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0EVZero Emission Electric Vehicle
0LEVZero Level Emission Vehicle
0TO60Zero To Sixty
1ACTSimple Arbre A Cames En Tete
1AXSingle Axle
1BBLSingle Barrel Carburetor
1BCSingle Barrel Carburetor
1BSTSingle Bituminous Surface Treatment
1CPFirst Convenience Package, Un Cal Putere
1CYLOne Cylinder
1DOFSingle Degree Of Freedom
1GGEin Gang Getriebe
1GRFirst Gear
1HPOne Horse Power
1IRVMSingle Inside Rear View Mirror
1LEFirst Limited Edition
1MROne Make Race
1MWOne Megawatt Electric Supercar
1OHCSingle Overhead Cam
1PDOne Porsche Drive
1SRSingle Speed Rear Axle
1SSOne Series Sedan, First Class Super Sport
1STRSingle Seater
1TTOne Ton Truck
1WCOne Way Clutch
1WDOne Wheel Drive
1WROne Way Road
1WSOne Way Street
10ATTen Speed Automatic Transmission
10CYLTen Cylinder
10SPDTen Speed Transmission
12CYLTwelve Cylinder
12HOSTwelve Hours Of Sebring
16CYLSixteen Cylinder
16SSeize Soupapes
16STRSixteen Seater
16VSixteen Valve
18AWEighteen Inch Alloy Wheel
2A2NAssociation Automobile Nice Nord
2ABDual Airbag
2ACTDeux Arbres A Cames En Tete
2ATDual Axle Trailer, Two Series Active Tourer, Two Speed Automatic Transmission
2AVDual Axle Vehicle
2AXDouble Axle
2BBLTwo Barrel Carburetor
2BCTwo Barrel Carburetor
2BSTDouble Bituminous Surface Treatment
2CABDual Cabin, Two Door Cabriolet
2CAMTwin Cam Engine
2CBDual Carburetor, Two Door Cabriolet
2CETwo Cylinder Engine, Two Cycle Engine
2CEOTwo Cycle Engine Oil
2COTwo Cycle Oil
2CPTwo Door Coupe, Doi Cai Putere
2CPETwo Door Coupe
2CTTwin Clutch Technology
2CVDeux Chevaux Vapeur
2CVCCitroen 2cv Cross
2CVGBDeux Chevaux Club Of Great Britain
2CWDual Carriageway
2CYLTwo Cylinder
2DBDouble Decker Bus
2DCDouble Carburateur
2DFBTwo Door Fastback
2DHTwo Door Hardtop
2DOFTwo Degrees Of Freedom
2DPTwo Door Pillarless, Two Door Post
2DRTwo Door
2DSTwo Door Sedan
2DSCTwo Door Saloon Car, Two Door Sports Car
2DVTwo Door Van
2DWTwo Door Wagon
2F2FToo Fast And Too Furious
2FWDTwo Front Wheel Drive
2GRSecond Gear
2GTTwo Series Gran Tourer
2K1Year 2001
2KCKancil Kelisa Club
2LBTwo Lane Blacktop
2LBTTwo Lane Blacktop
2LHTwo Lane Highway
2LRTwo Lane Road
2LTSecond Luxury Touring Package
2M4Two Seater Mid Engine Four Cylinder
2M6Two Seater Mid Engine Six Cylinder
2MCDual Master Cylinder
2MHTwo Mode Hybrid
2MHEVTwo Mode Hybrid Electric Vehicle
2MOTZweiter Motor
2NHDual Note Horn
2OHCDual Overhead Cam
2OHVDual Overhead Valve
2ORVMTwo Outside Rear View Mirrors
2OTLTwo On The Left
2PLDeux Places
2PTDue Porte
2RAZwei Rad Antrieb, Double Reduction Axle
2RMDeux Roues Motrices
2RVDouble Reservoir
2SATTwo Series Active Tourer
2SETwo Stroke Engine
2SFTwo Stroke Fuel
2SGTTwo Series Gran Tourer
2SITwo Speed Idle
2SLBTwo Stroke Lean Burn
2SOTwo Stroke Oil
2SPTwo Stage Process
2SPCDeux Soupapes Par Cylindre
2SPDTwo Speed Transmission
2SRTwo Speed Rear Axle, Two Seater Runabout
2SRBTwo Stroke Rich Burn
2STRTwo Seater
2TBOTwin Turbo
2TLZwei Turer Limousine
2TMPTwo Tone Metallic Paint
2TPTwo Tone Paint
2TRZwei Turer
2TTTwo Ton Truck
2VHTwo Valve Head
2VLDue Volumi
2VPCTwo Valves Per Cylinder
2WBDouble Wishbone, Two Wheel Brake
2WDTwo Wheel Drive
2WLTLTwo Way Left Turn Lane
2WRTwo Way Road
2WSTwo Wheel Steering, Two Way Street
2WTLTwo Way Turn Lane
2WVTwo Wheeled Vehicle
2ZACDual Zone Air Conditioning
2ZCCTwo Zone Climate Control
20FEUTwenty Foot Equivalent Unit
21TOCRenault 21 Turbo Owners Club
24HLMTwenty - Four Hours Of Le Mans
24HNTwenty - Four Hours Of Nurburgring
24HODTwenty - Four Hours Of Daytona
24HRSTwenty - Four Hours Service
24HZTwenty - Four Hours Of Zolder
24SVingt - Quatre Soupapes
24VTwenty - Four Valve
3ATThree Speed Automatic Transmission, Three Axle Truck
3AVTriple Axle Vehicle
3AXTriple Axle
3BBLThree Barrel Carburetor
3BLThird Brake Light
3BSTTriple Bituminous Surface Treatment
3CBTriple Carburetor
3CCThree Seater Concept Car
3CEThree Cylinder Engine
3CVTrois Chevaux Vapeur, Center For Vehicle Control And Certification
3CVCCCThree Counties Vintage And Classic Car Club
3CYLThree Cylinder
3DCCThree Dimensional Car Configurator
3DDThree Dimensional Design
3DHBThree Door Hatchback
3DOFThree Degrees Of Freedom
3DRThree Door
3DSThree Door Sedan, Drowsy Driver Detection System
3DVThree Door Van
3DWThree Door Wagon
3EATThree Speed Electronically Automatic Transmission
3EVThree Wheeler Electric Vehicle
3GGDrei Gang Getriebe
3GRThird Gear
3GTThird Generation Telematics
3HBThree Door Hatchback
3LHThree Lane Highway
3LRThree Lane Road
3MAMaximum Mirafiori Mobilisation Attempt
3PBThree Point Belt
3PHThree Point Hitch
3PLTrois Places, Three Point Linkage
3PSThree Point Star
3PSBThree Point Seat Belts
3PTThree Point Turn, Tre Porte
3RVWCThree Rivers Volkswagen Club
3S2Three Axle Tractor With Two Axle Semi Trailer
3SGTThree Series Gran Turismo
3SIMitsubishi 3000 Gt Stealth International
3SKDrei Seitenkipper
3SMThree Speed Manual Transmission
3SPCTrois Soupapes Par Cylindre
3STThree Speed Transmission
3STRThree Seater
3TBOTri - Turbo
3TIBmw 3 - Series Touring International
3TLDrei Turer Limousine
3TRDrei Turer
3VLTre Volumi
3VPCThree Valves Per Cylinder
3WCThree Wheeler Car, Three Way Catalyst, Commercial Three Wheeler, Three Window Coupe, Three Wheeler Club
3WCCThree Way Catalytic Converter
3WDThree Window, Three Wheel Drive
3WEVThree Wheel Electric Vehicle
3WHThree Wheeler
3WIThree Way Intersection
3WLThree Wheeler
3WPPassenger Three Wheeler
3WSThree Way Switch
3WTThree Wheeled Truck, Three Way Tipper
3WVThree Wheeled Vehicle, Three Wheeler Van
3ZCCThree Zone Climate Control
4ABSFour Wheel Antilock Brake System
4ADTQuad Axle Dog Trailer
4ATFour Speed Automatic Transmission, Four Axle Truck
4AVFour Axle Vehicle
4AXQuad Axle
4BBLFour Barrel Carburetor
4BCFour Barrel Carburetor
4BRFour Bolt Rim
4CASFour Corner Air Suspension
4CBQuattro Carburatori
4CDFour Cylinder Diesel
4CEFour Cycle Engine, Four Cylinder Engine
4CLQuattro Cilindri In Linea, Vier Corner Luftfederung
4CLTQuattro Cilindri Corsa Linguette
4CMQuattro Cilindri Monoposto
4CVQuatre Chevaux
4CVCSRQuatre Chevaux Club Suisse Romande
4CYLFour Cylinder
4DCFour Door Coupe, Four Door Convertible
4DHFour Door Hardtop
4DRFour Door
4DSFour Door Sedan
4DSCFour Door Sports Car
4DVFour Door Van
4DWFour Door Wagon
4EATFour Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission
4ECTFour Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission
4ERCCreative Clean Car Concepts
4ETCFour Wheel Electronic Traction Control
4ETSFour Wheel Electronic Traction System
4EWFour Electric Windows
4FVQuadrifoglio Verde
4GAVier Gang Automatik
4GCFour Series Gran Coupe
4GGVier Gang Getriebe
4GRFourth Gear
4HLC4wd High Range With Locked Centre Differential
4HPQuatre Haute Parleurs, Four Horse Power
4LFQuad Leaf
4LHFour Lane Highway
4LLC4wd Low Range With Locked Centre Differential
4LRFour Lane Road
4LSFour Link Suspension
4LWFour Lug Wheel
4MTFour Speed Manual Transmission
4PCFour Piston Caliper, Four Pot Caliper
4PHFour Point Harness
4PLQuatre Places
4PTQuattro Porte
4RAVier Rad Antrieb
4RDQuatre Roues Directrices
4RJQuattroruote Junior
4RMQuatre Roues Motrices
4RZQuattroruote By Zagato
4SDIFour Stroke Direct Injection
4SDNFour Door Sedan
4SEFour Stroke Engine
4SLBFour Stroke Lean Burn
4SMFour Speed Manual Transmission
4SPFour Speed Transmission
4SPCQuatre Soupapes Par Cylindre
4SPDFour Speed Transmission
4SRBFour Stroke Rich Burn
4SSFour Speed Sequential Shift Gearbox
4STFour Speed Transmission, Four Seater
4STRFour Seater
4TBQuad Throttle Body
4TBOQuad Turbo
4TCQuatre Roues Motrices Turbo Competition
4TLVier Turer Limousine
4TRVier Turer
4VHFour Valve Head
4VPCFour Valves Per Cylinder
4WAFour Wheel Absorbed, Four Wheel Alignment
4WABSFour Wheel Antilock Brake System
4WALFour Wheel Anti Lock
4WALBFour Wheel Anti Lock Brakes
4WASFour Wheel Active Steering, Four Wheel Anti Skid, Four Wheel Air Suspension, Four Wheel Active Suspension
4WASMFour Wheel Air Suspension Module
4WBFour Wheel Braked
4WCFour Wheel Camper
4WDFour Wheel Drive
4WDAFour Wheel Drive Association
4WDBFour Wheel Disc Brakes
4WDCFour Wheel Drive Club
4WDOFour Wheel Drive Operator
4WDRFour Wheel Drive Regulation, Four Wheel Drive Racing
4WDSAFour Wheel Drive South Australia
4WEVFour Wheel Electric Vehicle
4WIFour Way Intersection
4WISFour Wheel Independent Suspension, Four Wheel Independent Steering
4WOTYFour Wheeler Of The Year
4WPFour Wheel Parts
4WSFour Wheel Steering
4WVFour Wheeled Vehicle
4WWFour Wheel Wagon
4X2Four Wheels Two Driven
4X4Four By Four Transmission
4X4MFour By Four Control Module
40FEUForty Foot Equivalent Unit
5ATFive Speed Automatic Transmission, Five Axle Truck
5BRFive Bolt Rim, Five By Renault
5CVCinq Chevaux
5CYLFive Cylinder
5DHBFive Door Hatchback
5DRFive Door
5DSFive Door Sedan
5DSBFive Door Sportback
5DVFive Door Van
5DWFive Door Wagon
5EXISexy Car
5FSFive Flags Speedway
5GAFunf Gang Automatik
5GAA5g Automotive Association
5GGFunf Gang Getriebe
5GRFifth Gear
5HBFive Door Hatchback
5LWFive Lug Wheel
5MANFive Speed Manual Transmission
5MTFive Speed Manual Transmission
5PLCinq Places
5PTCinque Porte
5SGTFive Series Gran Turismo
5SPFive Speed Transmission
5SPCCinq Soupapes Par Cylindre
5SSFive Speed Sequential Shift Gearbox
5STFive Speed Transmission, Five Seater
5STRFive Seater
5TLFunf Turer Limousine
5TRFunf Turer
5VPCFive Valves Per Cylinder
5WCFifth Wheel Cover
5WDFive Window
5WGNFive Door Wagon
5WHFifth Wheel
5WIFive Way Intersection
5WOCFifth Wheel Owners Club
6ATSix Speed Automatic Transmission, Six Axle Truck
6BRSix Bolt Rim
6CESix Cylinder Engine
6CLSei Cilindri In Linea
6CMSei Cilindri Monoposto
6CSSei Cilindri Corsa Sport
6CYLSix Cylinder
6DLSix Door Limousine
6DOFSix Degrees Of Freedom
6DRSix Door
6DSGSix Speed Direct Shift Gearbox
6GASechs Gang Automatik
6GCSix Series Gran Coupe
6GGSechs Gang Getriebe
6GRSixth Gear
6HFSix Hours Of Fuji
6HSPSix Hours Of Sao Paulo
6LWSix Lug Wheel
6MANSix Speed Manual Transmission
6MTSix Speed Manual Transmission
6PCSix Piston Calipers
6PLSix Places
6PTSei Porte
6R4Six Cylinder Rallycar 4wd
6RDSSei Ruote Di Speranza
6SGCSix Series Gran Coupe
6SGTSix Series Gran Turismo
6SISix Seat Interior
6SPSix Speed Transmission
6SSSix Speed Sequential Shift Gearbox
6STSix Speed Transmission
6STRSix Seater
6TRSechs Turer
6WCSix Wheeled Car
6WDSix Wheel Drive
6WHSix Wheel
6WHLRSix Wheeler
6WISix Way Intersection
6WSWSix Wheel Station Wagon
6WTSix Wheeled Truck
6WVSix Wheeled Vehicle
6X6Six By Six Transmission
7ATSeven Speed Automatic Transmission
7CCNSeven Car Club Of Natal
7CLSeven Car Lounge
7DCTSeven Speed Dual Clutch Technology
7DSGSeven Speed Direct Shift Gearbox
7DSWSeven Door Station Wagon
7GGSieben Gang Getriebe
7GRSeventh Gear
7HJCSeven Hills Jeep Club
7PLSept Places
7RCBSeven Roadster Club Belgium
7SISeven Seat Interior
7SPSeven Speed Transmission
7SSSeven Speed Sequential Shift Gearbox
7STRSeven Seater
7VSRSeven Valley Street Rods
8ATEight Speed Automatic Transmission
8CLOtto Cilindri In Linea
8CLTOtto Cilindri Corsa Linguette
8CMOtto Cilindri Monoposto
8CTFOtto Cilindri Testa Fissa
8CYLEight Cylinder
8DTEight Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
8FJCEight Flags Jeep Club
8GCEight Series Gran Coupe
8GREighth Gear
8PCEight Piston Caliper
8SPDEight Speed Transmission
8STREight Seater
8TTEight Wheel Tractor Trailer
8VZOtto Vu Zagato
8WCEight Wheeled Car
8WDEight Wheel Drive
8WHLREight Wheeler
8X8Eight By Eight Transmission
9ATNine Speed Automatic Transmission
9FFPorsche 9xx Fahrzeugtechnik Fatthauer
9GRNinth Gear
9STRNine Seater