona Surabaya Community, Carlos Sainz Center, Central Sports Cars, Cadillac Super Cruise, Customer Service Centre, Club Seat Cordoba
CSCAChambre Syndicale Des Constructeurs D' Automobiles
CSCCCalifornia Sports Car Club, Calgary Sports Car Club, Canada Sports Car Club, Classic Sports Car Club, California Stingrays Car Club, Colorado Springs Corvette Club, Chicagoland Sports Car Club, Council Of Sports Car Clubs, Clemson Sports Car Club, Cherokee Strip Corvette Club, Classic Saloon Car Club, Chrysler Sebring Convertible Club, Cascade Sports Car Club
CSCCWSCalifornia Sprint Car Civil War Series
CSCNCanadian Sprint Car Nationals, Classic Suzuki Club Norway
CSCPCalifornia Smog Check Program
CSCRACalifornia Stock Car Racing Association
CSCSCanadian Sport Compact Series, Cold Start Control Solenoid
CSCSACommissione Svizzera Per Le Cinture Di Sicurezza Sulle Auto
CSDCustomer Support Division, Cold Start Device, Comfort Super Diesel, Controlled Slip Differential, Caravan Salon Dusseldorf, City Safe Drive, Cfi Speed Density Use, Constant Speed Drive
CSDACCalifornia Shelby Dodge Automobile Club
CSDLChild Safety Door Locks
CSDSWContrast Stitching On Dashboard And Steering Wheel
CSEClub Subaru Espana, Club Saab Espana, Club Saxo Espana, Commercial Special Edition
CSECTCross Section
CSETCoalition For Safe And Efficient Transportation
CSEVCColorado Springs Electric Vehicle Club
CSFCentro Stile Fiat, Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation, Catalyzed Soot Filter, Centro Stile Ferrari, Club Simca France, Carroll Shelby Foundation, Chrysler Standard Format, Centro Storico Fiat, Camaro Superfest, Circuit De Spa Francorchamps, Combined Shoe Factor
CSFABCity Speed Front Automatic Braking
CSFICentral Sequential Fuel Injection, Cold Start Fuel Igniter
CSFSCold Start Fuel Solenoid
CSGCrankshaft Starter Generator, Celica Club Singapore
CSGACentral State Gasser Association
CSGMChina Shanghai General Motors
CSHCar Sharing, Car Seat Heater, Child Safety Harness
CSHRPCanadian Strategic Highway Research Program
CSHSIPComprehensive Strategic Highway Safety Improvement Plan
CSICustomer Satisfaction Index, Cold Start Injector, Compression Sense Ignition, Coupe Sport Injection, Commission Sportive Internationale, Carroll Shelby International, Customer Service Index, Corvettes Of Southeast Idaho, Compression And Spark Ignition, Chevrolet Spin Indonesia, Child Safety Initiative, Club Subaru Impreza, Club Seat Ibiza, Catalytic Solutions Inc.
CSIAMChambre Syndicale Internationale De L' Automobile Et Du Motocycle
CSICCarbon Fibre Reinforced Silicon Carbide
CSICEChina Society For Internal Combustion Engines
CSILClimate Systems India Limited, Coupe Sports Injection Lightweight
CSIMClub Seat Ibiza Mexico
CSIPLChevrolet Sales India Private Limited
CSKComplete Suspension Kit, Carburetor Service Kit, Camshaft Key, Cold Start Knock, Charles Spencer King, California State Karting Championship
CSKCChampionship Super Kart Cup, Championship Shifting Kart Cup
CSLCoupe Sports Lightweight, Child Safety Lock, Carroll Shelby Licensing, Comfort Super Luxe, Changeable Speed Limit, Club Seat Leon
CSMCentral Security Module, Colin Steele Mcrae, Carroll Shelby Motors, Carroll Shelby Manufacturing, Cooperative Speed Management, Citroen Sm
CSMACivil Service Motoring Association, Club Sportif Mawahib D' Alger
CSMKNCitroen Sm Klubb Norge
CSNCar Sharing Network
CSNAComisia Sportiva Nationala Auto
CSOCar Seal Open, Cylinder Shut Off, Car Seat Only
CSOCCarnival Sedona Owners Club
CSOTChampcar Stars Of Tomorrow
CSPCoil Spring, C Street Prepared, Champion Spark Plug, Car Sharing Portland, Combined Seat Piping And Stitching, Coupe Sport, Club Suzuki Philippines, Car Sharing Program, Chicago Stamping Plant
CSPCChampion Spark Plug Challenge, Chrysler Shelby Performance Center
CSPMCold Start Program Modifier
CSPRRCChampion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic, Champion Spark Plug Road Race Of Champions
CSPSCrank Shaft Position Sensor, Champion Spark Plug Service, Customer Service And Parts Support
CSPTAColorado State Pupil Transportation Association
CSQClub Subaru Quebec, Club Swift Quebec, Club Smart Quebec
CSRCaterham Seven Racing, Conti Safety Ring, Carrier Safety Rating, Comfort Super Racing, Competition Sport Racing, Corvette Stingray, C Stock Race, Commission On Road Safety, Charles Stewart Rolls, Competition Sprung Roadster, California Street Rods, Centre State Rodders, Cold Start Relay, Carbon Sport Race
CSRACanadian Street Rod Association, Connecticut Street Rod Association, Central State Racing Association
CSRAMCCentral Savannah River Area Mustang Club
CSRGClassic Sports Racing Group
CSRNCanadian Street Rod Nationals
CSRSChild Safety Restraint System
CSRTQClub Srt Quebec
CSSCombined Suspension System, Car Security System, Corvette Super Sport, Chrome Side Steps, Child Safety Seat, Cascar Super Series, Chevrolet Super Sport, Coil Spring Suspension, Caterham Supersport, Car Communication System, Clarkson Supercar Showdown, Cold Start Solenoid, City Safe System, Crank Speed Sensor, Coupe Super Sprint, Crash Sensor Safety, Crash Safety System, Calibration Select Switch, Car Sharing Service, Car Sharing System, Club Simca Suisse
CSSACold Start Spark Advance, Chambre Syndicale Suisse De L' Automobile, Citroen Societe South Australia
CSSBConcrete Safety Shape Barrier
CSSDCanadians For Safe And Sober Driving
CSSHCold Start Spark Hold
CSSPCalifornia Super Stock Pulling
CSSRCold Start Spark Retard
CSSRECold Start Spark Retard Enleanment, Coordinated Start Strategy To Reduce Emissions
CSTCompact Sports Tourer, Control For Stability And Traction, Cabriolet Soft Top, Custom Sport Truck, Car Show Television, Curtainsider Semi Trailer, Center Seat, Certification Short Test, Centistoke, Club Seat Toledo
CSTCClub Scion Tc
CSTCCContinuously Slipping Torque Converter Clutch
CSTSControl System Technical Specifications
CSTVCar Show Television
CSUCompact Suv, Crank Angle Selecting Unit, Chevrolet Suburban
CSUVCrossover Sport Utility Vehicle, Compact Sport Utility Vehicle
CSVChevrolet Special Vehicle, Controle De Sous Virage, Crossover Sport Van, Comfort Super Veloce, Cold Start Valve, Classic Service Van, Critical Sliding Velocity, Car Share Ventures, Certificado De Seguranca Veicular
CSVWChina Shanghai Volkswagen
CSVWSCooperative Signal Violation Warning System
CSWCounty Station Wagon, Curve Speed Warning, California Speedway, Combination Switch
CSWSCurve Speed Warning System
CSXCarroll Shelby Experimental, Compact Sports Experimental, Comfort Super Luxe, Comfort Super Extra, Carroll Shelby Export
CT&CChrysler Town And Country
CTACross Traffic Alert, Citroen Traction Avant, Canadian Trucking Alliance, Cab To Axle, Commercial Transport Act, Carbon Tax Act, Camper Trailer Australia, Chief Technical Advisor, Continental Tire The Americas, Checker Taxi Association, Cam Torque Actuated, California Trucking Association, Cross Traffic Assist, Central Trade And Auto Company, Community Transport Association, Centrala De Transporturi Auto, Cam Timing Actuator, Commercial Trailers Association, Club Toyota Argentina, Canadian Taxi Association, Centre Technique Automobile, Cadre Technique D' Atelier
CTAAChinese Taipei Automobile Association, Community Transport Association Of America
CTABClub Des Tractions Avant De Bretagne
CTACCitroen Traction Avant Club
CTACAChina Tourism Automobile And Cruise Association
CTAFChinese Taipei Automobile Federation
CTAGCentro Tecnologico De Automocion De Galicia
CTARCommercial Transport Act Regulations
CTAVCold Temperature Actuated Vacuum
CTBConcrete Traffic Barrier, Constant Tension Band, Can Test Box, Carolina Trail Blazers, Chevrolet Trail Blazer, Capri Team Belgium
CTBACoupled Torsion Beam Axle, City Brake Assist
CTBSSPCommercial Truck And Bus Safety Synthesis Program
CTCChrysler Technology Centre, Cornering Traction Control, Continental Tire Canada, Centralized Traffic Control, Caterham Tracksport Championship, Chrysler Turbine Car, Curb To Curb, Commercial Truck Center, Computer Torque Control, Checker Taxicab, Cheap Truck Challenge, Car To Car, Canadian Tire Corporation, California Touring Coach Company, Cheyenne Trail Crew, Calgary Thunderbird Club, Canadian Tire Centre, Cork Taxi Council, Canberra Torana Club, Coolant Temperature Compensation, Classic Truck Club, Complete Torque Control, Chrysler Town And Country, Coordinated Torque Control, Composites Technology Centre, Cummins Technical Center, Car Top Carrier, Car Top Cargo, China Technical Center, Chelsea Truck Company, Classic Thunderbird Club
CTC5CCentral Texas C5 Coalition
CTCARConnecticut Automotive Retailers Association
CTCCChina Touring Car Championship, Canadian Touring Car Championship, Central Texas Corvette Club, Classic Thunderbird Club Of Chicagoland, Controlled Torque Converter Clutch, Combined Torana Car Club
CTCCCCentral Texas Classic Chevy Club
CTCDCCalifornia Traffic Control Devices Committee
CTCGPCentral Texas Club Grand Prix
CTCIClassic Thunderbird Club International
CTCOClassic Thunderbird Club Of Omaha
CTCRCClassic Touring Car Racing Club
CTCSCarcass Tension Control System, Central Traffic Control System, Classic Thunderbird Club Of Scandinavia, Classic Thunderbird Club Switzerland, Chery Technical Center Shanghai
CTCSCClassic Thunderbird Club Of Southern California
CTCSFClassic Thunderbird Club Of South Florida
CTCWClassic Thunderbird Club Of Wisconsin
CTDCummins Turbo Diesel, Content Theft Deterrent, Crash Test Dummy, Citroen Top Driver, Clean Turbo Diesel, Controlled Traction Differential, Commercial Truck Driving
CTDAColorado Teen Driving Alliance, California Truck Driving Academy, Colorado Taxi Drivers Association, Chiltern Taxi Drivers Association
CTDCCalifornia Truck Driving Championship
CTDICommon Rail Turbo Diesel Injection
CTDMComprehensive Tire Design Method
CTDOTConnecticut Department Of Transportation
CTDQClub Turbo Dodge Quebec
CTECoefficient Of Thermal Expansion, Central Expressway, Club Talbot Espana, Club Triumph Eastern
CTEACanadian Transportation Equipment Association
CTEVCentro De Tecnologia Electronica Vehicular
CTFControlled Traffic Farming, Crash Test Facility, Chevy Truck Forum, Computerized Transmission Function
CTFBAConnecticut F - Body Association
CTGConstant Time Gap, Can Testgerat
CTGTOCruisin' Tigers Gto Club
CTHConstant Time Headway, Club Triumph Holland
CTHRCCanadian Trucking Human Resources Council
CTHSCanadian Tire Home Services
CTICaterham Technology And Innovation, Central Tire Inflation, Car Theft Index, Car Theft Initiative, Control De Traccion Inteligente, Cabriolet Tourisme Injection, Corolla Twincam Indonesia
CTIACanberra Taxi Industry Association, Certified Transportation Instructors Association
CTIADAConnecticut Independent Automobile Dealers Association
CTIPCoordinated Highway Technology Implementation Program
CTIPSComprehensive Transportation Information And Planning System
CTISCentral Tire Inflation System, Corporate Technical Information System, Center For Transportation Infrastructure And Safety
CTJCChisholm Trail Jeep Club
CTJDCooperative Traffic Jam Detection
CTKClutch Kit, Cargo Tonne Kilometres
CTLCoal To Liquids, Compact Track Loader, Control, Center Turn Lane, Certification Test Laboratory, Center For Transportation And Logistics
CTLEChrome Trim Level Emblem
CTLSCooperative Traffic Light System
CTMCentral Timer Module, Canadian Tire Money, Cross Traffic Monitor, Cargo Ton Miles, Cowtown Mopars, Convergence Telematics Module, Coventry Transport Museum, Canadian Transportation Museum, Computed Torque Method, Continental Tire De Mexico, Continental Tires Malaysia
CTMCColorado Statewide Transportation Management Center
CTMECenter For Transportation And Materials Engineering
CTMGCConnecticut Mg Club
CTMHVCanadian Transportation Museum And Heritage Village
CTMPCanadian Tire Motorsport Park
CTMPSCanadian Tire Motorsport Park Speedway
CTMSCognitive Road Traffic Management System
CTMSAChinese Taipei Motor Sports Association
CTMVCargo Tank Motor Vehicle
CTNCircuito Tazio Nuvolari, Chain Tensioner, Calibra Team Nederland
CTNAContinental Tire Of North America
CTOCoolant Temperature Override, Clean Tachometer Output, Catalytic Trap Oxidizer, Commercial Transportation Office, Cargo Tray And Organizer, Constant Torque With Optimum Ignition, Custom To Order, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Technical Officer
CTOAComfort Taxi Operators Association, Chevy Truck Owners Association
CTOCCamel Trophy Owners Club, Corolla Twincam Owners Club
CTOHClassic Thunderbirds Of Houston
CTOTYCamper Trailer Of The Year
CTOXContinuous Trap Oxidizer
CTPClosed Throttle Position, Championship Tractor Pull, Custom Tuning Port, Commercial Transport In Preservation, Cold Tire Pressure
CTPCCaltex Protective Coatings
CTPMCommercial Transport Procedures Manual
CTPPComprehensive Transportation Planning Package, Census Transportation Planning Package
CTPSClosed Throttle Position Switch
CTQConstant Torque, Continuous Torque, Coupe Turbo Quattro, Club Tesla Quebec, Club Tercel Quebec
CTQPCooperative Tire Qualification Program
CTRCrash Test Research, Group C Turbo Ruf, Cab Over Truck, Civic Type R, Centre Technique Renault, Commercial Transport Regulations, Center For Transportation Research, Club Triumph, Centered, Commercial Truck, Critical Temperature Resistance, Connecticut Triumph Register, Capital Triumph Register
CTRACanadian Tire Roadside Assistance, Cross Traffic Rear Alert, Constant Turn Rate And Acceleration
CTRICrash Test Rating Index
CTROCivic Type R Owners
CTROCCivic Type R Owners Club
CTRSCastrol Toyota Racing Series
CTRVConstant Turn Rate And Velocity
CTSConti Tire System, Cadillac Touring Sedan, Car Top Systems, Compact Touring Sedan, Coolant Temperature Sensor, Cloth Trimmed Seats, Charge Temperature Switch, Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, Controlled Throttle Shifting, Canadian Tire Series, C - Series Touring Sedan, Craftsman Truck Series, Compact Touring Series, Cargobull Trailer Stores, Catera Touring Sedan, Central Texas Speedway, Catalyst Temperature Switch, Coolant Temperature Switch, Charge Temperature Sensor, Connect Telematics Systems, Certified Telematics Service, Commodity Transportation Survey, Center For Transportation Studies, Correspondence Tracking System
CTSAContinental Tire South Africa
CTSCContinental Tire Sportscar Challenge
CTSCCContinental Tire Sports Car Challenge
CTSDWCalifornia Teen Safe Driving Week
CTSNCommercial Tire And Service Network
CTSPCorridor Traffic Safety Program, Comprehensive Traffic Safety Program, Community Traffic Safety Program
CTSRCape Town Street Rods
CTSRCConnecticut Transportation Safety Research Center
CTSTCommunity Traffic Safety Team
CTTCombined Tire Technology, Carminat Tom Tom, Club Time Trial, Cup And Tourenwagen Trophy, Clubsport Twin Turbo, Centrul Tehnic Titu, Conventional Travel Trailer
CTTACrossroads Truck Training Academy, California Tow Truck Association
CTTAGCargo Tank Technical Advisory Group
CTTCCommercial Transportation Training Center
CTTFCars That Time Forgot
CTTMOCity Transportation And Traffic Management Office
CTTPAColorado Truck And Tractor Pullers Association
CTTSCoolant Temperature Thermo Switch
CTTSCCCape Town Triumph Sports Car Club
CTUCamionette De Transport Tout Usage, Camera Tracking Unit, Central Triggering Unit, Central Timing Unit
CTVControl Test Vehicle, Cowtown Vettes, Crew Transportation Vehicle
CTVACapital Trail Vehicle Association, Capital Travel Vehicle Association
CTVSClosed Throttle Vacuum Switch, Choke Thermal Vacuum Switch
CTVWAConnecticut Volkswagen Association
CTWCross Traffic Warning
CTWRTCitroen Total World Rally Team
CTXContinuously Variable Transaxle, Car To X, Car Taxi
CTZCCConnecticut Z Car Club
CUACCambridge University Automobile Club
CUAPCuautitlan Assembly Plant
CUASCarolina Unlimited All Star Karting
CUBEContinental Urban Mobility Experience
CUCCertified Used Car, Clean Up Catalyst, Corvettes Unlimited Calgary, Chevrolet United Carnival
CUCAChina Used Auto Conference
CUCCCorvettes Unlimited Car Club
CUCVCommercial Utility Cargo Vehicle
CUECadillac User Experience, Concept For Urban Executive
CUEDCComposite Urban Emission Drive Cycle
CUEESCar User Entrapment Extrication Society
CUERCambridge University Eco Racing
CUICubic Inches
CUICARClemson University International Center Of Automotive Research
CUJOCalifornia Ultimate Jeep Offroad
CUKChrysler United Kingdom
CULCompact Utility Loader
CULTCar's Ultralight Technologies
CUNACommissione Di Unificazione Normalizzazione Autoveicoli, Commissione Unificazione Nazionale Autoveicoli
CUPRACup Racing
CURClub Uruguayo De Rally, Construction And Use Regulations
CURCORASIKCianjur Corolla Klasik
CURSComputerized Vehicle And Routing Scheduling Systems
CUSCorvettes Unlimited Switzerland, Custom
CUSCCColorado Unlimited Sports Car Club
CUSTOCACustom Cars
CUSWCompact United States Wide
CUTCompact Utility Tractor, Citroen Unconventional Team
CUTACanadian Urban Transit Association
CUTCCouncil Of University Transportation Centers, Consortium Of University Transportation Centers
CUTEClean Urban Transport For Europe, Customs Utility For Tir Transaction Entry
CUTPPChina Urban Transport Partnership Program
CUTRCenter For Urban Transportation Research
CUVClean Utility Vehicle, Compact Urban Vehicle, Crossover Utility Vehicle, Compact Utility Vehicle, Certified Used Vehicle, Commercial Utility Vehicle, Contemporary Urban Vehicle, Clean Urban Vehicle
CUVOTYCanadian Utility Vehicle Of The Year
CUXCadillac User Experience
CUZCarrozzeria Ugo Zagato
CV2XCellular Vehicle To Everything
CV6OCClio V6 Owners Club
CV8Coupe Vee Eight
CVACamless Valve Actuation, Cutie De Viteze Automata, Club Volvo Argentina, Clube De Veiculos Antigos, Commercial Vehicle Auctions, Crown Victoria Association, Conseiller Des Ventes Automobile, Continuous Valve Actuation
CVAAMClub De Vehicules Anciens D' Alsace Mulhouse
CVABAChippewa Valley Auto Body Association
CVACCentral Alberta Vintage Auto Club
CVADClub Voitures Anciennes Daveluyville
CVAECircolo Veneto Automoto D' Epoca
CVAESClub De Voitures Anciennes Estrie Sherbrooke
CVAGClassic Vehicle Advocate Group
CVAIContinuous Variable Airbag Inflation
CVAMClub De Voitures Anciennes De La Mauricie
CVANCamper Van, Compact Van
CVAPClub De Vehiculos Antiguos Del Paraguay, Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant
CVARCorinthian Vintage Auto Racing
CVARACentral Valley Auto Recyclers Association
CVATContinuously Variable Automatic Transmission
CVAVConnected Vehicle Autonomous Vehicle
CVBCrown Vic Boys
CVBBCommercial Vehicle Bodybuilders
CVBCCColonial Vintage British Car Club, Central Virginia British Car Club, Central Valley British Car Club
CVBMCCatawba Valley British Motor Club
CVBUCommercial Vehicle Business Unit
CVBVCut Valve Bypass Valve
CVCCustom Vehicle Covers, California Vehicle Code, Clean Vehicle Consortium, Campionatul De Viteza In Coasta, Commercial Vehicle Cluster, Constant Volume Combustion, Connected Vehicle Cloud, Carolinas Viper Club, Classic Vehicle Club, Canadian Volvo Club, Colorado Van Council, Central Vehicle Controller, Constant Vacuum Control, Citroen Veteranen Club, Commercial Vehicle Center, Continuous Vehicle Classifier, Calgary Volvo Club, Coruna Veteran Car, Crown Victoria
CVCACache Valley Cruising Association
CVCCCompound Vortex Controlled Combustion, Cumberland Valley Corvette Club, Compound Vortex Combustion Chamber, Central Virginia Corvair Club, Constant Volume Combustion Chamber, Caney Valley Corvette Club, Candlewood Valley Corvettes Club, Central Victorian Chrysler Club
CVCCCCitrus Vettes And Camaros Car Club
CVCPContinuous Variable Cam Phaser
CVCSCorolla Veteran Club Semarang, Commercial Vehicle Check Subsystem, Centralized Vehicle Control System
CVCTPCommercial Vehicle Counterterrorism Training Program
CVDCylinder Valve Deactivation, Commercial Vehicle Division, Clean Vehicles Directive, Continuously Variable Damper, Commercial Vehicle Direct, Connected Vehicle Data, Club Vee Dub, Current Vehicle Delay
CVDAContinuously Variable Damping Absorber
CVDPCommercial Vehicle Development Program
CVDRSCommercial Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme
CVDSRCConnect Vehicles Dedicated Short Range Communications
CVECommercial Vehicle Enforcement, Commercial Vehicle Engineering, Clubul Vehiculelor De Epoca, Comptoir Des Vehicules Electriques, Club Des Voitures Ecologiques
CVECCommercial Vehicle Engineering Congress, Commercial Vehicle Electronic Credentialing, Committee Of Vehicle Emission Control, China Vehicle Emission Control, Canterbury Volkswagen Enthusiast Club
CVEDCommercial Vehicle Enforcement Division
CVEFClean Vehicle Education Foundation
CVESSCenter For Vehicle Systems And Safety
CVEUCommercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit
CVFCommercial Vehicle Finance, Critical Vehicle Failure, Commer Van Fan, Caballos De Potencia Fiscal, Club Vedette France
CVFECustomer Vehicle Functional Evaluation
CVFICertified Vehicle Fire Investigator
CVGCommercial Vehicle Group, Classic Vehicle Group, Crown Vic Girls
CVGICommercial Vehicle Group Inc.
CVHCompound Valve Angle Hemispheral Combustion Chamber, Car Van Hire, Compound Valve Head
CVHASCooperative Vehicle Highway Automation System
CVHRCarfax Vehicle History Reports
CVHSCooperative Vehicle Highway System
CVICommercial Vehicle Inspection, Cargo Volume Index, Connected Vehicle Infrastructure, Clutch Volume Index, Cross Vehicle Issues, Canadian Vehicle Index . Club Volvo Italia, Centro Veicoli Industriali, Custom Vehicles Inc.
CVIACommercial Vehicle Industry Association
CVIAACommercial Vehicle Industry Association Of Australia
CVIANSWCommercial Vehicle Industry Association Of New South Wales
CVIAQCommercial Vehicle Industry Association Of Queensland
CVICCooperative Vehicle Intersection Control
CVIDCommercial Vehicle Inspection Detail
CVIEWCommercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window
CVIICommercial Vehicle Infrastructure Integration
CVIMCommon Vehicle Information Model
CVIPCommercial Vehicle Inspection Program
CVISCooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems, Commercial Vehicle Information System, Competitive Vehicle Information System
CVISNCommercial Vehicle Information Systems And Networks
CVIUCommercial Vehicle Inspection Unit
CVJConstant Velocity Joint, Central Virginia Jeepers
CVJOCedar Valley Jeep Owners
CVKChristian Von Koenigsegg
CVLCommercial Vehicle Lubricants, Commercial Vehicle License
CVLBCommercial Vehicle Licensing Board
CVLBACommercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act
CVLPCommercial Vehicle List Price, Conventional Vehicle License Plate
CVLVControl Valve
CVMConvertible Top Module, Convert Lift Motor, Combined Vehicle Mass, Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Company Of Veteran Motorists, Cutie De Viteze Manuala, Complete Vehicle Management, Closing Velocity Module, Cost Of Vehicle Maintenance
CVMAConversion Van Marketing Association, Canadian Vehicle Manufacturer's Association, Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers Association, Club De Voitures Et Motos Anciennes
CVMCCentral Valley Mustang Club, Central Virginia Mustang Club, Chicago Vintage Mustang Club, Central Virginia Miata Club
CVMHCampervan And Motorhome
CVMSCorporate Vehicle Management System, Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers Section
CVNCalibration Verification Number, Crown Victoria Network, Commercial Vehicle News, Caravan
CVOCommercial Vehicle Operations, Custom Vehicle Operations, Custom Vehicle Outfitters
CVOACosworth Vega Owners Association
CVOCChrysler And Valiant Owners Club, Cumbria Vauxhall Owners Club
CVOFCommercial Vehicle Of The Future
CVOLCommercial Vehicle Operator Licensing
CVORCommercial Vehicle Operator's Registration
CVOTRCommercial Vehicle On The Road
CVOTYCity Van Of The Year, Commercial Vehicle Of The Year
CVPCommercial Vehicle Permit, Commercial Vehicle Parking, Curitiba Veiculos De Passeio, Commercial Vehicle Products, Continuous Variable Planetary, Connected Vehicle Professional, Concetto Di Vettura Passeggeri, Connected Vehicle Platform
CVPCConnected Vehicle Proving Center
CVPFSConnected Vehicle Pooled Fund Study
CVPGChiltern Vehicle Preservation Group
CVPICrown Victoria Police Interceptor
CVPSComputerized Valet Parking System
CVPSPCommercial Vehicle Parts Supply Point
CVQClub Viper Quebec, Club Volvo Quebec
CVRControl Vacuum Regulator, Continuously Variable Regulator, Computerized Vehicle Registration, Car Video Recorder, Connected Vehicle Research, Classic Vehicle Restorations, Commercial Vehicle Regulations, Circuito De Vila Real, Central Vehicle Registry, Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness, Corvair
CVRACommercial Vehicle Roadside Assistance, Champlain Valley Racing Association, Commercial Vehicle Racking Association
CVRCCalgary Vintage Racing Club, Composite Vehicle Research Center
CVRIAConnected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture
CVRMCorporate Vehicle Requirements Manual
CVROCChiltern Vale Rover Owners Club
CVRPClean Vehicle Rebate Project, Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem, Connected Vehicle Research Program, Connected Vehicle Research Platform
CVRPCAConnecticut Valley Region Porsche Club Of America
CVRSCenter Vertical Restraint System, Classic Vehicle Restoration Show
CVRSSContinuously Variable Road Sensing Suspension
CVRTCommercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing, Continuously Variable Ratio Transmission
CVRTCCommercial Vehicle Road Transport Club
CVRTDContinuously Variable Real Time Damping
CVRUSCenter For Vulnerable Road User Safety
CVSCommercial Vehicle Show, Computer Controlled Vehicle System, Constant Volume Sampler, Commercial Vehicle Solutions, Connected Vehicle Systems, Connected Vehicle Subsystem, Connected Vehicle Services, Crash Victim Simulation, Clean Vehicle Solutions, Complete Vehicle Services, Close Vehicle Sensing, Cooperative Vehicle Safety, Closing Velocity Sensor, Commercial Vehicle Subsystem, Commercial Vehicle Section, Commercial Vehicle Systems, Commercial Vehicle Safety, Country Vehicle Services, Cinema Vehicles Services, California Vehicle Standards, Combat Vehicle System, Conventional Vehicles, Canadian Vehicle Specifications
CVSACommercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Continuously Variable Semi Active Suspension
CVSCCCoolant Vacuum Switch Cold Closed
CVSCOCoolant Vacuum Switch Cold Open
CVSCRACarolina Vintage Stock Car Racing Association
CVSDCommercial Vehicle Safety Division
CVSECommercial Vehicle Safety And Enforcement
CVSLSCooperative Variable Speed Limit System
CVSNCommercial Vehicle Solutions Network
CVSPCommercial Vehicle Safety Plan, Corporate Vehicle Simulation Program
CVSPPConnected Vehicle Safety Pilot Program
CVSRCedar Valley Street Rods, Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation
CVSTConnected Vehicles And Smart Transportation, Connected Vehicle And Smart Traffic
CVTContinuously Variable Transmission, Constant Velocity Transmission, Caparo Vehicle Technologies, Concetto Di Vettura Da Turismo, Commercial Vehicle And Trailer, Commercial Vehicles Technology, Commercial Vehicle Tire, Commercial Vehicle Test, Connected Vehicle Technology, Convertible, Cat Vocational Truck, Continuous Variable Transaxle, Current To Vacuum Transducer, Commercial Vehicle Tanzania, Continuous Variable Tumble, Corvette
CVTAConnected Vehicle Trade Association, Commercial Vehicle Training Association
CVTBConnected Vehicle Test Bed
CVTCContinuous Valve Timing Control
CVTCSContinuously Variable Valve Timing Control System
CVTFContinuously Variable Transmission Fluids, Clean Vehicle Technology Fund
CVTICvt Intelligent
CVTISCvt With Intelligence And Shift Mode
CVTSCommercial Vehicle Technology Symposium, Continuous Variable Tumble System
CVTXCellular Vehicle To Everything
CVUCuritiba Veiculos Utilitarios, Clutch Valve Unit, Continuously Variable Unit, Commercial Vehicle Upfitters, Commercial Vehicle Unit
CVUCClassic Vehicle Union Of China
CVVCanister Vent Valve, Crankcase Vent Valve, Contingent Value Vehicle, Car And Vehicle Valuation, Control Configured Vehicle
CVVIConseiller Des Ventes Vehicules Industriels
CVVLContinuously Variable Valve Lift
CVVSCornwall Vintage Vehicle Society
CVVTContinuously Variable Valve Timing, Computer Vision In Vehicle Technology, Constantly Variable Valve Timing
CVVTCSCvvt Control System
CVWCombined Vehicle Weight, Conversion Vehicle Weight, Curb Vehicle Weight, Closing Velocity Warning, Closing Vehicle Warning, Cooperative Violation Warning
CVWCCajun Volkswagen Club, Classic Volkswagen Club
CVWCLClassic Volkswagen Club Of Louisville
CVWGConnected Vehicle Working Group, Club Volkswagen Golf
CVWOCCornwall Volkswagen Owners Club
CVWTClub Volkswagen Tiguan
CWACrosswind Assist, Car Wash Association
CWABCollision Warning With Auto Brake
CWASCar Wash Advisory Service
CWBCold Weather Biodiesel
CWBSCollision Warning With Brake Support
CWCCarrera World Cup, Custom Wheel Cover, Car Wheel Cover, Concrete Water Crossing, Car Wash Coating, Car Wash And Coffee
CWCACollision Warning And Collision Avoidance
CWCCCorvettes West Car Club
CWDCentre Wheel Drive, Cold Weather Driveability, Charge While Driving, Conversing While Driving, Crocheting While Driving, Canada's Worst Driver
CWFGCarbon Weight Fraction Of Gasoline
CWGCold Weather Group, Car Working Group
CWGHTCurb Weight
CWHCompressor Wheel
CWIMContinuous Weigh In Motion
CWINDOClassy Winner Indonesia
CWKCold Weather Kit
CWLCompact Wheel Loader
CWMCold Weather Modulator, Collision Warning And Mitigation
CWMMSCertified Weighbridge Mass Management Scheme
CWMSCertified Weighbridge Mass Management Scheme
CWOCollision With Objects, Cars Watches Others, Car Wash Operator
CWONJCar Wash Operators Of New Jersey
CWPCold Weather Package, Crown Wheel And Pinion, Cold Working Pressure
CWRClassic World Racing, Canadian Winter Rally
CWRTCitroen World Rally Team
CWRXClub Wrx
CWSCollision Warning System, Continental Wheel System, Crosswind Stabilization, California Sprintcar Civil War Series, Crossing Warning System, Car Wash Show, Car Wash Solutions
CWTCentum Weight, Camping World Truck, Clio World Tour, Climatic Wind Tunnel, Curb Weight, Custom Wide Tread
CWTSCamping World Truck Series
CWVComposite Wheeled Vehicle
CWVCCCentral West Virginia Corvette Club
CWVWCCool Water Volkswagen Club
CWWGCrashworthiness Working Group
CX7Crossover Seven Seater
CXACx Automotive
CXBClub Scion Xb
CXIComfort Extra Injected
CXKJRCanadian Xk Jaguar Register
CXLComfort Extra Luxe, Canada Export Limited
CXMCitroen Xm
CXOCCitroen Xsara Owners Club
CXPCitroen Xsara Picasso, City Express
CXQClub Xterra Quebec
CXSComfort Extra Super
CXTCommercial Extreme Truck, Comfort Extra Touring
CXUCompact Cuv
CY2KCalendar Year 2000
CYAGChina Youngman Automobile Group
CYAIDCanadian Youth Against Impaired Driving
CYCCurb Your Car, Checker Yellow Cab
CYDACylinder De - Activation
CYLCylinder, Cylindrical
CYPCylinder Position
CYPHACyber Phaeton
CYTDCurrent Year To Day, Calendar Year To Date
CZAConstruction Zone Assist
CZAGCommittee For Zero Automobile Growth
CZCCleveland Z Club, Classic Z Club, Carolina Z Club, Colt Z Cabriolet
CZCCClassic Z Car Club
CZCRClassic Z Car Register
CZENC'est Zero Emission Nocive
CZGClub Zagato Giappone
CZICustom Zoned Interior
CZIPClean Zone Interior Package
CZISClean Zone Interior System
CZOTCapital Z Of Texas
CZRClassic Z Register
CZSCrash Zone Sensor
CZTColt Z Turbo
CZZCCClassic Zephyr Zodiac Car Club